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Her past is no longer a mystery... All that's left to unfold is the future...

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a character in “The Destroyer's Tale”, as played by SarahGracie


Name: Ameriah Ryuu Amie to some

Race: Human

Sexual Preference: Straight

Location: Tip of the 'Triangle' - Port City of -insert name here-

Gender: Female

Former Titles: Thief, Assassin, Instructor on the Art of Deception at a Private Training Facility

Equipment: Two black bladed daggers that match symmetrically, the hilt appears to be a raven made of obsidian with sapphire eyes, these are found strapped to her waist on each side for easy accessibility, The daggers serve as her main weapons, but she also has an assortment of small throwing knifes, a small skinning/carving knife. She carries a shoulder bag where she keeps stocked in herbs, salves and some food for traveling, light toiletries, and a change of clothes. Amie is also carrying a considerable amount of money that she intends to stow soon. Also her trusty water-skin.


Age: 22
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 125 Lbs.
Body Type: Athletic yet Girlish
Extra: Emerald green eyes, long, golden, brown hair that is rarely tamed, tanned skin
Clothes: Snug black pants and long-sleeved shirt, also black in color that laces up the front, a dark, green vest is worn over it with a matching green belt with a holder for her daggers and various other things. Around her attire she has fixed a worn, black cloak. Complete with a hood, it shades her from the sun and can dually serve as a blanket and a night shield. Casual wear would be simple, brown, leather pants and a loose, white, cotton shirt with a thick, brown belt.


Ameriah’s personality tends to change with every passing town and person she speaks too. She has put up so many facades, it is hard to distinguish when her true personality is showing through. Two things can be certain, she is friendly and cheerful (as she finds you attract more bees with honey, not flies, who would want to attract those?) and she hates to stay still for too long or hear silence for long periods of time, thus she will usually be humming or signing to herself, speaking with her hands and/or pacing about. Amie can also be highly suspicious due to her past, but this is something she is working to overcome, or at least to hide it better.

When angry she gets severely catty and mouthy. Snide remarks may be a trademark here. Her feral upbringing tends to showcase it’s self when she feels backed into a corner. She found out later in life that her instant-reaction attitude is a trait inherited from her father.

Other than when she is in deep thought about something troubling or confusing, this is the only time she is actually quiet. Occasionally this mood is preceded by a display of anger and once that is out of her system she'll fall into a period of melancholy behavior, followed by faking happiness and keeping herself insanely distracted by whatever she can think of. Some could say she is the Queen-Of-Avoidance in these situations.


Ameriah's mother was brutally murdered in her seaside home when she was very young. Her father and brother, both sailors, who were at sea at the time, never returned for young Amie. She learned at a young age to fend for herself and settled in a city with a group of orphans who tended to be called the scum of the street. This pose did have it's advantages. Ameriah learned to be stealthy, quick whited and became a skilled thief.

Eventually, living on the streets was not enough for Ameriah. She set out to try to solve the mystery of her mother's murder and her father and brother's disappearance. Along this year long journey, she found herself in the middle of a war of sorts. The girl met a band of people aiming to overthrow the very organization she feared was responsible for her mother's death. Among this group was a red-eyed man who was a former assassin for the organization. Eventually, the group met their goal, however along the way Ameriah learned some dark secrets about her past, made lasting friendships and even fell hopelessly in love with a noble pirate.

She discovered that her father and brother were in fact members of a fearsome and brutal band of pirates, responsible for death and destruction all over the countryside. This of course was kept from her. The red-eyed assassin was found out to be her half brother by her father. The assassin had killed her entire family, though only their father and brother was of his own doings. It took Ameriah a while, but she found forgiveness in her heart and the two became as close as they could be, given their natures.

After the overthrow, Amie helped rebuild a army to prevent the organization from rising again. The girl also took on extensive training from the assassin, a mercenary and a warrior monk during that time. The new arm was now led by the noble pirate that she was in love with. His feelings were mutual, but felt his responsibility to the new army were more important that his own. Ameriah accepted this with a heavy heart and went with her brother, running assassination missions around the countryside. Eventually, her brother and herself decided to part ways.

Ameriah returned to the fortress of her love, only to find that the strain of being a leader changed him dramatically. He was no longer the man she fell in love with. She could not stay and no longer had the desire to teach the recruits, as she was not sure she had the same beliefs as before. Parting from her friends, she decided to take the money she'd earned over the years and go overseas.

Ameriah is now arriving on the continent of Caranon. The girl is unsure what she is aiming to find, but mostly she is craving a new adventure. Now that her past is no longer a mystery, all that is left to unfold is her future...

So begins...

Ameriah's Story