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Theodore Daclaveon

While cracking, this man strives to not lose faith in humanity, choosing to lead by example.

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a character in “The Desert Pilgrims”, as played by El_Gringo


Name: Ted Daclaveon

Age: 31 [21 at the start of the invasion]



Ted is 5'9 with red hair that he lets grow out thicker in the winter. He usually sports a beard, mainly because daily shaving is a nuisance to him. Surgical scars remain on his right elbow where a titanium plate used to be bolted in, along with a variety of war wounds throughout the invasion. He usually wears leather pants, a hooded t-shirt, and boots. In the winter he wears a balaclava if the temperatures warrant. The most notable physical characteristic he holds is half of his right ear being seared off from a warrior's plasma generator.

Background: Theodore, Ted, Theo, or whatever someone would choose to call him had a strict upbringing. His father, Thomas, was a retired Green Beret of the U.S. Special Forces. Once a warm-hearted man before war changed him, he was stern and expected much from even a child. The man was a mythical figure of granite to Ted, he aspired to be his father. His parents pushed him to be a scholar-athlete. He tried his best but always came up a little short in the academic department. A 3.2 GPA in high school would make most parents happy, but not the Daclaveons.

His at home life was different than most. Tom had his son hunting, gutting, and cooking his food at an early age. "Any person should be prepared to be the last man on Earth at any moment," was a motto he seemed to live by. Ted took a particular liking to bow hunting, it added a much stealthier and cerebral component to the game. Tying knots, dressing wounds, you name it. It was like an intensive decade long one-on-one boy scout training session.

In his sophomore year he slipped to a 2.9 GPA; chasing tail and drinking booze caught up with him. He and his father had a shouting match that ended with Tom backhanding Ted. They stared each other down, both furious, until Ted stormed out of the house with his bow. It was out of season but he found a doe after four-and-a-half hours, felling it with one shaft. He carried the body home as a statement, expecting his dad to call the cops on him for poaching. He threw the carcass on the doorstep and called in after his parents.

"How do you like that? In troubled times I resort to hunting something down and killing it. Must be those Daclaveon murderous genes acting up!" They didn't speak for weeks, though his mother Abigale did her best to mend it all. Both got hit with a double whammy two weeks later when a drunk driver careened into the Daclaveon's vehicle on their way home from visiting friends. The impact hit the passenger side where Abigale sat and the car flipped 2 to 3 times.

Abby died in the ER. Ted had a broken arm, which he thought practically ruined a year of athletics playing WR in football and PG in basketball. Not to mention track and field . . . he was still set on pleasing Tom. When they told him about his mom, he didn't speak until they released him to his father. Tom had barely been scratched in the accident. He embraced his son tightly at the hospital, then they sat in silence on the way home. In the driveway his father collapsed into tears, an act that stunned Ted. "It should have been me." He said. The two hugged for the first time since Ted was age five.

Tom did his best to take more of a nurturing turn, but he still had a hard nature. A year later on graduation Ted had athletic scholarship offers, having improved his grades, but planned on joining the Army to follow in his father's footsteps. Tom put a stop to that. "The U.S. Army and Special Forces are a grand thing that I hold dear, but you're all I've got. I don't want to lose you too." So, Ted took a scholarship to Colorado State. The invasion started in his junior year. Ted abandoned his school, taking some of his friends with him to his father's home back in Denver. Tom had been part of an old-school military survival group that prepped for stupid shit like alien invasions and zombie apocalypses in their spare time. He was decked out in his Green Beret and the rest of the gear. As his father told him since he could remember, ""The green beret is a symbol of excellence, a badge of courage, a mark of distinction in the fight for freedom." Humanity's freedom as a whole was at stake.

Over the first few years they did great. The group farmed, hunted, and gathered. Few women were around so the focus was pure survival. Most of the military men were old, and it started to show. Sickness took the first few. Then the intense battles started as some of the aliens seemed to set down an encampment in their area of the Rocky Mountains. The Mountain Wars are what they called the next three years. Brutal death is what they were, more on the human side than the alien. Their losses were too great and they were forced to move further West. In Utah he lost his father to a bandit raid. He stalked the group for months in revenge, picking them off one by one until he had to run off when they finally found him. The living ones' faces still blazed in his mind. He carried and wore his father's Green Beret in remembrance.

