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Lucas Bellinger

An introductory character to help learn the basics.

0 · 210 views · located in Island of Derp

a character in “The Deserted Sandbox”, as played by Scoreness


Lucas Amadeus Billinger
"Today is a great day to have a great day."

Mᴏʀᴇ α΄›Κœα΄€Ι΄ ᴊᴜsα΄› α΄€ ɴᴀᴍᴇ.


Luke, Lukey, or Bell. His mother calls him Deuce.

Life guard and volunteer firefighter.


6' 3"



Hair Color: Chocolate brown.

Eye Color: Brown-green hazel.

Weight: 200 lb. Lean, with a built upper chest.

Tattoos, Piercings, Scars: One tattoo of a balloon on his right bicep, no piercings, and a thick scar on his left knee.

Description: Lucas is tall, but he isn't a bean-pole. He is constantly working to keep his body in top shape for his two occupations. His hair is a shaggy mop of tangled mess, but it somehow suits the shape of his face. His jaw isn't the typical chiseled surfer jaw, but round and looks as if it doesn't belong. Lucas' eyes will consistently switch from brown to green, depending on the light shining on them.

Bᴇʏᴏɴᴅ α΄›Κœα΄‡ α΄…ΙͺsɒᴜΙͺsᴇ.


Lucas has always gotten along by being a respectable young man. Homeschooled until high school, he never really found his place with the cliques of the school and was a loner for most of his academic career. It was always "Yes sir, no sir" for him, and his teachers loved him for this fact. His classmates on the other hand, they basically left him alone. Because of this, Lucas focused on schoolwork and helping his father with firefighter duties until he graduated.

About a month before his twentieth birthday, Lucas' father passed away in a fire while saving a young girl. It has left him relatively quiet (more than he already was) and a bit of a shut-in. Lucas really only leaves the house if it's for work or to go to the library to check out some books to read. He spends his free time reading all different kinds of literature, writing, and historic biographies.

If you can get Lucas to open up to you, he really likes you. Cracking his shell is hard though, because he has been building it for years. He seems easy-going to those he doesn't know, but much of it is a facade to deflect actual personal connections. He is a man driven by his personal demons and trying to live up to his father's legacy. When not reading, Lucas is trying to keep his body in top physical shape for his two jobs. His father's death still haunts him to this day, and Lucas blames himself at times for not being there instead.

Lucas only has a few close friends, and even then he doesn't often talk to them. His mother spends most of her time getting drunk, but Lucas supports the both of them just the same. He has never been in a romantic relationship, and doesn't really care for them either.

For the most part, to others, Lucas is just a respectful kid who likes to help others. He is striving every day to better himself to live up to his father's name, and it often makes him seem standoffish. Will he finally start to become his own person, or will Lucas crash and burn trying to reach unrealistic expectations?

Likes Dislikes
βœ”Jumping-roping double-dutch. Pineapple pizza.✘
βœ” Juicy Fruit flavored gum. Rollercoasters ✘
βœ” Mango anything. Smokers. ✘
βœ” Benjamin Franklin. Remixes. ✘
βœ” Sea Turtles. Loud cars.✘


-Being alone forever
-Public speaking

So begins...

Lucas Bellinger's Story


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Character Portrait: Lizzie Character Portrait: Lucas Bellinger
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#, as written by Jynxii

The sun.


Lizzie slowly opened her eyes, nearly blinded by the ringing in her head. The sound of the ocean.

Where am I?

With a low groan she pulled herself up, noticing first that there was a billow of smoke in the distance. White smoke.

What happened?

Over the distance of the roaring sea at her feet, a large cloud of smoke rolled up from the wreckage of the plane. Off to her right, a deflated lifeboat was caught and tangled upon the rocks. Her white, lacy tanktop was soaked through, revealing her modest granny-style bra. It was comfortable, good for traveling in. Not really meant to be seen, actually. Fuck.

Crossing her arms over her chest, for modest and due to the chill on her skin, she slowly staggered toward the bright yellow boat turned into a sad-looking, deflated balloon. It was more of a tarp now, really. "Damnit." She turns around, looking for any signs of life. A few luggage bags had floated to shore, but otherwise she couldn't see anyone. "Hello?!"Her voice echoed over the beach, sounding smaller than she had hoped. "Hello!"She tries again. Still, no answer.

Cursing under her breath, she trudges through the wet sand, cursing herself for not wearing jeans instead of shorts, or running shoes instead of fashion sandals. She leans down to the luggage washing up nearest to her, pulling them further onto the sand out of the water into a pile. When she had finished, she had gathered a grand total of five suitcases, three bookbags and two packages. None of her things were among the wreckage.

She stood staring at her pile for a long moment before a sob finally bubbled up. Angry, she begins to pace. It only lasts for three laps around her pile before she slips in the sand on her wet sandals and lands ass-first into the sand. Then came the tears.

Little did she know, that just on the other side of the rock formation the bright yellow lifeboat was clinging to... was someone else on the island; another survivor.


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Character Portrait: Lizzie Character Portrait: Lucas Bellinger
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#, as written by Jynxii
꧁ L I Z Z I E ꧂

Dialogue: #E4287C
Location: Eastside Beach
"Hello? Anyone here?"

The sound of someone else snapped her head up from where it had fallen onto her knees in despair. Red-rimmed eyes searched to the left first, seeing no one. The right, however, revealed the image of a shirtless guy.

Now normally, this could have prompted a number of different reactions from the ballerina, but in this moment, only one: relief.

"Hello?" It's tentative at first, afraid he might be a figment of her imagination. "Hello?!" Stronger now as she scrambles to her feet with the realization that he is, in fact, not in her head, but rather... stealing what was left of the life raft?!

