I will not let my ancestor's memory be for not

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a character in “The Destined Fate Of Sudeki”, as played by Saikua


Name: Suzaki
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Cat Hybrid

Appearance: Has fairly tan skin with white strips all along her body. She is light weight for faster running. She is about 6 ft and weights just around 150 lbs (which is light for her height). Also has flaming orange hair that goes just past her shoulders.

Personality: She is very devoted to her ancestory. Suzaki tends to remain calm, even in trying times like these. She cares about others before herself which often time can backfire on her.

History: She was the first born of the clan leader of her race. As a child, she already was displaying many of the abilities that Mo, her ancestor, had when Mo was younger as well. It was decided at that time to not only teach her in the current forms of fighting, but to also teach the more ancient styles as well. It was discovered during the training, that Suzaki was in fact Mo, reborn into the clan at this time of great need.

Equipment: She tends to use her especially long claws for battle. Her tail as well can be used as a weapon in itself, making it more difficult to attack her from behind.

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Suzaki's Story