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Moses Finley

"Just call me sheriff."

0 · 362 views · located in The Mojave

a character in “The Desert Pilgrims”, as played by Messiah


Name: Moses Finley

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Description: Moses is a fairly tall man, standing at around six feet tall. His military background has made him strong and given him a good build, weighing in at almost 220 pounds. With dark skin, dark hair, and dark eyes, both of his parents are (or were) African-American. Well, probably, considering he never met his father. His hair and beard are both kept short, as a remnant of how he kept it before and since the invasion. He usually wears simple shirts and pants, preferring function over fashion.

Biography: Born in Los Angeles in 1985 to a single mother, Sharise, and raised in a lower income are of the city. In spite of (or perhaps because of) the gang activity in the area, Moses was always held to the highest standard by his mother. "You ain't gonna turn out like me or your dad," she had always told him, and she worked hard to put him through school. He wasn't allowed to do anything that he wanted to unless he had straight-A's. There were a few times that he strayed, but he kept it up for the most part, finishing high school with a 3.91 GPA.

However, in lieu of college (as neither he nor his mother could afford it), Moses joined the military, and became an MP, and was stationed in Germany after basic training. He served until 2008.

After he returned home, he struggled to find employment, and bounced around from job to job. At one point, he even flirted with homelessness, and was forced to live with his mother once again after he was unable to afford the bills at his own place.

He was living with his mother when the invasion occurred. As Los Angeles was one of the first cities struck, they were forced to evacuate early on. If it weren't for his mother, he would have stayed behind and fought the threat.

The two of them fled east and took up shelter in southern Colorado, and they remained there, in hiding with a small group, until the war was officially declared over. When the Partisan movement was founded in 2018, Moses joined up, while his mother remained at their refuge in Colorado. However, when he received orders that he'd be moving to the Mojave and Fort Defiance, he and his mother both were forced to leave.

The trek was long and perilous, and they managed to avoid confrontations with their alien invaders. Instead, they faced more bandits, but no group large enough to threaten the group of Partisans.

When they arrived at Fort Defiance, in the fall of 2019, they were told that civilians couldn't stay. But, they were informed of the existence of a nearby settlement called Sanctuary. Moses and Sharise traveled to Sanctuary where she ended up living, while Moses remained at Fort Defiance - though he made regular visits to the settlement to see his mother. It didn't take long for him to start becoming friends with the people in Sanctuary, particularly John and Yolanda.

Eventually, Moses decided that he couldn't keep going back and forth between Fort Defiance and Sanctuary, so he decided that he would leave the Partisans after informing the Fort's commander, who, though didn't like it, he understood his reasons.

Soon after, he moved in with his mother in Sanctuary. After learning that he would be a permanent resident, he was offered the position of sheriff by John and Yolanda, who had come to the conclusion that his skills from the old and new world would make him the best candidate. He accepted.

In 2021, a woman eight years his younger, who called herself Dee (short for Deandra), came to Sanctuary. In time, they started to grow more fond of each other, and they fell in love. Dee is currently pregnant with Moses' child.

Skills: With his military background, Moses' most valuable skill is his proficiency with firearms. But, he's also a very clever man, who possesses a lot of street smarts. His connection with the Partisans and Fort Defiance, and his friendly relationship with its commander, is invaluable, as well. Without him, the fort might be considerably less willing to deal with and support Sanctuary.

So begins...

Moses Finley's Story


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#, as written by Messiah
Near the Hoover Dam

"What have we got?" A man with patchwork leather and metal armor asked another with similar armor. They were both partisans and they were scouting out the Hoover Dam. Briggs had a watch on the site constantly, monitoring the movements of the aliens. It was no secret that Briggs was preparing to attack the dam, and he was gathering Partisan forces from all around to help him achieve this.

"What do you think?" The second Partisan snapped back, looking up to his partner from his position, lying on his stomach. He set the pair of binoculars he was holding down and sighed indignantly. Most of the partisans at Fort Defiance saw scout duty at Hoover Dam to be a form of punishment. It was quiet. It was boring. The aliens didn't do much. They didn't move units in or out very often.

The first partisan, standing, raised his rifle and looked through the scope. He could see some warriors patrolling the exterior of the dam. One of them approached the south side of the dam, nearest them and stopped. The scout could see the alien's head turning slowly, as if looking around. And then, looking in his direction, it stopped.

He lowered his weapon, shaking his head, "I don't know, man. I've got a weird feeling."

The prone scout turned his head to look at the other, "Is this your first time scouting here?"

There was a long pause from the standing man before he finally nodded, "Yep."

"See? Everyone gets nervous their first time out. It'll be fine."

"Yeah. You're probably right."

"Of course I'm right." The second scout picked up his binoculars and looked back to the dam. A moment later, he set them down again, "I gotta take a piss. You okay here for a few minutes?"

"Yeah, I'm good."

The formerly prone scout walked away from the spot and down a hill and walked a hundred feet or so from their scouting spot. The problem with being in the desert is that there aren't a lot of viable places. Not a lot of trees.

Before he could even start, a yelp caused the scout to jump and turn towards the sound. "You alright?" he called out. No reply. He waited another minute before calling out again, this time louder, "Hey, man. You okay?" Still no reply. This time, he walked back towards where the sound had come, moving up the crest of the hill. "Come on, this isn't funny."

He reached the top of the hill where the pair had been looking out onto the dam and saw the body of the other scout on the ground in his own blood. The look on his face was one of utmost surprise.

"Shit," the other scout whispered, looking around frantically for any sign of what had done this, holding out his sawed-off shotgun at the same time.

"Where are you?" he shouted out, his voice echoing.

And then, as if in a taunt, a snarl was the response that he got. Turning towards the sound, he caught sight of a large, armored animal, before it leapt at him.

He screamed.


John Callum sat alone in his home, picking at his meager breakfast. Paul had left early in the morning with a few others and some sentries up north to Bonell Bay to work on the irrigation system from the bay to Sanctuary. It had been a work-in-progress since the start of the settlement, and even though it functioned, it still needed work.

His son wasn't an expert engineer, but he was one of the more knowledgeable in that regard that they had, and the system he'd helped build was a lifesaver - literally.

After finishing his breakfast, he stood up and headed towards the door of his home, pulling his hat off the stand and exited.

The sun beat down onto the town. Even in September, it was still hot, and it didn't rain much, which is why they'd been building the makeshift irrigation system. Admittedly, this wasn't the best place for a settlement, but he had been worried about people surviving the trip north; Wyoming had been an option. Not only that, but if the Mojave was hard on humans, it had to be hard on the aliens, right? He had hoped so.

