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David McAllister

It is a necessary evil. God will forgive us with time.

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a character in “The Desert Pilgrims”, as played by El_Gringo


Name: David McAllister, goes by McAllister

Age: 40s

Gender: Male

Description: McAllister is a thin, average looking man with red hair. He always sports a trimmed beard of some sort. While wholly unnecessary, he sports ties much of the time. Rumor is his quarters have ties hanging on all four walls from all the different ones he has been seen wearing. His wife, Linda, is blind. He has one surviving child, a six year old girl named Justine. She takes after her father in the hair color department, with freckles covering her face.

Biography: Born in the late-seventies, David grew up the son of a pastor. He was groomed to succeed his father Giles. While his dad was kind and gentle, David seemed to get the McAllister mean streak that usually skipped a generation. He could be a mean bastard, as his grandfather had shown the McAllister's were capable of. Gene McAllister had been a successful bank robber in the 50s. From bank robber to pastor, there was a wide variety of influences in his gene pool. As a youth minister in high school he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in the front pew one day, sitting with her parents. Then he found out the woman was blind. It was agonizing, not that she was blind, but to think of what it must be like to not see the world. In a way, her beauty blinded him.

David courted Linda for a while, her parents were wary. Many a man had come along seeing the looks Linda had, seeing an easy in for sex since she was blind. Linda did long to have love of some sort, but her parents were there to protect her from herself. In the parking lot before church one day, two kids from his class were making fun of Linda's disability. They were so hurtful she broke down in sorrow. His genes made their decision. Instead of stepping in and stopping it, forcing the other boys to confront their demons, he hauled off and smashed one in the face with his Jerusalem Bible. The other one struggled with him, giving as much as he got, until his father and church elders ran up, tearing the boys away from one another. The first boy clutched his nose, savagely broken from the bible blow. To this day the front was still stained with blood.

He avoided any juvenile time with his father pleading his case, though plenty of volunteer service followed. Giles sat him down one day, letting him know that the pulpit may not be for him. David argued, stating that his pulpit may be a bit more stern. His father sighed, realizing he wouldn't reach him that night. David went on to be an insurance salesman, one of the best in the state of New Mexico.

Linda's parents knew what he had done was wrong, but knew he was looking out for their girl. The family welcome him with open arms. As a sign of his true interest, he never bedded Linda until after they were married. Three miscarriages followed in the next years, leading to the bottle for David. Crazily enough his drunken binges actually led to him increasing his numbers at work, but he was a time bomb. Linda and her parents had an intervention and sent him to rehab.

Recovery was long but it came with time. They were in the state capital when the invasion occurred, holding up in the secret escape tunnels below for a while. He took a few survivors from there to the McAllister family cabin out in the desert of West New Mexico. One had the nerve to accuse his wife of being a liability. David beat the man to death in front of the whole group. One of them, an ex-con named Mark Thornton, nodded in approval. He found a man of like mind and spirit that day. If everyone followed common courtesy and treated each other with respect, nothing bad happened. No one ever accused Linda of being a liability again.

As many survivors found out, the aliens weren't the only threat. Bandits came to claim the cabin and surrounding land for themselves. A large portion of their group died and they had to flee further west. Even more died in the retreat. It reminded him of the Navajo Long Walk, although no guns were pointed at them during their march. The threat of pursuers were always there. During the journey it became obvious the food was too scarce for them too all survive. Asking for an apology from God, one night he awoke those he found most useful and they took off in the dead of night.

The group came upon Sanctuary in its early days, finding a great foundation. McAllister respected the positions that Callum, Finley, and others held. Just like with the president and all the corrupt politicians, that didn't mean he would stand by and let them tread all over him. McAllister was a proponent of continued free will and limited intrusion. Anyone upset with the establishment he brought into the fold.

Robert Thornton, right-hand man

Skills: David can sell people on things they would never think to do. He also has an air of authority about him that makes people take him seriously, whether they like him or not. From time to time he still gives a sermon at the borders of the town to those who care to hear. Due to this, some people come to him for confession. He wasn't of the Catholic faith, considering himself non-denominational, but he heard them out.

So begins...

David McAllister's Story


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Lazarus clutched his old iPod touch, back from the days before the war. While holed up in the university, he was able to charge it occasionally in one of their power generators. Listening to the music had been therapeutic almost, hiding from the outside world, the human mind had to find an escape from time to time or it would go crazy. He had asked around, it seemed there was a bit of a tinker in the town by the name of Ollie who might be able to help him get a charge on it. It was low on the priority list for a town focused on survival.

