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Rebecca Cruze

"Let's just have some fun and forget the world."

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a character in “The Devil You Know”, as played by Maci-Care


ImageRebecca Wilde Cruze

Nickname(s): Wild, Becca, or Tigger; which Lateefah started and it sort of caught on because of her bubbly personality.
Age: 22
Sexuality: Bisexual
Birthday: May 18th
Occupation: A personal secretary for the CEO of the Telereal Trillium property company.
Hexcode: #1464f4 /#736AFF xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxApologizexx||xx Good Old Daysxx ||xx Young, Wild, and Free

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Main: Rebeccase was out driving late at night after a break up with her at the time boyfriend, not fully level-headed, ran a stop sign and t-boned another car. The accident killed the couple on impact, paralyzed one child, and severely injuring another. She only got out of it because the driver had some alcohol in his system from dinner, and the authorities ruled it as drunk driving.
Minor: Has dated some people who were in relationships, a "homewrecker" or sorts.
Minor: Has a crush on Lee, but too scared to tell him, doesn't want to ruin the friendship

The City
The Color Blue
Public Transportation
Pop and Rap Music
Horror Movies
Slobs/Messy People
Long Hair (only on her though)
Driving at night
Country Music
Tight Spaces

Twirls/plays with her hair a lot
Always tries to sit in the back of vehicles, not driving
Chews on her bottom lip when nervous or embarrassed
Tends to call people hun, babe, darling, etc.
Very touchy with people that she knows
Open Water
Driving at night
Falling in love again

Wish I could turn back time, to the good ol’ days

Rebecca very much prides herself on her appearance, whether its time to be cute or professional. Ever since she moved to Europe she has kept her curly hair no longer than shoulder length, and dying it different colors as the seasons change. It is a light brunette with blonde lights. It is normally styled with a blown out look to the side with a slight wave. She stands at about 5”6 without any type of shoes on. Rebecca is usually seen wearing a t-shirt with any variety of design on it she gets from the mall, along with jeans or capris. She has a couple of tattoos around her body. She has an owl on her left rib cage, an infinity symbol on her right forearm, a rose on her left wrist, and a stardust tattoo she regrets getting on her right hip that is usually covered by her pants.
Rebecca is a very bubbly, flirty, and very much extroverted. Some people know her as the fun and wild friend. She doesn’t seem to get on the bad side of most people, and loves being a very caring friend. When at parties, she tends to do one of two things. Either stick with her friends and have a good time or find an attractive female or male individual to flirt and get to know, along with also have a good time. When with friends she seems to be very free-spirited and just want to have fun, sometimes doing dumb things on impulse, like her star tattoo. People knew she was very flirty and touchy, so they just accepted and went with it when she would get all snuggly with someone, with or without the influence of alcohol.
Even after the accident, Rebecca continued being her happy self, maybe even more than before. Going out with friends, making out with whoever she thought was attractive, and living life however she wanted. Or so it seemed on the outside. Deep down she was doing most of these things to cover up her guilt and try to forget about what she did and what happened.

Live free, die young

Rebecca had a fairly normal childhood growing up, always having many friends. Her father worked as a for a lawn firm, while her mother had her own bakery, so her life was pretty good, getting most things she asked for.

Through her teenage years, Rebecca started going out more and staying out later. Her parents didn’t care too much as long as she eventually came up and kept them updated, this gave Rebecca a lot of freedom. With her main group of friends, she was known as the wild and fun, she didn’t try to on purpose, she was just herself and liked to do crazy things, from jumping into pools from roofs to impulse tattoos.

One night after a fight and bad break up with her at time current boyfriend, Rebecca sped off down some side streets, going through multiple stop signs and swerving around pot holes. When she went to run another stop sign, she ended up t-boning another vehicle, killing two people, paralyzing a third, and seriously injuring the last person in the car. “Luckily” for her, the driver actually had a drink at the dinner him and his family were returning from, so the authorities said he was a drunk driver and everyone felt bad for Rebecca, thinking she was the victim. No one knew the truth, or so Rebecca thought.

Since the accident, Rebecca tried to only drive during the day, or just had her other friends drive around. After a couple months, she was one of the first to leave and disconnect from mostly everyone. She landed an interview in London as a receptionist and slowly climb up the work ladder until she got to be secretary to the big boss. Shortly after living here, she started her paperwork to become an English citizen, and even changing her middle name to Wilde as an reminder of the good times she had.

London helped her cope with her guilt and avoid her fears of driving with all the public transportation she had, and no one there knew about the accident she had.

So begins...

Rebecca Cruze's Story


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The doorbell rang as Lee made his way into the sitting room. She opened it to see what she presumed was Lincoln Cole walking away. She folded her arms and frowned a little. She was about to call him back when somebody appeared that wiped the frown off her face. Benji. His hug was greatly appreciated, and she buried her face in his shoulder briefly, inhaling deeply. A hug from him was so familiar, like home. "I'm... okay. I just need to be doing stuff right now. Which explains the dress. And the feast in the sitting room. And this... whole thing," she admitted with a smile. She looked up as Rebecca appeared, raising an eyebrow at her hair colour. But not in a bad way. It really suited her, more than she would have expected. "Come on in." She said, holding the door open. Then she looked back at Link's retreating form and rolled her eyes, stepping outside and walking towards him a little.

"Don't worry. It's not just going to be me and you. And I'll be nice, promise. I just... I want to talk about this. And I have food and alcohol, so if you're going to stay for something, can it be that?" She called, crossing her arms. "You can sit in the corner and just eat chicken wings if you want." She added. "It's cold out here, I'm going back in. I'm gonna leave the door open. If you're coming in, close it behind you. If not... just close it anyway." She added, before turning and heading back inside.

Lee had just started picking at the food Willow had left out, mostly focused on the generous glass of wine in front of him. He looked up at the sound of people at the door, nodding at Benji as he entered. Then Rebecca came in, and her reaction threw him off a little. Thinking about Rebecca made him feel guilty for some reason, and he didn't know why. There had been flashes of memories from the party, and he knew that something more had happened with Link than the other man had let on. But he couldn't remember anything about Rebecca. He looked over at her and smiled a little. She looked about as rough as he felt. "Hey. I like your hair," he said with a small smile.

Willow entered the sitting room, rubbing her arms a little. "Jesus, we all look a little rough. Is the wine okay or do you want something stronger? I have vodka and I think I have Coke? I think it's understandable given... yeah," she said with a shrug. Lee looked up. "Vodka sounds good. Coke optional," he said, and she raised an eyebrow. "Y'all are getting mixers whether you want them or not. Anyone else?"