As he walked down the street, he was greeted by a few passing citizens. Politely, John returned the gesture. As much as he took pleasure in helping all of these people by setting up this refuge for them, he wasn't much of a people person; he was better in dealing with business and money. Yolanda was much better at dealing with people, and with managing a town. As the saying goes, behind every good man is a great woman. She was the great woman behind him. In recent months, he'd been considering resigning and letting her become mayor, but only his son really knew how he felt.

When he arrived at his office building just a block or two down from his home, his assistant Zoey was waiting for him.

"Mister Callum, sir," she said as soon as he entered, having seemingly been waiting urgently for him to show up.

"Yes?" he hung his hat back up once more as he responded.

"There are some men here who wish to speak with you."

"Some men? Who are they?"

"They say they're from Garland," she answered.

Garland was a relatively nearby settlement, and considerably smaller, founded by a man named Robert Garland.

"Did they say what they wanted?" John asked.

"No. They wanted to talk to you."

"Okay," he sighed, "Is Miss Gunn here?"

"No, sir. Sheriff Finley is with them, though."

"Thank you, Zoey." John said with a friendly smile, before passing through the door to his office. Inside, three men, as well as Sheriff Finley, were waiting for him. Two of the men seemed to be the other's bodyguard, as they stood close by with guns. That explained the sheriff's presence.

"Ah, Mister Callum!" the man said, grinning, "Good to see you. I'm Michael Garland, son of Robert."

"Call me John. What is this about?"

"Straight to the point. Can we talk privately?"

John paused, looking between Michael, his bodyguards, and Sheriff Finley, before he nodded.

Once they were alone, John sat down in his chair and Michael sat down across from him.

"Thank you," Michael said, his enthusiastic mask falling slightly. "I'm here for a very simple reason; we at Garland would like to extend an offer with you of free trade and travel between our settlements."

John leaned back, holding his hands together as he considered the offer. It didn't exactly surprise him, and it would benefit both of their settlements.

He opened his mouth to respond, but was interrupted, "We believe that it would be a great opportunity for both Garland and Sanctuary, but my father would like to meet with you."

"Why isn't he here with you, then?"

"My father is unable to travel, and to be honest, he is not doing well, but he would still like to speak with you in person. He wants to see what kind of person you are."

"Is he concerned about me?"

"No, that's not what I meant. He just wants to meet you, John."

After a silence of a long few moments, John figured out how he was going to respond.

"I will meet with your father. You are welcome to stay here in town until I'm ready to leave. Short notice, you understand."

"Of course," Michael said, smiling slightly, "Thank you," and he offered his hand forward. John shook it, and Michael stood up and exited the mayor's office.

John remained in his seat. They didn't know much about the settlement of Garland, other than it was close. It could be a trap. Even if it wasn't, the trek was going to be dangerous.

He was going to wait for Yolanda.


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#, as written by Messiah
Along the southern wall, a man in his fifties patrolled Sanctuary. John didn't like the idea of having an armed town, but he understood the necessity of keeping people who knew how to use firearms around. The threat of bandits and aliens was ever-present.

At the formation of Sanctuary, he had made a concession to allow sentries to keep watch. Along with the sheriff and his deputies, they were the only ones officially allowed by the people in charge to carry. Though, Callum and Finley were generally okay with citizens carrying as long as they didn't threaten other citizens with them.

On the horizon, this sentry, known as Deacon spotted some moving forms. From that distance, he couldn't rightly tell what they were. But, as they got closer, he could see that they were people sitting astride horses. Well, two of them were sitting - a third was lying slumped over.

He couldn't immediately grant them entrance, and he hated that, but those were the rules. They had all heard stories of how bandits would pretend to be injured to get the sympathy of a town and then ambush. Sort of a Trojan Horse thing.

When the three got within shouting distance, Deacon called out, "Who goes there?"

Zoey rose to her feet when Yolanda passed through the door and smiled to the older woman.

"Miss Gunn! Mister Callum is waiting for you, I think."

Inside his office, John was seated. He, however, did not stand. Not only did he have the luxury, as the only one that really had more authority than Yolanda. She didn't really have an official position like he or Finley did, but she commanded enough respect that she was allowed to tell other people what to do and they would listen. The sheriff even listened to her, even though he really didn't have to.

John was sixty-six, but he looked older. The ten years since the invasion, and the years since founding Sanctuary in particular, had taken a toll on him. It was like the President of the United States. Even at the end of the first four years, they looked so much older and more tied than when the term had begun.

When she entered, he smiled that tired smile that he always gave. He was much more candid with her than he was with anybody else, save maybe his son. With her, he forced the smile much less.

He'd spent enough time around her that he knew when she had something important to say, so he had to get his in first.

"We had a visitor from Garland today. Robert's son, Michael. They're offering free trade and travel between our settlements." The old man paused, allowing a moment or two for the information to register with her before he continued, "Robert wants to meet and speak with me in Garland. It could be a trap. If it's not, it's a dangerous trip. What do you think?"

Sheriff Finley took his job seriously. He knew that a lot of people in town saw him as a hard-ass, but in a place like this, there had to be laws, and there had to be someone around to enforce the laws. And that's where Moses came in. He tried to be fair. Everyone here was trying to make a life for themselves, so it wasn't like he was going around hanging people for anything.

After Michael Garland and his bodyguards had left the building with John's office, Finley followed them for a short ways. After a half-block, they stopped, turned, and approached the sheriff.

"You're the sheriff, right?" Michael asked.

"Sheriff Finley."

"Michael Garland, from the town of Garland."

Moses nodded curtly in response, "Can I help you?"

"Well, we could use some directions."

"Where to?"

Michael glanced to his bodyguards and then back to Finley, "Mister Callum invited us to stay until he's ready to leave. Is there a place we can stay for the night? Also, any place to relax - like a bar - would be nice."

"The Pitstop is a restaurant and hotel. That's in that direction," the sheriff replied, pointing north, "And then there's Freedom Incarnate," he said with a sigh, "That's just down the street from the hotel."

"Thanks, sheriff."

"Be careful, though. Freedom Incarnate is a little shady." It was no secret that Finley didn't like Freedom Incarnate, and it was no secret that he didn't have any kind of fondness for its owner, Gary Lane. But, since neither he nor his establishment were breaking any rules, Finley had no recourse to do anything. Not unless someone was causing trouble there.

"What do you mean?" Michael asked, looking a little worried.

"You'll see. It's not dangerous, just shady. Nothing your boys can't handle," Finley said, nodding to Michael's bodyguards. "By the way, if you do run into any trouble in there, it's best you come to me instead of trying to solve it on your own. The folks here might not take kindly to people from another town getting into fights, even if you didn't start it."