Relaxing out behind the barracks where the town newbies got to stay until they were assigned a bunk, Laz held out a long branch he had torn from a tree. Acting as if it were his sword, he practiced his moves. Cut, thrust. Cut, thrust. Controlled thrust. He repeated many of the motions in his head, then grabbed a smaller stick from the ground, holding it in his off hand. Then he began to practice the rapier-dagger maneuvers. A whistle sounded from behind him, a few other figures clapped. Lazarus turned to face a middle aged red headed man with two others in tow.

"Impressive. Why not use the real thing?" The red head pointed at his waist to the blade sheathed there.

"I don't want to accidentally hurt anyone or have the sheriff take it away from me." The men laughed.

"The sheriff isn't the end-all around here. May I see the weapon?" Lazarus was unsure, and took a few steps back, quickly finding the barracks wall to his back. No one was around but the four of them. The two followers slowly closed around him and he was surrounded on all sides.

Nervously, he nodded and handed the sword over, sheath and all.

"I'm McAllister by the way. David McAllister. These two gents," he pointed at the first, a hulking man standing over six feet tall, and the second, a stout black man with a gigantic beard, "Are Thornton and Amarr." McAllister took the weapon from his hands, unsheathing it halfway, looking it over. "Fine craftsmanship. I can't say I know how to use one, but blacksmiths are in my ancestry. I've studied a bit on the art of making them." He swung the blade sloppily a few times, roughly sheathed it back, and leaned it against the wall. Lazarus stood by, waiting to find out why they had come to him.

"Oh how rude of me, I always shake hands with a stranger." McAllister extended his hand in greeting. Laz clasped hands with him. The other two men moved in, roughly grabbing his shoulders as McAllister pinned his arms against the wall. The pressure they were applying was so painful he gasped. He was ready to shout for help when Thornton put a banana hand over his whole lower face.

"Shut it." The large man said. Lazarus looked at each man in turn, fear in his eyes. Thornton and McAllister seemed engrossed in their task, Amarr looked a little out of his element, but he was with the mob nonetheless.

"Lazarus is it?" He nodded. "You're new to this town. Many around here welcome in new people with open arms. They welcome you to our trough, our latrine, and our beds. You'll find that not all of us accept that quickly." Lazarus tried to squirm out, causing McAllister to give a look at Amarr. Hesitantly, the black man punched him in the gut, though not nearly as hard as he could have. Nonetheless it knocked the wind out of Lazarus.

"What better way for Jolly Roger to get our walls open than sending in an inside man? Are you with the raiders?" McAllister asked, politely. Laz did his best to shake his head no. Thornton hit him in the stomach this time, much harder than Amarr had. Lazarus almost fell to his knees, the men had to lift him back up.

"Come on McAllister, this guy is too soft to be in a raider clan." Amarr chimed in, looking around in fear of being seen.

"That's just what they would want you to think! This guy could have a mom or sister, held in Roger's clutches right now. Maybe he is being forced to do this so they live. Not that they would be spared anyway." He looked at Lazarus, staring into his eyes as if something would give.

"You have to understand Lazarus, we can't be too careful. Are you a raider?" Laz shook his head again. Thornton looked to McAllister, almost begging to hit the frail man again. McAllister shook his head.

"We could extend this process, but I don't think this kid is up to anything. No harm meant, but the sheriff can't cover everything. You see, we're a bit of a militia here. These two and a select few others. If hard times ever come, someone needs to be able to protect this town from itself. Raider or not, tell anyone that this happened and that fancy little sword of yours will be destroyed. I think it would be hard to find a replacement." McAllister bent and picked it up while the other men continued to hold him against the wall.

The leader nodded and they let him go, arms and mouth free. McAllister handed him the weapon back. Lazarus was tempted to take it out and pierce the man through the belly. He had never been strong, just quick and graceful. Being bullied and held down pissed him off. The group saw the fire burning in his eyes and Thornton laughed.

"Well, at least has a bit of fight in him, even if there is nothing to back it up." The big man kept laughing as they walked away. Amarr glanced back, apologetically.

"What a wonderful little town." Lazarus whispered to himself.


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#, as written by ShyFox
Lilly and her mother nodded after Yolanda explained her position, and when food was mentioned, as if on cue Lilly stomach growled. She placed both her hands on her stomach slightly embarrassed. Her mother, shook her head "I'm gonna stay here Lil's if you're hungry you go on ahead, I'll catch after your sister comes to."

Lilly looked at her mother, she had always had a soft spot for Holly, not that she showed favoritism it was just that Holly was the baby. And once Holly truly grew up, that meant that both her girls weren't her little babies any more, it was like her mother was holding on to that for dear life. She felt like she had already lost that with Lilly being so independent, and very often taking charge of tough situations. Despite feeling a little down that her mother chose to stay, Lilly nodded.

"I'll bring ya something back okay Mamma?", she said with a little bit of concern for her mother.

