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Jovanni Campanus

Beelzebub - Lord of the Flies

0 · 391 views · located in Hellmouth, California

a character in “The Devils Above”, as played by Juvenile-River


Human Alias: Jovanni Campanus

Human Appearance: A short and chubby Italian man, usually wearing a black dress suit, white button up shirt, a red tie, and gold rings on all of his fingers. He has brown eyes and short, curly hair.

True Appearance: Jovanni, or Beelzebub's, demonic form varies in appearance. Sometimes appearing as a giant humanoid with long, moth-like wings, ram-like horns, and a reptilian tail. However, he is most commonly seen in the form of a giant fly, as he can use this form even when sealed, after collecting enough power. In this form, his hide is thick, his compound eyes red, and he has a poisonous stinger on the end of his abdomen. In his early days as a god, he has appeared in his original angelic form, which was often mistaken for Lucifer's because of his brilliant light, but this form has not been seen for thousands of years now.

Personality: Jovanni, as the prince of overindulgence, Jovanni is gluttonous to the extreme. Those close to him attest that he always has food with him. His greed also reaches into his lust for power and riches. He sees people as a means to an end, and only respects those who are equal or greater in power to him. Often times, Satan and Lucifer are given credit for his work, which makes him very jealous of those other two members of their "Unholy Trinity."

Power: When sealed, Beelzebub can control large swarms of insects, and he has the ability to read one's desires and to strengthen those desires. His powers increase when the insects under his control feast on the bodies of the dead. With enough energy, he can morph his body into a swarm of flies, making it very difficult to harm him and very easy for him to escape. Or he can transform into a single giant fly, with a nearly impenetrable hide, acidic spit, and a poisonous stinger. He also has powers over fertility, both of land and women, although he rarely uses these powers now that he has given in to his demonic nature.

Origin: Like several of the demonic princes, Beelzebub was originally an angel. His power was over the balance of life and death. However, his greed led him to rebel against God, along with Lucifer. When he was cast from Heaven, he instead decided to grow his dominion over men. He was worshiped as a god under many names, including Ba'al, a god of fertility. Now that his worshipers have worn thin, he chooses to work as an agent of temptation, his aspect being the deadly sin of gluttony, greed, or overindulgence.

Although Beelzebub was originally an ally of Lucifer, his history with the Morning Star has been rocky to say the least. With Lucifer ruling as a god on earth, Beelzebub considered him to be competition, and has led rebellions against his rule. After many years, Lucifer squashed the rebellion, and Beelzebub was forced to swear allegiance to him. Since then, he has served Lucifer, watching patiently for the opportunity to attempt to overthrow him again.

So begins...

Jovanni Campanus's Story