"Thanks for the heads-up," Michael nodded, turning back towards his bodyguards.

"It's what I'm here for. Just try not to cause any trouble, okay?"

"Sure thing." And then, with a nod to his bodyguards, they were off.

The sheriff watched them for a while before he turned and headed back the way he'd come, intending to return to Callum's office and see how things had gone there.

Finley walked down the street and, before he could turn towards the mayor's building, a pair of frightened looking men rushed towards him. He recognized them as Dan and Elias. Some how they were related, but he wasn't sure how. They hadn't been in Sanctuary long enough for him to find out.

"Sheriff!" the younger one of them exclaimed, Elias, "That guy Jack just pulled a gun on us."

"Goddamnit," Finley muttered, "Okay. Lead the way."

Jack had become increasingly unstable lately. It was getting bad enough to the point where Finley was going to have to have a serious discussion about forcing him to leave, and this incident might just force his hand. Pulling a gun on another citizen of Sanctuary was bad. And with Jack's state, there was no telling when something worse could be around the corner.

The pair led the sheriff back from where they'd come where Jack's neighbor Marina was, looking as if she'd just exited Jack's home.

Moses motioned to the house, "Marina, can you bring him back out here? I need to sort this out."


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The day had just started and Marina already needed a strong drink, preferably a double. She could not believe the way this day was going, she hoped it wasn’t an indication to what’s to come. “My god, Jack…” she whispered closing her eyes and letting out a breath.

When she took Jack inside his house, she finally got close enough to smell the nasty and unmistakable smell of alcohol. Jack was becoming a regular at Freedom Incarnate these days. It seemed the booze helped dull his pain, but they had all been through loss and pain. He would have to deal with the reality one day. She was getting more pissed off then concerned by the minute. And it wasn’t helping that Jack was sitting there on his couch, like nothing had happened, staring off to the distance.

“What the heck, Jack? Why in the world did you do that?!” Marina hissed angrily at him, she was this close to her snapping point. Still, Jack was sitting there like a lifeless doll. Marina was not a patient woman, and Jack wasn’t helping his case, for old time’s sake she tried once more.

“Don’t you have anything to say for yourself? ” This time Jack’s reaction was only the blinking of his eyes. This was not going to do. If this was the only response he had, she knew with certainty that Finley was going to kick him out. Maybe it wasn’t unprovoked even if it seemed like wishful thinking to Marina, she had to get him to tell his story and there was only a way to guarantee a reaction out of him. She didn’t want to go there, but it was for his own good. She hoped.

She took a breath and stepped in front of him, now he had no choice but to look at her. “Do you think this is what Sarah would’ve wanted? For you to waste your life away, risking other people’s lives along with your own?” she asked evenly. The reaction was almost instantaneously. He looked up to her this time, his eyes narrowing and she could feel the rage building behind them.

“Do not talk to me about what Sarah would have wanted, you know shit Marina.” , he screamed at Marina in rage. She wasn’t even a bit fazed though, it wasn’t the first time he had exploded at the mention of his late wife. She also had his gun and if he even tried to physically threaten her, she wouldn’t hesitate to defend herself and she definitely knew how to use a gun. Luckily it seemed that Jack also knew, because he backed down at her non-reaction.

Marina took this as her opening and continued, softer this time “Maybe I don’t, but I knew Sarah. You cannot tell me that if she were here right now, she would stand for this. She was my friend, you know. I may have not known her like you did, but she was an honest and good person. And right now, she would want you to explain yourself.” Maybe it was a bit emotional manipulation, but Marina wasn’t going to feel bad about it. She had to know if Jack had truly snapped, or if he just had been at the wrong place at the wrong time.

This time Jack looked ashamed of himself. “I didn’t do it Marina, I swear I didn’t.” This confused her, what was he talking about. He put his face in his hands, she could tell he was crying by the way his shoulders shook. “I would never betray Sarah, I didn’t do it.” He was now speaking in between chokes.

“You didn’t do what, Jack?” She asked quite confused now.

“Those guys outside.” He sniffed, raising his face. “We were at the bar, I was drinking, I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t even decide to go with her and she was just so pretty, it just happened. But I swear I didn’t betray Sarah, I swear.” He rambled on. Marina was even more confused now, was this some kind of ploy to get her distracted?

“What does this have anything to do with what happened just now?” she said in a dry tone. It wasn’t that hard to figure out the ‘her’ Jack was talking about was Susana. After all, this place was a small one and once such a word got out, everyone would know. Just like everyone knew what Susana offered to lonely men for trade. She was in no position to judge her actions, it was after all her own choice, probably. Marina only felt bad for the mother, who couldn’t just accept that her lovely daughter had turned to prostitution, and Marina could not fault her that either.

“They were there too, you know. At the bar, I guess they must have seen me leave with her, I don’t know. They were following me this morning, asking me how it was and making lewd gestures.. you know.” He said a bit more calm now. “Asking me how good a lay she was and what I would rate her, it was disgusting Marina I’m telling you, they wouldn’t leave me alone. I would never betray Sarah like that, never. Oh God.” He crumbled again in tears.

Marina sighed again, her hand going through her messy bun. She could figure out the rest. Now, she should probably get Jack to sleep off and go to Finley. Maybe go to the sheriff after a drink, she thought wryly. “Go to sleep now, Jack. Oh and take a shower, you reek.”

There wasn’t much to say anymore so she got up from her spot and moved to the door. Just when she was opening the door, she heard Jack’s voice “You’re going to tell him, aren’t you?” She turned to him, not knowing what to say, she didn’t say anything. Jack seemed to understand as he got up and left for his bedroom upstairs.

Just when she was leaving Jack’s porch she spotted three men coming her way. “Oh fuckin’ great” she muttered lowly. She had hoped to at least get a couple of hours before dealing with this mess. “No hello, Finley? Or a how are you doing? Because I’m doing just amazing” it probably wasn’t smart to sass the sheriff but it had been a draining morning for her. She looked over Finley’s shoulder to see the two guys looking at her with glee, she glared at them with pure venom.

“Look Finley, I am not going to tell you how to do your job but he is piss poor drunk right now, I send him off to sleep, plus I have his gun. He isn’t going to do shit for now.” She handed to him, glad that it was gone. “Jack wasn’t blameless but these shits over there”, she pointed towards the guys, “ were looking for trouble themselves.” She continued glaring at them. She had to blame someone, however right or wrong it may be.


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#, as written by Messiah
A couple miles north of Sanctuary, not far from Bonell Bay, Paul and a few others were working on the irrigation project. The son of Sanctuary's mayor was kneeling while he held a piece of metal tubing, pieced together from salvaged metal.. He was wearing a simple white wifebeater, the light gray shirt he'd had on before had already been tossed into the dirt. It wasn't summer, but it still got hot fairly quickly, especially when you were working.

