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The devil's children

The devil's children


The devil's children and seven angles are sent to earth. The strange thing is they don't remember who they are.

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The seven children of the devil are sent to earth for committing some terrible crime in the underworld or as others know it Hell.
Seven angels were also sent from heaven to earth to try and help the devil's children correct their mistakes.
Yet none of them remember who they are. The seven children stand for the seven deadly sins.

There are also demons and hunters. The demons try to protect the children without them being found out. The hunters hunt demons and things they think are evil down.

The Devils Children
The devils children are like demons only with six different forms. Their true form is like a demon. They have a human form also.
They have a form for each element. Earth is usually a feline or canine animal. Water a fish. Air a bird and fire a dragon or anything else related to fire. It takes years to master one element but once they have mastered it they can change at will. demon forms come naturally. In demon form they need human blood to turn back. In human form their sins get flipped. So say pride. It would then be that they don't feel any pride at all.
Male child 1
Male child 2
Male child 3
Male child 4
Female child taken by Iezobel
Female child 2reserved
Female child 3reserved

Angels are just like you would think. They have two forms. Their human form and angel form. In their angel form they have white wings their feathers tipped with blue and a glowing halo.
Male angel 1
Male angel 2
Male angel 3
Female angel 1 reserved
Female angel 2
Female angel 3
Female angel 4

Demons look like they did before they died but have modifications. Such as a tail, horns, change in skin colour etc.
Male demon 1
Male demon 2
Male demon 3
Female demon 1
Female demon 2
Female demon 3

Hunters are stronger than most humans. They hunt demons and train their children to hunt them to. They are stronger, faster and swifter. They have to be in the blood line to be a hunter.
Male hunter 1 reserved
Male hunter 2
Male hunter 3
Female hunter 1
Female hunter 2
Female hunter 3

Reservations will only last for 48 hours
If you have any questions occ

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#, as written by Iezobel
She ran through the dark wet streets. Tears stung her eyes. She kept running. Eventually she was to tired and cold to run any further and slumped down in an alley. Hiding amongst crates and bins. Why were they doing this to her. She remembered waking up, covered in blood though not hers. Then they came. They tried to kill her. She ran. For hours and hours. Now she was here. She knew that they would find her again. This time they would kill her. She shivered. It was cold and wet. Sighing she curled up. Who was she? Where did she come from? What was she? Tears ran down her face. Why did they want to do this to her. She knew eventually they would kill her. She sobbed quietly. There was no way to escape.

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Character Portrait: Sora Kasumi


Character Portrait: Sora Kasumi
Sora Kasumi

"How can I be the daughter of the devil?"


Character Portrait: Sora Kasumi
Sora Kasumi

"How can I be the daughter of the devil?"

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Sora Kasumi
Sora Kasumi

"How can I be the daughter of the devil?"

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Re: The devil's children

But if they don't know that they're angels or that the devil's children are the devil's children, how would they know to be scared of something that isn't there at all?

Re: The devil's children

Well the angels are kinda scared of what will happen when they find their true forms.

Re: The devil's children

Would them being the complete opposite not defeat the point of the angels trying to help them change?

Re: The devil's children

Oh yes and the children of the devil stand for the seven deadly sins when you submit a character the deadly sin that your character has will be taken no one else can have that sin. But they ar flipped in human form like wrath will be flipped so that person is always calm and positive and hardly ever angry.

Wrath taken

Re: The devil's children

@Wolflover-Yeah it doesn't have robe an animal it an be your own creation as long as it is linked to that element. It could be like a fire cat or wolf or something.
And yeah sure but the pet would have to be able to talk.

@every one- sure ill reserve you spots. I can't wait to get this RP going!

Re: The devil's children

Can I get a hunter slot? :DD

Re: The devil's children

Could I reserve the youngest female angel, please? I will work on a form.

Re: The devil's children

Could I reserve Devil's child (Female) three, please?

Re: The devil's children

can i please rezerve female demon child 2? And i have a few questions..

Is it an animal form? Like could they be a dragon or something like that?
Insetead of being a demon, could you be a demons pet? Like a mutant wolf, or something like that?
It seems really interesting! So if i could, can i please reserve a female demon child 2? And if it is possible, a pet.

The devil's children

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