In a tangle of usually graceful limbs, she struggles her way over toward him. "Oh, thank god, you found me! Are you with the search crew? What happened?" As she gets closer, she slows, realizing that his shirt was tied about his head, concealing what looked to be something bleeding. "Oh, fuck. Are you alright? Shit.... SHIT. You're not with the... fuck," she hisses, angry and frustrated all at once.

"L-Listen, um... where... where you on flight 298? Are.... is there anyone else?" There's a strained helplessness in her voice that begs for him to give her anything to cling to, any sort of information that might tell her something other than what her eyes were. She moves a little closer, attempting to look past him in hopes of seeing a beach full of other washed-up random people from the flight. To her dismay, beyond him was only more beach, and more washed up luggage. The disappointment is writ clearly over her face as her features fall.

It only lasts for a moment before she's clearing her throat and turning her gaze back onto him. "They probably washed up... somewhere further down the beach." Yeah... that was it. "Your head looks pretty bad... I pulled some luggage from the water, I... um... let me see if there's anything in there that could help." And without waiting for permission she's turning from him, with the determination of a person that needs to be busy in a time of crisis.



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Character Portrait: Lizzie Character Portrait: Lucas Bellinger
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#, as written by Jynxii
꧁ L I Z Z I E ꧂

Dialogue: #E4287C
Location: Eastside Beach
"Y-yeah...yeah...flight 298. That's what I was on." Lizzie stares at him for a moment, probably longer than she might normally have. Maybe it was taking her an extra moment or so to process things. Is this a dream?

The guy was still talking, but she only zones back in to hear the last bit of what he was saying. "other people on the other side of the you said." "Okay." Her mind was everywhere, but at the forefront was: stay busy. Don't go into shock. Don't completely lose your shit.

She is mid-search through the luggage when she comes across a cotton dress among the water-soaked items. It's dark red, but she can't tell if that's due to the water or if the dress is usually that color. She grabs the fabric in both hands and attempts to rip it in half, much akin to what she's seen in plenty of tv shows and films. The fabric goes taunt immediately and the force she expends nearly sends her falling over... but the fabric remains intact. You've got to be shitting me..

An exasperated sigh warns of the next response she has; which is to say, she flails the fabric around, pulling with her feet and tugging with her teeth in opposite directions in more desperate attempts to get the cotton to rip. Eventually she gives up with a low groan of annoyance.

Back into the bags she goes, digging for something... anything... that would be sharp enough to give her a start on the fabric so that she could use it to bandage the guy's head.


She turns around, looking over her shoulder. At first she doesn't see him, and when she does, she's cussing like a sailor under her breath and stumble-flailing from her seat in the sand toward him. "Fuck, fuck... shit... SHIT, please... Hey, man... Hey.." she attempts to drag his head up onto her lap so that his nose is away from the water. [color=#E4287C]"It only takes, like, a teaspoon or some shit to drown in, you know.. fuck.. Oh, god, please don't be dead.." She almost sobs as she struggles to get her arms beneath his underarms. If successful, she begins to try and tug him up the beach. It's slow, sloppy, and she sounds like a hog in heat with all her grunting and moaning in her attempts to drag his form along the sand and back up onto the dunes.

Only once she has drug him over to her little pile of wreckage does she lay him down, his head propped up against one of the washed-ashore bookbags. She hovers over him for a moment, making sure he's breathing, before she goes back to searching in the bags.

After ten minutes of searching through the bags..

Lizzie has wrapped Lucas' head in the blue dress- having given up on cutting it into strips. Instead, she's used a belt to secure the entire lumpy-thing to his head. She takes a moment longer to ensure he's still breathing and then she sets off into the treeline. The sun is a warm orange on the horizon, the first warning that night is approaching.

Night has set.

Lizzie comes from the treeline with a canteen strapped to her waist and several thick banana leaves drug behind her. She sets about pulling fallen bamboo poles together to lean them against one of the rocks that sit in the treeline just as the ground turns to sand. Once the poles are in place, she begins the tedious task of moving the luggage from the beach into the small lean-to she's made. Aside from Lucas and the backpack, the deflated, bright-yellow raft is the last thing she grabs. She drags it from the rocks to the lean-to and struggles for a good ten minutes to get the plastic over the bamboo poles. Just in time, it would seem, because no sooner does she get the raft situated than she hears a loud clap of thunder overhead.


She doesn't have time to get to Lucas before the rain starts coming down, and hard. By whatever strength she has left, she manages to drag his body under the lean, the backpack that was under his head now on her back. The lean is small, not even enough room to sit up in, so she has to drag his body across her own to get him under the make-shift roof. Lightening splits over the water, and seconds later another clap of thunder shakes the treeline. She curls up the lips of the deflated raft, using rocks to make a lip on the bottom so that the water from the rain could catch on the plastic. All shit she'd seen in movies, but never, in a million years, had she expected to have to use herself.

Another bolt of lightening and crack of thunder.

She scampers into the lean, shaking and trembling. It was freezing, between the rain and the wind from the beach. The lean provided shelter from the wind and rain from two sides. The third side was held up by the wall of luggage. Banana leaves would act as their blanket for the night, as Liz draped them over Lucas' legs, waist, and chest. She saves only two for herself, using them over her legs and chest. She falls asleep surprisingly fast, probably due to exhaustion.

At some point in the middle of the night, she rolls over toward Lucas and curls up into him- using his body heat for warmth. She doesn't seem to notice or care that each of them are covered in sand and smell of exhaustion and desperation.

When the sun rises in the morning, there's a few downed trees from the storm but otherwise the beach is unchanged. Birds have the nerve to chirp merrily in the tree-tops, as though all is right in the world. Lizzie is knocked out cold, in a dead sleep as she snores lightly on Lucas' chest, one leg draped over his waist, one arm wrapped over his chest.