He continued with the remaining men of his group: A couple of old war veterans, a former Kansas State Trooper, and his college football teammate Reggie. As they made their way closer and closer to Arizona. they found out about Sanctuary and headed there in 2022. He had no intentions of becoming a leader, community or militarily, he just wanted to do his part and let the chips fall where they may. Ted wants humanity to live, but this conflicts with what he feels, because he despises bandits and raiders more than the aliens at times. Even though he is a grown man and getting older, the loss of his father to raiders left him deeply embittered with parts of humanity.

Skills: Ted is familiar with a variety of weapons, survival gear, and survival tactics. He is especially skilled with a bow and blades, fletching his own arrows and crafting his own shivs. The bow may not seem like the best choice when the enemy dons more armor, but a well placed shot in a weak area does wonders. While not a prodigy by any means, he is physically gifted. His time playing as a point guard and a wide receiver left him with physical skills and the ability to perform under pressure. The two sports, especially football, also came with a few concussions. The human side of him has not been lost, as he also uses his sports knowledge to bring happiness to the people. Even in the face of death, organizing a sport can distract people from the dreary day-by-day drudge. If anything could be called his strongest skill, it would be his ability to work in a team toward a common goal. This is the whole reason he wanted to go to Sanctuary.

So begins...

Theodore Daclaveon's Story


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"Have you all been practicing your pulls like I told you?" Ted shouted out to the cluster of children. They ranged from age 6 to 18, any parent that would let them come he would take to teach archery too. Bullets and guns were a limited resource, but bows and arrows were only limited by nature. He had learned long ago how to make arrows from scratch. He could assemble a home-made bow as well, and while it wasn't the greatest weapon ever, it would do to save a life.

The kids, and adults at a later time if they cared, practiced with a hodge-podge of bows he had constructed with the help of other craftsmen. Ted had the kids take the bows home with them and practice their draws. You had to be able to make a good draw back to fire at arrow well and true. He assembled everyone in a line.

"Draw back!" The group were lined up, facing their strawman targets across the field.

"Steady!" One of the young children couldn't hold steady and fired, his arrow going wide away from the target. Ted laughed, "That's alright Thomas, wait there for this round."

"Let them fly!" All the children released their arrows. Theo worked to try and get them to all release at the same time, so they felt like they were doing it together. He had worked with them long enough that most actually hit their target, though their marksmanship could be improved to get precise shots in vital areas. He walked over to Thomas.

"Everyone hold up." He handed another arrow to Thomas, a boy of around 10 years. Ted worked well with children but he did not sugar coat anything, no one could be coddled anymore. He treated a child as he would a grown man.

"Thomas, I want you to remember that last raid attempted on the town. You were scared, weren't you?" Thomas nodded, slightly nervous at the mention of an attack on the camp.

"If a bandit came in and sneaked into your home, and attacked you or your mother, wouldn't you like to land a precise shot?"

"Y-yes, I would."

"Good luck with that Thomas!" A larger boy about the same age as Thomas laughed, making light of his poor shot earlier. Ted was tempted to yell at him, but he didn't.

"What Aaron said is mean, no doubt about it. Good luck with that Thomas. If you want to be able to protect yourself, you need to learn how to utilize a weapon. I don't think you could take on a grown bandit with your bare hands, do we agree on that Thomas?" Thomas nodded, shooting an ugly look over at Aaron.

"Then draw back." Thomas drew back on the arrow, slightly unsteady. Ted moved end, placing one hand on Thomas's drawing arm and the other on his hip. He helped Thomas make the adjustments to be able to shoot better, manipulating him. Thomas began to shake a little, arrowhead wobbly at the tip of the bow.

"Steady Thomas! Thumb straight up and tuck that chin in!" An intense look came over Thomas's face, anyone out in the field could tell how much he wanted to make this shot.

"Picture that straw man as a raider. Hell, think of him as Jolly Roger himself!" Thomas remained a little shaky, but it lessened. He drew back a little more, the bow string nearly touching his nose.

"Let loose!" Thomas let the arrow fly and it hurtled across the field toward its target in nearly slow-motion. It hit the figure high in the chest.

"Great job, you just pierced Jolly Roger's lung!" He clapped Thomas on the back.

"Again everyone!" Theodore tried to occupy his mind with productive activities like this, drowning out the thoughts of his dead father. The bar was open, and he could easily go there instead. He didn't care to waste much time. Why drown his sorrows when there are things he could teach to people? Things that would better their survival rate.

Practicality was key now.