On his head rested a simple black baseball hat, and he also wore a pair of sunglasses, all at an attempt to keep the sun from interfering with his work.

A woman a few years younger than he was, Kate, approached him from behind and knelt beside him. She squinted as she looked at him, "What's the verdict?"

"It's going to have to do, until I can find a better piece. I really don't have anything better." He tossed the piece aside and stood up. Kate did the same.

"Did Ollie decide to show up?" he asked.

"I haven't seen him."

"Shit," he mumbled, "He's a genius, but he's not really reliable, or stable, for that matter." Paul wouldn't admit it, but Ollie's contributions were invaluable. The problem was, like he said, that the man seemed to be lost in his own world, and only sometimes did his world line up with what other people were thinking and doing.

Kate sighed, "You don't have to tell me that. I know."

Paul looked to the woman standing next to him, while nodding, "Yeah, I think everyone does." He smiled at her faintly, before stepping back towards the pieces of the irrigation system in front of him.

"Well, back to work."

Deacon squinted at the women as they spoke and argued, and then he turned towards another sentry that was approaching, Luke, a much younger man with light brown hair.

"Luke, lead them to Doctor Gutierrez's office when they come in," he said before turning back to the three outside the gate, "I'm opening the gate now." Then, he took the steps down to the ground, unbarred the gate and pulled it open. The younger of the two conscious women moved toward the gate first. When the mother hesitated, Deacon motioned for her to enter as well, and she did.

The daughter looked as if she were about to express her gratitude when Deacon stopped her, "We wouldn't turn you away, especially if you need medical help." And they didn't look like the type to be spies for a group of raiders, That kind of thinking was dangerous, though; anybody could be. But, Deacon had a feeling.

"But, you'll have to meet with the sheriff, or one of his deputies." He paused briefly to look at Luke, then to the conscious daughter, "Luke will take you the doctor. She'll do what she can for your sister."

It wasn't far from the gate to the doctor's office, but it wasn't a very big town.

Doctor Lisa Gutierrez was a Latina woman in her forties with glasses and a kind face. Sitting in her office, she was reading a piece of paper with her hair tied up in a bun. Luke entered her office.

"Doctor," he began, "There are some outsiders who need to see you."

Her eyes adjusted as they moved from the paper to the young sentry, "What happened?"

"I think one of them said she'd been shot."

Gutierrez stood up immediately, looking concerned, but she remained calm, and sighed, "Okay." They then stepped outside, speaking to all present while motioning to the unconscious girl, "Help me with her."

Luke and the others moved to help the doctor carry the girl. Once she was inside, they brought her to the back room where they laid her down on what amounted to a medical examination table. She looked over at the conscious mother and daughter, "I need you to tell me exactly what happened."

John stood up and rested his hands on his hips as he slipped into thought, for a little too long.

"John?" Yolanda spoke up after a while.

"I can't send Paul. He's been working on the irrigation project, and he's just about the only one who's worked on it every day of its production." He paused for a moment and he sighed, "And if anything were to happen, I don't believe my heart could take having to bury my last son." The death of his two eldest sons, Thomas and Jared, was not a secret amongst the people of Sanctuary. They knew about it, and he knew that they knew it, but he rarely spoke of it. Not to Paul, and not to Yolanda.

"I don't know that I could ask you to go in my place, either," he said, turning back to the woman, "To be quite honest, I think you're the future of this settlement, and probably better suited for my position than anybody else, even myself." At that admission, he chuckled before continuing, "Paul is a smart boy, but I can't see him being in charge of an entire town. Sheriff Finley is a man of action and would grow restless in my position, I think. And Mister Lane, well..." It seemed peculiar, even to himself that he would consider Gary at that position, but he was a shrewd man, that much John knew, "He lacks the kind of morals needed. I'm not sure he would follow my regulations if Finley didn't keep such a close watch on things."

"With that said," he continued, "If anything were to happen, I think the town would be best served it happening to myself than to you. Robert seems to want to speak with me personally, in any case. That also means that you'll be in charge until I get back." John was going under the assumption that he would return; he didn't want to be the one just assuming the worst would happen all the time, but the threat was very real.

"But, I won't be going alone. I'll have to take along some protection, for the trip over to Garland, if nothing else. You know the people of Sanctuary best. Do you have any recommendations?"

Finley folded his arms over his chest as he looked to Marina briefly with a deliberately neutral look. As sheriff, it was important for him not to take sides and not to let people get to him. His job was to enforce the town's rules, one of which Jack had broken. He couldn't let that slide, no matter how sympathetic he was to what Jack had gone through. If something happened to Dee, his as of yet unborn child, or his mother, well... It would be hard.

"I appreciate your concern for Jack, but I can't. This is a serious offense, if true. He's going to have to come with me, as are you two," he said, turning towards the two men behind him, whose gleeful expressions soon faded, turning into looks of muted shock.

He looked back to Marina, "I'll give him the benefit of letting him sober up before speaking to him, at the very least. You'll have to come with me as well, if that makes you feel any better."

Finley was hoping she wouldn't fight him on this. He knew that both Marina and himself would prefer it if Jack came out with her, more or less willing. Because if the sheriff had to go in there, he might end up having to drag the man out of his house. It made the sheriff look unreasonably harsh, and it would be humiliating for Jack.

Marina tossed him a look that he discerned as a mix of anger and reluctance, but Finley remained stoic.


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As Marina was nibbling on her bottom lip – a nervous habit she tried to let go of – the logical part of her couldn’t help but agree with the sheriff. What the man was saying was undoubtedly true, and if the culprit had been anyone else, Marina would have no problems with the situation. She knew Finley wasn’t an unreasonable man, the opposite of that was true. Everyone knew that Finley was excellent at this job, and she was aware of his position as the law enforcer. These laws were here for a reason; to protect the people of the Sanctuary. She couldn’t be selfish on this and risk the lives of everyone around her. She looked Finley directly in the eye and nodded slowly.

There really wasn’t much else to say about the subject and they both knew that Marina would definitely come along. She sighed loudly, shaking her head, still not sure how it had come to this point. At that moment she caught some movement behind the sheriff. The two men had moved on from their shocked state to an indignant one, they looked ready to protest and Marina couldn’t help but feel a little bit satisfaction at seeing their reactions.

“I’ll go get Jack.” She spoke to Finley but her eyes were trained on the men behind him. She made a point to stare them down, hoping that they could feel the venom in her gaze. Without waiting for an answer from the sheriff, she turned her back to him and walked inside Jack’s apartment. What surprised her was that Jack was standing by the door, with a look of guilt and fear mixed with anger. He had no doubt heard the conversation on his front porch and realized that there were no take-backs. Marina couldn’t help but pity the man, sometimes people just couldn’t recover from tragedies even if they tried.