Her mother nodded and the turned her attention back to Holly. Lilly slipped through the front door and headed for the what she thought was the kitchens as she walked along she realized she had turned the wrong way and was now lost. There wasn't anything around her but what looked like living quarters. She was just about to turn around and go back when she almost ran right into three men who had just come around the corner between a couple of buildings. One was a smaller man with red hair and a short beard, another was a behemoth of a man that towered over Lilly like a giant, and the last was a shorter black man with a thick large beard. She stopped before she crashed into them, and swallowed nervously, they looked like a group of men that she didn't want to interact with.

"Would you look at this one boys, another one. I swear to God if Callum keeps letting every needy little waif in here we're going to all wake up to another bandit raid with our throats cut.", the red haired man looked Lilly up and down. "At least this ones easy on the eyes.", the giant guy chuckled a bit and then moved on around Lilly. She heard them going on about the guy they had just taught a 'lesson' that they left behind the barracks.

As they made their way out of sight, Lilly sighed with relief but she wondered what they meant by the man they were talking about. Curiosity got the best of her, and besides if those three had been teaching anyone a lesson it wasn't a good thing. She turned the corner in between the two building that the men had emerged from before. She came up behind a guy that looked like he had been hurt. She was just grateful to find a living person and not a dead body or something.

"Hey.... you all right?", she asked, "I saw those men come out of here and well it was obvious they weren't friendly." she walked up to the young guy, and placed her hand on his shoulder. "You need the Doc or anything? I made the wrong turn down here on my way to the kitchen... I guess its a good thing I did now.... My names Lilly by the way, just came through the gate this morning. My mother and sister are at the clinic, at least I know where that is."


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Theo had received his water ration from the kitchen when he heard someone yelling his name from a few buildings down. It was Zoey, John Callum's assistant. Many people could slide by unnoticed, but not anyone in Callum's inner circle. She had another female in tow, Barb was her name if he was right in his recollection. He uncapped the waterskin, taking a swig as he strolled over to the women.

"How can I help?"

"You are Teddy correct?"

"I'm a man of many names but that one works. I was mainly called that as a child, I prefer to go with Theo or Ted." He smiled as he said it, not caring what anyone called him.

"Callum would like to see you." He raised his eyebrows.

"Well by all means, lets go see the man." Ted brought up the caboose of their three person line as they trudged across town to Callum's office. "Any idea what this is about?"

"I'd prefer to leave that up to John to tell you." Zoey snapped back politely, Barbara quiet as they continued. He wondered what was in store for him.
David sent his companions off to their respective homes, arriving at his own doorstep. He stopped for a moment, ensuring his tie was straight and his collar was clean. His wife may be blind, but he still wanted to look good for her. McAllister stepped into his dwelling.

"Linda! Justine! I'm home." His daughter came rushing out from her room to him, smile gleaming. David snatched her out of the air, spinning her around. Justine giggled with laughter as she twirled in the air. He sat her back on the ground to avoid making her dizzy. Linda was a little slower, but she had their small abode mapped out in her mind easily now, navigating it without a sense of sight. David made it a little easier on her, meeting his wife halfway.

He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and a warm embrace. "I missed you guys. What have you been up to today?" Justine looked at the ground, sullen.

Linda laughed. "Well, she didn't want to, but we did some sewing. Clothes don't get mass produced out of factories and she is a growing girl, making clothes to fit her is important." David turned to his daughter, dropping to one knee.

"Did you give your mom a hard time today?"

Justine smiled, "Maybe a little." David and Linda both started laughing, with Justine joining in. Linda found her way to their sofa, taking a seat. David was still next to Justine.

"What did you want to do?"

"I want to go learn to shoot the bow! Some man is teaching most of the kids how to do it." David frowned.

"Now Justine, you can leave all that fighting nonsense to the boys! You don't have to partake in any of that."

His daughter looked at him as if he were an alien. "But Daddy, we all need to fight, right?" Linda was silent from the couch, leaving this topic to David.

"Well honey . . . babies come from women right?"

She nodded.

"If all the women go out and fight with the men, then they get hurt, how are more babies going to be born?"

His daughter didn't have an answer for him. "I just think bows would be funner than sewing!" David took her hands in his.

"Maybe if you practice sewing enough, you can go to some of those bow training sessions."

"Really?!" David did not want to say yes.

"Yes, of course darling." Justine went back to her room, ready to sew up a storm. David joined Linda on the couch, laying his head in her lap. She ran her hands through his hair. Then she ran her fingertips over his face.

"We're getting older David. She does need to be able to protect herself." He was silent for a solid minute.

"You know just as well as me I'm a stubborn man. I can't change overnight, not even with aliens out there." They dropped the topic for the rest of the night.

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