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Sora Kasumi

"How can I be the daughter of the devil?"

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a character in “The devil's children”, as played by Iezobel


Age appearance:17
Race:Devils daughter
Sora is tall and has bright red hair. Her eyes are normally bright blue. Her hair flows straight down to her waist. Her skin Is extremely pale and smooth. She normally wears jeans and a t-shirt with a hoodie usually designer. She wears black or navy converse.

Demon: when she is in demon from her hair turns jet black. She grows white horns tipped in red and black bat like wings. She also grows a black tail like the devils.
In her demon form she wears black leather trousers and a jacket.


Sora is kind and funny tho she is incredibly shy. She has a cool temper being calm and peaceful. She doesn't talk much and she never insults people. She is really smart. It takes some one to make her really angry to become her true form.
In her true form she is the total opposite of calm. She can lose her temper quickly and when she does it doesn't end well. She isn't shy.


Shadow katana that materialises then she wants it to. It only does in demon form.
In demon form she can sort of self destruct only with out blowing her self up. She throws negative energy and creates a bomb. She can also control the shadows like the other children.

So begins...

Sora Kasumi's Story


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Character Portrait: Sora Kasumi
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#, as written by Iezobel
She ran through the dark wet streets. Tears stung her eyes. She kept running. Eventually she was to tired and cold to run any further and slumped down in an alley. Hiding amongst crates and bins. Why were they doing this to her. She remembered waking up, covered in blood though not hers. Then they came. They tried to kill her. She ran. For hours and hours. Now she was here. She knew that they would find her again. This time they would kill her. She shivered. It was cold and wet. Sighing she curled up. Who was she? Where did she come from? What was she? Tears ran down her face. Why did they want to do this to her. She knew eventually they would kill her. She sobbed quietly. There was no way to escape.