“So, I guess you heard everything then?” she tried to make some small talk, hoping to lighten the mood.

Jack didn’t answer her question, choosing to walk right past her out the door and towards the sheriff. “You don’t need to look no further, I’ll come willingly.” Marina could hear the tremor in Jack’s voice although he tried very hard to hide it. She followed him outside and placed a hand on his shoulder, a small act of encouragement and support but it definitely meant a lot to Jack.

“We’re both ready to go, sheriff.” She said giving Finley a firm nod.


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#, as written by Messiah
Fort Defiance

"Commander," A partisan pushed his way into the commander's office. He was young. Probably wouldn't be old enough to sign up for the military if he was in the old world. Sixteen, maybe seventeen.

The aging veteran, Braxton Briggs, stood up, "What is it, son?"

"Sanders and Jones haven't come back from scout duty. They were supposed to be back an hour ago."

Briggs remained silent for a while before nodding, his lips pressed firmly together. Something could have held them up. Or, it could be worse.

"Give them another hour. If they don't show up, go out there and find them. Take Carson and Reeves with you."

"Yes, sir."

Somewhere in the Mojave Desert

The fearsome bandit leader and two of his most trusted friends, both of whom he'd been with since Boston, stood above a pair of cowering travelers. Behind them and all around them were the rest of the Crossbones clan, numbering nearly forty, and each of them was holding a weapon of some kind. The newer the member, the worse weapon they had.

At Roger's right stood Lane Jackson, nicknamed Calico Jack, and he held an assault rifle. While, at his left, Sam Morgan, nicknamed Black Sam, held a shotgun.

"Now," Roger began, addressing the civilians, "You may have heard of me. They call me Jolly Roger. You've probably heard that I'm vicious and merciless, but that's just not true. I'm giving you a chance to walk away from here alive." He paused, watching their reactions briefly, "All you have to do is agree to join our clan. I can't guarantee how long you will survive with us, but if you don't join us, you will die."

There were five of them. An older man, probably in his seventies. It was likely a miracle that the man had survived even this long. Then there was a woman, probably his daughter; she looked like she was in her forties or fifties. Finally, there were three who looked to be the woman's children, a daughter who looked be in her mid-twenties, and two sons - probably twins - who looked to be no older than nineteen.

"Anybody who wants to be spared, stand up."

There was a long silence as they all looked at each other.

Roger's face turned into a menacing scowl, "Last chance."

At that, the two youngest boys stood up to the horror of his family beside them.

"Why are you doing this?" the sister asked, her eyes pleading.

"They're going to kill us!" one of the boys retorted.

"So you'd rather--" the sister began, only to be cut off by a gunshot. She and her mother screamed as the old man fell to the ground, dead from a bullet wound to the head.

The bandit leader had grown impatient and had executed the man to force them to make a choice. Besides, he was too old to be useful anyway.

"Hurry up and make your choice!" Roger growled.

They all looked to Roger in horror, the boys included, but nobody said anything. Roger sighed, waiting their responses, growing even more impatient.

After another moment or two of horrified looks between family members, Roger fired two more bullets. The first one into the older woman and the second into the younger, killing them both.

The boys stared at Roger, and one of them took a step back. And then he turned and began to run.

Roger looked over to Calico Jack, who raised his weapon and fired. The bullets shredded through the boy's torso and he collapsed to the ground in a heap. His friend even went through the trouble of walking over to the boy's body and firing a few extra shots into him.

"Now," Roger said, looking to the only surviving family member - the same one who had pleaded his case to his family, "Are you going to run?"

Hastily, the boy shook his head, already afraid of the bandit clan leader.

"Good choice. What's your name?"

"Will," he answered quietly.

"Welcome to the Crossbones, Will."

Back in Sanctuary

Yolanda's attentiveness to the details of the town never ceased to both astound and amuse John. He didn't consider himself out of the loop, not by any means, being the mayor of Sanctuary, but her knowledge far surpassed his own, and it even surpassed Finley's, who was supposed to know about everyone in town. That was his job.

John had to consider his options now. All the names Yolanda had said were all at least somewhat familiar to him, except for Gary Lane's - Callum was more than familiar with the proprietor of Freedom Incarnate. With the others, he felt like he'd at least given them a friendly hello on one occasion or another.

As he sat, he leaned forward and placed his hands on what served as a desk in front of him. He knew enough about Yolanda to know that she didn't come to his office everyday, and a lot of times, she came to his office to speak to him about something. It was fortunate that she did come, at any rate, due to the arrival of Michael Garland.

True to his nature, John came right out with the question. "What have you come to talk about?"

Doctor Gutierrez listened intently before going to inspect the girl's leg. After a moment or two, she looked back to the younger of the two women standing with her. "You have no idea how lucky you all are. A centimeter in any direction and she'd have bled out. I'll do what I can, but I don't think she'll walk right from now on. She likely has permanent nerve and tissue damage." She looked between the mother and her two daughters, "When dealing with bullet wounds, it's a good idea to get it taken care of as soon as possible."

The doctor turned towards one of the cabinets she had in the room, found a pair of gloves, a needle, and some antibiotics. She approached the younger daughter and injected the antibiotics into her leg, "I don't mean to lay a guilt trip on you." After injecting the antibiotics, she retrieved some bandages and wrapped the leg, "She should stay off her feet for a while, just to let it heal - as much as it's going to. I'll bring you some crutches."

Gutierrez then took off her gloves, tossed them into the trash, and exited the room. Several seconds later, she returned with a set of crutches, which she set against the wall. Then, finally, she offered her hand, first to the mother, and then to the daughter, "I'm Doctor Lisa Gutierrez."

"Amber Cartwright."

"I'm Lilly. And that's Holly," the daughter said, motioning towards her younger sister.

"I'm sorry our meeting wasn't under better circumstances, but welcome to Sanctuary. You're welcome to stay here until she wakes up," the doctor announced with a small, friendly smile, looking towards Holly.

Finley folded his arms as Marina turned to go back into Jack's place, and looked towards Dan and Elias, who smiled nervously at the sheriff. He kept his eyes on the pair, carefully observing their expressions while they all waited. The younger and taller one, Elias, averted his eyes, looking down to the floor, while Dan gave Finley the same nervous smile as he rubbed the back of his head.

The sound of the door opening caused them all to look back. It was Jack, followed by Marina. He spoke to the sheriff directly.

“You don’t need to look no further, I’ll come willingly.”