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"Oh, you're an old flatterer, John Callum," Yolanda trilled, leaning further across the desk and slapping the old man on the shoulder. He was little more than bone underneath the faded, but still respectable, suit jacket he wore almost as a uniform of office. Briefly the thought crossed her mind that he might be sick, what with the willingness to undertake an arduous an dangerous journey, not to mention the rare allusion to the heartache of his bereavements. Yolanda and John were friends, she felt - at any rate, they worked well together - but this was one subject that had remained off-limits. In one sense, Yolanda was glad. She'd never had children, and her relationships never lasted more than a few years, so John's hidden pain was alien territory to her. She knew better, too, than to try and dissuade him from going on this diplomatic mission. For whatever reason, he'd made up his mind. He'd only see further argument as a waste of time, an annoyance.

Her train of thought was briefly interrupted by the sight of Ollie Tatum passing outside, his head bumping up and down in his distinctive walk, almost as if he was on puppet strings held by a child. The engineer was a law unto himself, his slightly unhinged mind pinwheeling from one idea to the next, but the novel creations and solutions that sprang out of that chaos had served Sanctuary well and often. Yolanda gave him as much time as possible; when not baffling her with scientific terminology that seemed almost a language of his own making, he could be charming company.

John used the distraction to move the conversation on from his hints at Yolanda's temporary elevation. "But, I won't be going alone. I'll have to take along some protection, for the trip over to Garland, if nothing else. You know the people of Sanctuary best. Do you have any recommendations?"

"Well now," Yolanda murmured, drumming her fingernails on the desk as she ran through a mental checklist of the town's inhabitants. This really was the kind of work she was best at, partly because she loved it. She had a miniature biography of every person in Sanctuary memorised, with their history, family - living and dead - their personalities, strengths and weaknesses, hopes and dreams. She updated as she went about the town, listening to problems big and small, doling out advice, giving assistance and succour. Immediately her mind lit on one name.

"Well now, if you won't take Paul, and I know you'll want Moses to stay here, you couldn't do much better than taking Teddy Daclaveon."

John raised a spiky white eyebrow.

"Teddy. Hunter, survivor-type, makes his own bows and arrows," Yolanda explained. "Used to be Special Forces. Not a lot will get past Teddy on the road."

Moreover, Yolanda had the feeling Teddy had things on his mind he didn't want on his mind. Teaching Sanctuary's children to fire bows and arrows was a worthwhile pursuit, and Teddy appeared good at it - patient, fair, approachable - but some men needed to be busy, to keep moving. Otherwise, they moved to the bar and stopped there, another good man, another able body, gone to waste. Yolanda often thought the aftermath of the Invasion was harder on men than women, their failure in the role of protectors writ large on the changed landscape across the world. Even guarding somewhere like Sanctuary or Garland from bandits, they were still just fighting for second place. She drummed her fingers on the desk again and unfurrowed her brow, pushing the though out of her mind.

"You could take Luke off sentry duty too. The trip out might do him some good." The younger men, the ones who had come to adulthood after the Invasion, sometimes needed to blow off steam; sentry duty and irrigation projects weren't exactly the bright lights of the big city. "But you'll have Garland's men too. Take many more of your own, and they'll think you don't trust them. That's a bad start to a trade mission."

John steepled his fingers and nodded. Yolanda knew he didn't know Luke from the rest of Deacon's sentries, but it was no harm for him to see that she did. If nothing else, it would set his mind at ease about Sanctuary being in good hands while he was gone.

"But," she continued, this time rapping her knuckles on the desk, emphasising that this was her final opinion on the matter, "you could always take another negotiator.

"Not that you're not capable," she said hurriedly, cutting off the objection that seemed to be coming. "But two heads are always better than one. Makes it harder for their talking heads to gang up on you."

He pursed his lips. In the quiet as he thought, they could both hear voices - Zoey, the secretary, and... yes, those were Ollie's unusual inflections - and then a closing door and silence again.

"And you would suggest?"

"My first thought was Bobo." Again, the eyebrow peaked in query. "I mean Barbara Bowery. She used to be a businesswoman - Wall Street, not washtub," she explained, laughing self-deprecatingly. "Mergers, acquisitions, all that high-falutin' stuff. She's bound to have something interesting to say."

"And your second thought?" asked John, playing his part in their little dance to perfection.

"Mr Lane. And his morals. He's crooked enough to think through a corkscrew, and I'm pretty sure he only has his own interests at heart - not that I'd ever let on to him - but why not make that work for us, John?"

"Mr Lane and his morals," he repeated. "How interesting."

"As for Mister Lane and his morals, well, that's why I came to see you," Yolanda said, pushing herself up from her informal perch on John's desk. He'd baited the hook earlier, but she'd known better than to go jumping feet first into the delicate subject. Now that John had dispensed with his own business, Yolanda knew she had his full attention.


