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Emi Yusa

"The peaceful world I'm fighting for is one where everyone has a smile on their face."

0 · 844 views · located in Japan ( human world )

a character in “The devil is a part timer?!”, as played by Specmarine


Name: Emi Yusa, Emilia Justina

In her human form, Emi has long magenta hair that extends all the way down her thighs, with two strands hanging in front. The strands on the right are weaved into a small braid, while one particularly long strand of hair protrudes from the top of her head, forming a curl that dangles above her face. She has yellowish green eyes. Her most common outfit she wears is the uniform she wears for work. Likewise her standard attire consists of a long-sleeved, white, collar shirt and a gray vest slightly open in the front to reveal the front of her shirt and the purple bow below her neckline. This attire is complete with a pair of high heels and a dark plaid skirt that cuts off a few inches above her knees, revealing the length of her legs.

During her time as the hero of Ente Isla, Emilia Justina wears decorative silver armor with a golden trim that covers her torso, shoulders, and backside. There is a tiny opening right below her collar, below which is a golden crest situated above her breastplate, the bottom half of the armor opening in the front to show her waist, revealing a ruffled black skirt with white frills and leggings. Her knees and lower legs are clad in metallic boots with a similar look to her body armor, with matching arm-guards protecting her lower arms and elbows. While utilizing her full power, Emilia's hair turns a shade of bright silver and her eyes change to an orange-red hue.

Personality: Overall, Emi is a strong-willed and determined hero, displaying many admirable qualities befitting of one in her position; among which are a pure heart, boundless courage, unwavering loyalty to those closest to her, and a deep-seated desire to protect the innocent. Some of her more noticeable qualities are her intelligence and a strong sense of responsibility. She is also quick to adapt to different surroundings.

Outside of battle, Emi displays a kind and caring personality and her desire to create a peaceful world may come off as idealistic and naïve. During battle however she is one to be feared. She also holds disgust to the church she once served under after finding out they were vying for power after the demon lord left.

Bio: Emilia Justina was born to her parents, an ordinary farmer named Nord Justina, and the archangel Lailah. Knowing she had committed a taboo by birthing a child to a human, her mother fled, leaving Emilia to be raised by her father on his farm located somewhere on the Western Continent. During Satan's conquest, the child lived a peaceful life with her father, Nord Justina. Despite fearing the day they would be accosted by the encroaching demon army, he assured her that their village would be protected by the Church, putting her mind at ease. Her life changed drastically one afternoon when representatives from the Ente Islan Church arrived at her home to train Emilia as the Hero who could free the world of the Demon King Satan. While the young child remained uncertain of her fate, the clergy went on to explain her responsibilities as the daughter of an angel. Her father confirmed this by telling Emilia of her mother's true nature, allowing her to be passed into the care of the Church. Although reluctant at first, her motivation was fueled when she received news of her father's apparent death when the Demon King's army laid waste to their fields only days after her departure.

During her crusade across Ente Isla, she fought alongside the Allied Knights Order in order to drive back the evil horde. Emilia defeated Lucifer in the West, freeing her home continent from the demon oppression. During her subsequent battles, she defeated the remaining three Demon Generals, taking out Adramelech in the North, forcing Alciel's retreat in the East, and slaying Malacoda in the South before proceeding to the central continent to confront the leader of the demons. With the help of Emeralda, Albert, and the High Priest Olba, she proceeded to storm the Demon King's stronghold, engaging the evil tyrant in a fierce battle in which they overwhelmed the dark ruler, eventually slicing off one of his horns. Angered by his defeat, Satan declared he would leave Ente Isla in the hands of the humans, vowing one day to return and conquer it for himself. Opening a magical vortex in the sky, he fled to another world alongside Alciel. Emilia pursued him through the portal in order to finish their battle.


Like the angels and many other followers of the Ente Islan Church, Emilia possesses a number of abilities that can be utilized through the manipulation of holy magic.

Barrier Creation: A simple spell that protects the target from harm, it can be used to block out magical energy and absorb physical blows.

Memory Manipulation: By touching the target's forehead, she can erase a person's memories.

Sleep Magic: By touching the target's forehead, she can make someone fall asleep.

Energy Projectiles: Emi can launch magical projectiles from range.

Flight:Emi is capable of flight using her Celestial Force.

Gate Creation: She can open gates between worlds using her magic, though due to the torrent of energies within, it requires the user to expend more power in order to navigate the interior of the vortex.

Her sacred sword, 'Better Half', is made from a heavenly metal. It can only be used by the offspring of a human and angel. Being crafted from a fragment of Yesod, a piece from the mythical Tree of Life, the blade possesses the ability to assimilate other fragments, thereby increasing its power. Previously held in the possession of the Church, 'Better Half' was given to her so that she could battle and defeat the Demon King as the Hero.

Swordsmanship: When taken by the Church of Ente Isla, Emilia started undergoing training so that she could wield the mighty blade. Her skill is such that she can use the sword to effortlessly parry and reflect magical blasts and bullets simply by shifting the position of her wrist.

Heavenly Flame Slash: Using her blade as a medium, Emilia can unleash a swarm of fiery daggers capable of injuring even the strongest of demons.

Heavenly Ice Dance: When clashing against an opposing force of energy, Better Half can produce a frosty atmosphere capable of freezing magic and blocking out its effects.

Her physical abilities consist of a rapid regeneration by tapping into her magical reserve, and acute reflexes. She is however still fragile.

Likes: Curry, Japaneese historical dramas, her friends, being the hero

Dislikes: Evil, Sadao Maou(the demon lord), the other demon generals, people commenting about her chest size

Other: Her transformation can be called upon anytime and is instantaneous but it depends on how much magic she has at her disposal.

So begins...

Emi Yusa's Story