Moses unfolded his arms and nodded to Jack, grateful for both his and Marina's compliance, "Thank you, Jack." There was more that he wanted to add, but he refrained, wary of appearing biased towards Jack.

Finley had his own theories about what had gone down. Jack had been increasingly unstable lately, but he had a suspicion that Dan and Elias had something to do with what happened, based on Marina's reactions to them, their uncomfortable manner, and Jack's current unwillingness to make eye contact with the pair. Of course that could just be his guilt at drawing a gun on them.

The sheriff led the others to his own office, which was next door to the mayor's, but smaller. The interior was small as well, just a desk that was flanked by a few doors, one of which served as a makeshift cell. But, he didn't want to have to lock up Jack. At least not until hearing what he had to say for himself.

Besides the chair behind his desk, there were a few chairs, which he motioned to, "Sit, please."

After a moment's hesitation and an exchanged look between Dan and Elias, they sat, as did Jack and, eventually, Marina. Finley looked between those sat before him, before his gaze stopped on Marina.

"Tell me what happened."


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Josh walked up to the bar, laying his rucksack on the counter-top. "Sure, I'll take a freebie."

Gary poured him a screwdriver, a bit on the light side. No one needed to be liquored up too early in the day. The writer sipped at it, then consumed half of it. He grimaced a bit at the taste.

Lane laughed, "Not exactly Skyy Vodka like back in the day, but it does its work. I can throw in a bit of grenadine or sweet juice to help it go down easier, but those goods are in short supply. I try to save them for special occasions." Gary stared at his pack, noting that the clasps were open. He started to reach for it, "Mind if I take a look at what you put down in there?" Josh snapped out of his friendly demeanor, grabbing the bag to his chest. Gary threw his hands up apologetically, though really it was an act. He wanted to test his new friend's limits.

"I'm sorry Mr. Lane, it isn't that I won't share what is in here, but when it is in the rough form I'd rather not. I could orate it for you, but I don't want someone reading inside it."

"What is it you are putting in there? Are you truly chronicling all this," He waved his arms about in a ballerina spin, ". . . wonderland?" He smiled wide like the Cheshire cat. Lane was actually interested, in fact, other than sliding into bed with Suzie this man could be the most interesting thing in town.

"Yes. Sanctuary is perhaps the most significant human stronghold left, other than the Partisans that is. They aren't exactly welcoming people in with open arms, but someday maybe." Gary rubbed his chin thoughtfully at the notion.

"Actually I would bet that if you have actual skill, they would take you in. The military is all about official reports. They may cramp your style a bit though, force you to only use the third person or some shit." Josh watched him astutely.

"I take it you were in the military?" Damn, this guy paid good attention.

"Yeah, a lifetime ago. If you aren't already chronicling peoples' journeys to Sanctuary here, I would recommend it. My story is quite the adventure." And that was just the part he was willing to tell. "Plus, if you come in and pry some lips when the liquor has loosened them, it could help people be more open. If you and I keep an open line of communication, I might even be able to tip you off when certain people are here. Lets say the Sheriff comes in, which is a rare occasion I admit. Getting that stoic man to melt down and tell some stories would make for one hell of a journal entry." Gary looked up as another patron entered the bar. He was waiting for the day that Callum or Suzie's mom came in to try and shake him down. The problem they had was absolutely no proof. Sanctuary could think want they want, but no one could put Gary in a corner. Not right now while he was at the top of his game.

Josh stared off in the distance, thinking of the proposition. "That sounds like a great idea. Any catches?"

Again, Gary smiled as if flies never buzzed around his shit. "Well, wouldn't anyone love a favorable outlook on themselves in the history books? I'm sure you've heard some rumors about me, rest assured, those are rumors." Josh finished the drink and Gary poured him another.

"This one will be my last, I'm not much of a drinker."

Gary ignored him, continuing on. "You see, we don't have TV anymore. There is no Facebook, Twitter, or mass media. Hell, we barely have many books these days. People need to entertain themselves by creating myths and legends. How else do you think shit like dragons were thought up?" Josh butted in.

"If we have aliens upon us right now, don't you think dragons and serpents were a possibility?"

"Only in Dungeons and Dragons kid." Josh went ahead and downed this drink whole, Gary took the glass once he sat it down and proceeded to wash it in the sink. "I am this town's dragon. Give them time and all their woes will be my fault. Oh look, Mr. Lane up there in that cave of danger. There must be treasure hoarded up there. The man spews fire from his mouth, and his talons are oh so sharp."

"A matter of time before they take up the pitch forks, huh?" Josh smiled at the notion.

Gary only smiled back. "This town doesn't realize I'm it's Jack O'Kent."

"Jack O'Kent, who is that?"

"O'Kent is a folk hero back where I'm from in Britain. You see, Kent dealt with the Devil, but he always out-tricked him. I'll tell you more about that later though, I better tend to some of the others." Gary came out from behind the bar to survey the small crowds' needs.

The man lightly touched his shoulder, causing Gary to turn. "Yes?"

"Do you know many myths and legends? I'd like to record some of them. Even if they become a bit twisted from the original source, the world can always look to these stories for imagination. Imagination and wonder that is." Gary nodded, and set off to resume his duties.


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Theo walked along the outside of the wall, the boy Thomas in tow. His friend Reggie was with him, likely the most built man in town. He was thick with muscle and fat, as a defensive lineman in football should be. Reggie was a shadow of his former size of course, but the sheer fact that he remained as big as he did was a mystery to all of Sanctuary.

In fact, Thomas wondered about just that and voiced in. Reggie laughed it off, "I eat a lot of bugs. Protein in those little guys!" Thomas's face wrinkled at the notion in disgust.

"Oh come on," Reggie socked the kid lightly in the shoulder. "Just be careful you don't eat an alien bug." The group all started laughing. It was time to get to the point of this trip. Theo was dead serious about the future of Sanctuary, he hadn't done enough to make it apparent in his time here, but he was about to step his game up. It all started with Thomas. The boy was likely the weak link of the children, but he did not have to be a weakness. He was not sickly, jusgt a bit afraid. The world as it is known was just a scary place. No one could fault a child of all people for fear.

"Thomas, do you know why we brought you out here?" He had got the mother's permission before taking him out, the father dead for about a year now.

"N-no. No I don't"

Reggie boomed in with his loud voice. "You've got potential kid."


Theo nodded and stopped, kneeling in front of Thomas.

"It is no secret to children these days that we're all mortal. The human race will live on and thrive past this alien threat. As time passes, all the adults around here will get old, then you and your friends will become the adults. The protectors of humanity. What I see in you is what I see in a figure like the Sheriff." Thomas shrugged his shoulders, standing loosely. Theo grabbed him by the upper arms, molding him into a straight figure.