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Theo walked along the outside of the wall, the boy Thomas in tow. His friend Reggie was with him, likely the most built man in town. He was thick with muscle and fat, as a defensive lineman in football should be. Reggie was a shadow of his former size of course, but the sheer fact that he remained as big as he did was a mystery to all of Sanctuary.

In fact, Thomas wondered about just that and voiced in. Reggie laughed it off, "I eat a lot of bugs. Protein in those little guys!" Thomas's face wrinkled at the notion in disgust.

"Oh come on," Reggie socked the kid lightly in the shoulder. "Just be careful you don't eat an alien bug." The group all started laughing. It was time to get to the point of this trip. Theo was dead serious about the future of Sanctuary, he hadn't done enough to make it apparent in his time here, but he was about to step his game up. It all started with Thomas. The boy was likely the weak link of the children, but he did not have to be a weakness. He was not sickly, jusgt a bit afraid. The world as it is known was just a scary place. No one could fault a child of all people for fear.

"Thomas, do you know why we brought you out here?" He had got the mother's permission before taking him out, the father dead for about a year now.

"N-no. No I don't"

Reggie boomed in with his loud voice. "You've got potential kid."


Theo nodded and stopped, kneeling in front of Thomas.

"It is no secret to children these days that we're all mortal. The human race will live on and thrive past this alien threat. As time passes, all the adults around here will get old, then you and your friends will become the adults. The protectors of humanity. What I see in you is what I see in a figure like the Sheriff." Thomas shrugged his shoulders, standing loosely. Theo grabbed him by the upper arms, molding him into a straight figure.

"I don't know if I could ever be that important."

"Thomas, you can still be whatever you want in this world. We just have to fight for it more than ever. Walk the land like it is yours, because this land is ours. Not one person holds more value than another. Some have higher positions of authority, but they use that authority for the greater good." Reggie stood by, arms folded.

"What if I wanted to be more like Callum?" The spark had been ignited, as a fire was lit in the child's eyes.

"You could certainly be like John Callum someday, overseeing the town and all its intricacies." He had started with Finley because many male kids wanted to be the strong man that delivered justice. There was nothing wrong with that, but the true aspiration would be to something higher. Finley had power, but he was at Callum's call.

"Lets head on back." Theo nodded to Reggie, who smiled. Many of the citizens of Sanctuary did not like to think about the children, as they saw the future in a bleak state of despair. They left the kids to their own devices until they were strong enough to contribute to the town. More than that needed to be done.

It was only a piece of what Daclaveon planned.


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Theo had received his water ration from the kitchen when he heard someone yelling his name from a few buildings down. It was Zoey, John Callum's assistant. Many people could slide by unnoticed, but not anyone in Callum's inner circle. She had another female in tow, Barb was her name if he was right in his recollection. He uncapped the waterskin, taking a swig as he strolled over to the women.

"How can I help?"

"You are Teddy correct?"

"I'm a man of many names but that one works. I was mainly called that as a child, I prefer to go with Theo or Ted." He smiled as he said it, not caring what anyone called him.

"Callum would like to see you." He raised his eyebrows.

"Well by all means, lets go see the man." Ted brought up the caboose of their three person line as they trudged across town to Callum's office. "Any idea what this is about?"

"I'd prefer to leave that up to John to tell you." Zoey snapped back politely, Barbara quiet as they continued. He wondered what was in store for him.
David sent his companions off to their respective homes, arriving at his own doorstep. He stopped for a moment, ensuring his tie was straight and his collar was clean. His wife may be blind, but he still wanted to look good for her. McAllister stepped into his dwelling.

"Linda! Justine! I'm home." His daughter came rushing out from her room to him, smile gleaming. David snatched her out of the air, spinning her around. Justine giggled with laughter as she twirled in the air. He sat her back on the ground to avoid making her dizzy. Linda was a little slower, but she had their small abode mapped out in her mind easily now, navigating it without a sense of sight. David made it a little easier on her, meeting his wife halfway.

He gave her a quick peck on the cheek and a warm embrace. "I missed you guys. What have you been up to today?" Justine looked at the ground, sullen.

Linda laughed. "Well, she didn't want to, but we did some sewing. Clothes don't get mass produced out of factories and she is a growing girl, making clothes to fit her is important." David turned to his daughter, dropping to one knee.

"Did you give your mom a hard time today?"

