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Loralei Smith


0 · 436 views · located in Hellmouth, California

a character in “The Devils Above”, as played by Griese Lightning


Human Alias: She wanted to be called Lev I. Athan, but was told that was just GIVING people her identity.

So to spite everyone, she changed to: Loralei Evelyn Victoria Iridessa Abalone Theresa Henrietta Allison Normandy Talia Hope Elizabeth Danielle Esther Maria Olive Nelly Penelope Rain Inien Nadine Calliope Eleanora Susan Ultreia Cassidy Kathleen Ivy Trina Natalia Eden Rachel Denise Smith.

And yes, her initials all spell "Leviathan the Demon Prince, Suck It Nerds".

She just goes by Lora.

Human Appearance: Leviathan is fairly tall, curvaceous, and lean. She dresses rather formally, liking the feeling of skirts and dress shirts. Her long, orange hair is usually tied over her shoulder with a black ribbon, or is swept into a braid. Leviathan's eyes are a very dark green, and her skin rather fair. She tends to wear a light lipstick and eyeshadow at all times, believing them to make her look more sophisticated.

True Appearance: A long, blue-green serpent, with twelve draconic wings and thirty legs. She's about sixty miles long in this form, with a sharp maw and long talons that could cleave a human in half with a single swipe. Spikes sit along her spine, and her tail stretches an extra five miles just because. It's theorized that even coiled up, it would take an ocean to conceal her.

Personality: First and foremost, Leviathan is spiteful and petty. True to her sin, she gets jealous very easily, and often pulls stupid pranks just to try and get back at whoever "wronged" her, be it by holding open a door for her without her permission or telling her she looks tired without her makeup on. At her core, though, Leviathan is also loyal, and would stick by her fellow princes to the bitter, bitter end. She's EXTREMELY protective of all of them, and operates under the idea of "I'm the only person allowed to make fun of them, beat them up, call them mean names, or generally be a b*tch to them!" She can become affectionate to her fellows and LOVES praise, becoming bashful and nervous when she receives a genuine compliment. Leviathan also loves anything beautiful, and is always trying to make herself prettier or catch the prettiest guy to be her boyfriend of the week or whatever. She's basically just a jerk to everyone, but if anyone else is a jerk to her babies she'll freaking cut you. As in, she'll completely lose all semblance of sanity and just try and kill whoever dared to tell Satan her shirt was ugly or whatever the heck else this poor soul did.

Power: Leviathan's main powers are over water. She can manipulate and control oceans, lakes, even the rain. Her control over this is vastly limited in her sealed form, however, the best she can do now being small orbs of water or slight droplets of rain. In her unsealed form, she could whip up a seastorm in seconds. Leviathan is also capable of secreting poisons from her spikes and her skin when unsealed, but in her sealed form she can only use any poisons she could make from materials found in the woods or a chemical lab. Lastly, Leviathan has very, very slight mind reading and telepathy. She is unable to use this to manipulate anyone's thoughts, but she can use it for basic communication purposes.

Origin: Leviathan has been hanging out with the other demon princes as long as she can remember. Even up in Heaven, she preferred following Lucifer around and doting over her bffs to going out and hanging out with the angels, who were too stuffy for her. Her slightly rebellious nature got her a few enemies, and no one was surprised when she sided with the demons and was cast out of Heaven into the depths of Hell. She spent most of her time there being really bored.

Other: She loves baking and has a MASSIVE sweet tooth. The quickest way to get her to forgive you or buy her friendship is by giving her a bunch of sweets.

So begins...

Loralei Smith's Story