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Mammon: Lord of Greed

0 · 261 views · located in Hellmouth, California

a character in “The Devils Above”, as played by ValaunDae'Voth


Human Alias: King

Human Appearance: King appears as rather well kept man of Germanic descent. His is rather tall, standing perhaps 6'2", 6'3", and has a toned, well kept phsyique. It would be obvious to anyone that spends more than a few seconds around him that his appearance is finely tuned and cared for in a meticulous and driven manor. His blond hair is trimmed around mid neck and he either wears it combed down, or gelled up, and has eyes of a more orange/hazel hue.

The clothes he wears are of the finest make and unspeakably expensive. Most of his wardrobe, especially his suits, could be sold to buy cars or houses, and his jewelry is evern more pricey. However, despite being sickeningly expensive, nothing is gaudy, nor in bad taste. King is a man of taste and would never sully his continuously perfected form with anything less than the best.

True Appearance: Mammon's true appearance is by far one of the least hideous of the dominions of Hell. His form is that of an incredibly large humanoid of montrous beauty. A burnished gold crown tops his head, and slowly orbiting above it is a corrupted halo of molten gold. From his shoulders sprout a pair of impressive wings that shimmer due to their alternating silver and gold feathers. The sheer weight seems to offer no impediment to his flight or grace.

Snakes extend from his arms, both of which are bound with bangles of precious metals and stones and his six fingered hands are adorned with rings of such worth and power as to make the funds of entire nations seem a pittance.

Personality: Mammon is perhaps the most well mannered of the princes. Which isn't to say he is a good creature by any standards, simply honest in his approach and infinitely patient. He learned eons ago the value of a patient demeanor and the advantage of letting plans work to fruition. When he makes bargains, he stacks the towards his own gain, and any contract signed is full of the typical fine print, but a deal struck is binding, and woe to the being that tries to cheat their way out.

Above all, he believes in the golden rule, whoever has the gold makes the rules, or at the very least influences, or ignores them altogether. He believes one should be independent and self-suffient, not accepting charity, or handouts, but instead building or taking what you can get. To this end, he has built himself up as, perhaps, the wealthiest being in Hell. Not simply material wealth, but favors, souls, and contracts as well.

As far as his peers, he has often liked having discussions with Lucifer, and devolving into word play with Satan. Asmodeous is certainly the prince he gets along with the most. Both have a taste for the finer things in life and take great pride in their possessions and appearances. Since the vacation has started, the pair have often enjoyed the company of the other and spent fortunes that would boggle the mind. He has always had a distant relationship towards Leviathan, seeing the spitefulness as an annoyance, though he does enjoy her protective qualities. Belphegor, being the creature he is, has always had a businesslike relationship with the Prince of Greed, Mammon buying his machines, and Belphegor enjoying the riches in return. The only one that Mammon truly dislikes, despises even, would be Beelzebub. He care little for his treacherous words and devious actions, and cares even less for his corpulent form. They might share a common vision of desire and indulgence, but where Mammon is the vain sophisticate, Beelzebub is the decadent lord.

Power: Mammon is as strong as any creature of his standing might be expected to be, and while being a formidable combatant, he prefers to have others do the fighting for him. His true power lies in his ability to harness the desires and wants of others. With little more than a though, he can turn a simple desire into a raging obsession and make saints into thieves. Though his powers are much weakened in his human state, he can still whisper such thoughts into the ears of those nearby. He also possesses, for lack of a better term, the Midas touch, but once more, his mortal form has restricted it to small areas, objects or creatures, nothing as grand as turning a hole person into a golden statue. Another strange thing someone might notice would be the fact that he seems to be able to carry far more on his person than should be possible, as if his pockets were deeper, bags held more, or space simply stretched within his vest.

His favorite ability however, is the power to demand his ownership of something, or someone. It does not matter if it was his to begin with, he can simply tell someone that the object of his desire belongs to him, and the previous owner believes him. This was flawless in his true form, with only his peers being highly resistant to it. Now, in their mutually weakened state, he is unsure how well it would work on them, though it still works well enough on mortals.

Origin: Mammon was a simple Watcher when man came into being, and in that moment, true greed was born. He witnessed the things that the Creator brought into being and desired them for himself, but he was content to simply observe them, for at the time he knew not what the desires he felt entailed. As the eons passed and the angels fell, or worse, Mammon was one of those cast out, but rather than try to set himself up as a god, as many did, or face imprisonment, he found a much more efficient way of detracting the mortals from the creator. He introduced the feelings that welled within his own mind, whispering his ravenously greedy words into their hearts and watched as everything took its course.

Other: The inception of Scientology, and keeping of tithes in most churches are some of his favored accomplishments.

So begins...

King's Story