"I don't know if I could ever be that important."

"Thomas, you can still be whatever you want in this world. We just have to fight for it more than ever. Walk the land like it is yours, because this land is ours. Not one person holds more value than another. Some have higher positions of authority, but they use that authority for the greater good." Reggie stood by, arms folded.

"What if I wanted to be more like Callum?" The spark had been ignited, as a fire was lit in the child's eyes.

"You could certainly be like John Callum someday, overseeing the town and all its intricacies." He had started with Finley because many male kids wanted to be the strong man that delivered justice. There was nothing wrong with that, but the true aspiration would be to something higher. Finley had power, but he was at Callum's call.

"Lets head on back." Theo nodded to Reggie, who smiled. Many of the citizens of Sanctuary did not like to think about the children, as they saw the future in a bleak state of despair. They left the kids to their own devices until they were strong enough to contribute to the town. More than that needed to be done.

It was only a piece of what Daclaveon planned.


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The walk to the sheriff’s office was a calm and quiet one. Finley was leading the group followed closely by Jack. Behind Jack and Finley the two men were walking together, whispering to one another, they were definitely having an argument by the looks of it. Marina choose to take the rear, because frankly she wasn’t so sure if the two strangers wouldn’t try the bail. Cornered animals were , after all, very unpredictable.

The residents of the Sanctuary were filling the streets by now, and she saw some familiar faces here and there. Marina tried to keep her eyes in front of her, she was sure the talk about four people being lead by the sheriff to his office was already making the rounds. No doubt that anyone she made eye contact with, would try to get something out of her. The town gossip was one of the few entertainments these people had, it was their version of those Sunday night celebrity gossip shows they used to air on television.

The walk to the sheriff’s office seemed like a life time to Marina, but finally she saw the building nestled against the Mayor’s much bigger office. The interior was as dull as the exterior, there weren’t many personal items in the office and Marina wasn’t sure why she expected there to be.

"Sit, please." Finley gestured the chairs next to the desk in the room. Marina took the last chair, the one closest to the door, right next to Jack. One could never be too prepared.

"Tell me what happened." For a short second Marina didn’t realize that Finley was speaking to her. When she did, she was a little confused why he started with her but she wouldn’t question Finley’s judgment, he was the sheriff after all.

“Are they really going to be here for this?” she whispered, gesturing the two men, though they could hear her perfectly clear. Their gaze made her extremely uncomfortable, but most of all, she wasn’t sure if her story would trigger Jack in some way. Finley just gave her his long stare and that was enough to let Marina know she should get to the facts. She cleared her throat and started.

“I was at home today, you see it’s my day off, when I heard some people arguing. I knew it was Jack because I recognized his voice and when I got outside I only saw the end of their … altercation.” She continued with her story, telling Finley that when she tried to de-escalate the situation it only triggered Jack to pull his gun. She did not fail to mention the men’s hostile attitude towards her and how she was the one that got Jack to lower his gun.

“So, when he did lower his gun, I told these two to get the hell out.” She finished her part motioning the two men with a venomous look. “Look, Finley, I am not saying that Jack is not with blame but Jack told me how the argument started.” She hoped Finley was open to hear her and when he nodded for her to continue she gave him a small smile.

“Jack was at the bar, drinking, and apparently he was with Susana.. I don’t want to make any comments about what they did or did not do, because that’s totally irrelevant but these fuckwits were there too, I am sure anyone at the bar can confirm that.” The short one glared at her insult but Marina continued unfazed.

“They followed Jack home, just for the sake of antagonizing him. They made lewd comments and practically begged for trouble. You can’t tell me that is the behavior of ‘innocent’ men.” She spat.

“He told me they wouldn’t leave him alone when he asked for it, Jack was drunk, and ..” here she lowered her voice, speaking softly “-you know how he hasn’t been himself.” She shrugged feeling a bit drained. “And that is all I have to say about this.” She finished finally. She hadn’t looked at Jack once since she began her story, daring to take a peek now, she saw that he remained stoic as he was on his porch. She let out a breath in relief, at least they were making progress. But one look at the men, and she knew that they were not going to agree with her retelling. They looked ready to maul her, especially the short one. She paid them no mind and turned back to Finley.


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#, as written by Messiah
As soon as Yolanda left, John brought his head down into his hands and sighed exasperatedly. This job was going to be the death of him.

"I'm too old for this," he muttered to himself. How did the politicians do it? The men in their seventies and eighties. He was still four years away from seventy and he wasn't sure how much more he could take of it.

For a while, he sat in his office in silent contemplation. After the first few minutes, he really lost track of the time, but he did come to a couple decisions.

First, he would not be taking Mr. Lane. He wanted this meeting to be as friendly as possible. Whether or not Lane would be disposed to being shrewd and harsh in a situation like that, John wasn't completely sure, but he didn't want to take that chance.

Second, he had to speak to Finley regarding this situation with Susana and Lane at Freedom Incarnate. At the very least, the sheriff had to be informed. It was an open secret that Finley disliked Gary and his establishment; he had made his feelings clear to John several times while it was just being built. If he had his way, he would shut the whole place down, or evict Lane, at the very least.

Finally, John stood up, and exited the room. On the other side of the door, Zoey was seated at her desk, reading a book. When she saw John approach, she put the book down, hurriedly.

"Oh! Mister Callum! Sorry, I--"

"It's alright. Was that Mister Tatum I heard earlier?"

"Yes, sir."

"What did he want?"

"Something about a twinkle twinkle. He said it's a tool of some kind."

"Anything else?"

"Just that he was going to go see the Spider."

That was probably Gary Lane. Ollie wanted something and he would be going to Lane to try and get it.

"Thank you. One other thing, Zoey."

"Hmm?" she intoned.

"I'd like you to try and find a Teddy Daclaveon, and Barbara Bowery."

"Yes, sir. Should I tell them what for?"

"If they ask, tell them that I will be discussing it with them in person."


"Have them wait in here if I'm not back by then. I'm going to go take a walk."

With that, John took his hat off the rack and pushed his way out of the door.

Finley sat patiently, allowing her to finish, "Did you see Jack with Susana, or either of these two men at the bar?"

"No, but Jack told me-" she started, but stopped once the sheriff held up his hand.

"Okay," he said, looking from Marina to the other three now, "Thank you." He then turned his attention in Jack's direction. "Jack?"

Jack was silent. He wasn't even looking at the sheriff, or Marina, or anybody. After a long silence, Finley spoke up again, "Jack, please."

He was still silent.

Finally, the sheriff rose to his feet and put his hands on his desk as he looked down to Jack, his eyes narrowed. "Do you know what's going on here? This is a serious offense. I want to help you, but it's hard if you don't even speak up for yourself."