Justine smiled, "Maybe a little." David and Linda both started laughing, with Justine joining in. Linda found her way to their sofa, taking a seat. David was still next to Justine.

"What did you want to do?"

"I want to go learn to shoot the bow! Some man is teaching most of the kids how to do it." David frowned.

"Now Justine, you can leave all that fighting nonsense to the boys! You don't have to partake in any of that."

His daughter looked at him as if he were an alien. "But Daddy, we all need to fight, right?" Linda was silent from the couch, leaving this topic to David.

"Well honey . . . babies come from women right?"

She nodded.

"If all the women go out and fight with the men, then they get hurt, how are more babies going to be born?"

His daughter didn't have an answer for him. "I just think bows would be funner than sewing!" David took her hands in his.

"Maybe if you practice sewing enough, you can go to some of those bow training sessions."

"Really?!" David did not want to say yes.

"Yes, of course darling." Justine went back to her room, ready to sew up a storm. David joined Linda on the couch, laying his head in her lap. She ran her hands through his hair. Then she ran her fingertips over his face.

"We're getting older David. She does need to be able to protect herself." He was silent for a solid minute.

"You know just as well as me I'm a stubborn man. I can't change overnight, not even with aliens out there." They dropped the topic for the rest of the night.

[We need to churn out some quick posts and get things moving so no one loses faith!]


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#, as written by Messiah
The sheriff reclined in his chair as Marina and Jack left his office and then ran his hand over his head once. He then pushed himself up to his feet and headed towards the door. As he neared the door, it swung open to reveal one of his deputies, an enthusiastic young man named Brendan. He was a little clumsy and a little overweight and Finley had to straighten him out on occasion, but he meant well, and he was good at his job, all in all.


"Careful," the sheriff said, stepping back half a step as the door blew air into his face.

"Oh, sorry!"

"What is it?"

"Miss Gunn is with Doctor Gutierrez in her office, and they're with some new people."

Finley pressed his fingers into the bridge of his nose and sighed, "Alright. Go find Walter and talk to them. Can you handle it?"

"Yeah, of course." Brendan's face turned to that of concern as he looked to the sheriff, "Are you alright?"

"Fine. I just need to take a break."

"Okay. We'll take care of it."

"Thanks," the sheriff said, patting Brendan on the back, earning him a smile from the chubby young man.

Finley trekked across town to the building that he called home. His mother, Sharise, and Deandra, the woman who was bearing his child, also lived there.

The latter was seated in the kitchen area. She stood and waddled over to him, raising up on her toes to give him a kiss, which he returned with less than full effort.

"What's wrong?" she asked, sitting down next to him when he took a seat on the nearby couch.

"It's a pain in the ass being sheriff, you know that?"

Dee looked into his eyes, not humored by his poor attempt at a joke.

"I've got to have a talk with Callum," Finley admitted after seeing her face.

"About what?"

"Jack. Gary."

Dee then simply nodded. She knew that he didn't like to talk about work, and the private affairs that the town often came to him with. He was grateful that she knew his position.

Gently, she put an arm around him and he tilted his head so it was resting on hers. Then he closed his eyes.

Callum hadn't returned when Zoey had led Theo and Barbara back to the mayor's building. She took a seat at her desk and smiled to the pair, "You can sit down," she said, motioning to the chairs nearby, "I'm sure he'll be back soon enough."

And sure enough, just minutes later, the aging mayor stepped in through the door, hung his hat up once again, and turned to greet the two sitting down, "Ah, there you are. Please, go into my office." Then, he turned to Zoey, "Thank you."

He closed the door behind him and took a seat, the other two doing the same immediately afterwards.

"Barbara," he said, looking to the woman, who nodded.


"I prefer to go by Theo or Ted."

"Very well, Ted. I'll get straight to it," Callum announced, placing his hands together in front of him. "We have some visitors from Garland, the nearby settlement founded by Robert Garland. One of these visitors is his son, Michael, who has told me that his father wants to meet me. For what, I don't know, but it could prove advantageous for both of our settlements. I have spoken with Miss Gunn, and you both come highly recommended."

First, he looked to Barbara, "You for your negotiating ability. I don't predict any sort of hostility, but it doesn't hurt to have someone else there as well."

Then, he looked to Theo, "And you for your combat skills. As I said, I don't predict any sort of hostility while in Garland, but the trek is a potentially dangerous one, and even with Michael Garland's bodyguards present, I would feel more comfortable with someone from town around."

"Obviously, the decision is ultimately in your hands, but I would be greatly indebted to you both, especially if this meeting goes well. What do you say?"