Jack looked up and finally spoke, prompting the sheriff to sit back down.

"I shouldn't have done it, I know," he began, "I'm sorry."

The sheriff sighed, "Just tell me what happened."

"It's just like Marina said. I was at Freedom Incarnate, and I was with Susana."

Finley knew about Susana and her mother. He knew that the young woman had a certain reputation around town. When he first heard of it, his conscience told him to go straight down to Freedom Incarnate, lock its dubious owner up, and escort Susana out here and back to her mother. But, he couldn't. Callum allowed Freedom Incarnate to be built and to exist, and everything that went on within its walls was technically not illegal. Many of the town's citizens seemed to be of the mind that the place, no matter what went on inside, to be a necessary evil. That may have been true, but there had to be a line somewhere.

"We didn't-" Jack continued, stammering a bit, "We just talked, I swear."

"Is that all?" Finley asked.

"Well, I--" Jack began, only to stop himself.

"What is it, Jack?"

"I gave her Sarah's old necklace."

Finley raised his eyebrows in surprise, but urged Jack to continue on, "Anything else you did with her?"


"What happened next?"

"I stayed at Freedom Incarnate after that. I was there all night. These two-" Jack said, motioning to Dan and Elias, "-were there, too. When I left, they followed me, stared harassing me. They asked me how she was, how fast I got off, and when I'd be coming back."

Dan scoffed, "Asshole. You still pulled a fucking gun on us."

"I know!" Jack exclaimed, "I know! I'm sorry."

Dan shook his head, his face turned into a scowl, "Whatever," he muttered, "Asshole."

The sheriff then turned his attention to Dan and Elias, "So, is what he's saying true?"

"Yeah, but, I mean, I wouldn't say we were harassing him. We were just joking. We didn't mean nothing by it. If we'd have known he was going to pull that shit, we wouldn't have done it."

"He says you were harassing him."

"That's how he saw it, I guess. Can't say I agree with him."

"That doesn't matter," Finley snapped back, impatient at Dan's flippant tone, "You two are leaving here with a warning. If I hear any more complaints about you, then I'm going to punish you further. Understood?"

Dan sighed and nodded, "Yeah."

"Good, now get out of here."

The pair stood up and scooted their way past the chairs and out the door. Finley was sure he'd heard the older of the two mutter something like "Asshole" on his way out, but he ignored it. It was then, once they'd left, that the sheriff noticed the look Marina was passing his way.

"Don't give me that look. It's worse than they were expecting, and there's not much else I can do. We'll be keeping an eye on them." Finley then redirected the conversation, focusing now on Jack again, "Now, about Jack. I know that things have been rough for you lately and you've been facing a lot of stress, but I can't just pretend this didn't happen. A lot of people here have had it rough, but I can't give you preferential treatment." It wasn't fair to the rest of the people of Sanctuary. Plus, it would only add fuel to the fires of certain citizens that believed the city's government was corrupt.

He continued, standing up, "I don't know that you can stay here. I doubt Callum would allow it. But, I can't send you out into the desert alone to fend for yourself. Not in good conscience. I'm going to recommend that you be conscripted with the Partisans at Fort Defiance. I know some people there, including Commander Briggs. He'll be happy to have you."

"In any case, I'll be speaking with Callum about this. He might be more lenient. One way or another, I'll let you know. I just thought I should tell you what I'm thinking."

After a moment or two of silence, Finley finished, "I'm sorry it came to this."


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Messiah
The sheriff reclined in his chair as Marina and Jack left his office and then ran his hand over his head once. He then pushed himself up to his feet and headed towards the door. As he neared the door, it swung open to reveal one of his deputies, an enthusiastic young man named Brendan. He was a little clumsy and a little overweight and Finley had to straighten him out on occasion, but he meant well, and he was good at his job, all in all.


"Careful," the sheriff said, stepping back half a step as the door blew air into his face.

"Oh, sorry!"

"What is it?"

"Miss Gunn is with Doctor Gutierrez in her office, and they're with some new people."

Finley pressed his fingers into the bridge of his nose and sighed, "Alright. Go find Walter and talk to them. Can you handle it?"

"Yeah, of course." Brendan's face turned to that of concern as he looked to the sheriff, "Are you alright?"

"Fine. I just need to take a break."

"Okay. We'll take care of it."

"Thanks," the sheriff said, patting Brendan on the back, earning him a smile from the chubby young man.

Finley trekked across town to the building that he called home. His mother, Sharise, and Deandra, the woman who was bearing his child, also lived there.

The latter was seated in the kitchen area. She stood and waddled over to him, raising up on her toes to give him a kiss, which he returned with less than full effort.

"What's wrong?" she asked, sitting down next to him when he took a seat on the nearby couch.

"It's a pain in the ass being sheriff, you know that?"

Dee looked into his eyes, not humored by his poor attempt at a joke.

"I've got to have a talk with Callum," Finley admitted after seeing her face.

"About what?"

"Jack. Gary."

Dee then simply nodded. She knew that he didn't like to talk about work, and the private affairs that the town often came to him with. He was grateful that she knew his position.

Gently, she put an arm around him and he tilted his head so it was resting on hers. Then he closed his eyes.

Callum hadn't returned when Zoey had led Theo and Barbara back to the mayor's building. She took a seat at her desk and smiled to the pair, "You can sit down," she said, motioning to the chairs nearby, "I'm sure he'll be back soon enough."

And sure enough, just minutes later, the aging mayor stepped in through the door, hung his hat up once again, and turned to greet the two sitting down, "Ah, there you are. Please, go into my office." Then, he turned to Zoey, "Thank you."

He closed the door behind him and took a seat, the other two doing the same immediately afterwards.

"Barbara," he said, looking to the woman, who nodded.


"I prefer to go by Theo or Ted."

"Very well, Ted. I'll get straight to it," Callum announced, placing his hands together in front of him. "We have some visitors from Garland, the nearby settlement founded by Robert Garland. One of these visitors is his son, Michael, who has told me that his father wants to meet me. For what, I don't know, but it could prove advantageous for both of our settlements. I have spoken with Miss Gunn, and you both come highly recommended."

First, he looked to Barbara, "You for your negotiating ability. I don't predict any sort of hostility, but it doesn't hurt to have someone else there as well."

Then, he looked to Theo, "And you for your combat skills. As I said, I don't predict any sort of hostility while in Garland, but the trek is a potentially dangerous one, and even with Michael Garland's bodyguards present, I would feel more comfortable with someone from town around."

"Obviously, the decision is ultimately in your hands, but I would be greatly indebted to you both, especially if this meeting goes well. What do you say?"