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The Devil's Due

The Devil's Due


We all have parts of our pasts we try to keep hidden, but what happens when your past is a lot darker then you'd like to admit? {MORE INFO INSIDE}

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"Hell is empty and the devil's are all here" - William Shakespeare

Things are rarely as they seem in this world. Lies and half truths blanket most everything these days and sometimes, these fallacies are for the best. There are always things that people cannot cope with. So, these things are written off as lies or in more horrid cases, stories. Tales of monsters that swallow children whole and demons that seek to burn everything around them for the fun of it. But, as the saying goes, every lie holds a little truth to it.

In this world, the creatures that we associate with folklore and legend are very much real. Some have existed since the beginning of recorded history while others are a more recent development. These concerns are far away from the minds of those who live in the Bailey House, however. They are all content with the lives they have made for themselves and have no reason to believe anything out of the ordinary would ever come there way. But what will happen when the truth starts to drip from the cracks in the lies they have made to protect themselves? How will they handle each others secrets and more importantly, is there something bigger going on that threatens not only their relationships, but their very lives as well?


Hell, despite popular opinion, isn't the home to demons who only exist to punish the souls of the wicked.
Hell, also known as the Eternal Flame, is the place where the souls of the wicked go upon death.
Their punishment is to see their sins reflected in the very flames that burn them alive over
and over for eternity. The demons who sometimes inhabit this place are not native to it as
all demons were once some other form of spirit that were burned by the flames.

While no one actually claims ownership/kingship over Hell and it’s demons, there are some
who believe that Lucifer compels them to commit evil acts on Earth and so they do so in his
name. These demons are seen as fanatical by others of their kind who usually chase their
own desires on Earth, whatever they may be. Some demons even choose to become human
and live a relatively normal life. Regardless of belief, every demon knows the
rules of walking on Earth:
  • While on Earth, a demon looks completely human.
  • They carry with them a Source, a small object that is the source of their demonic powers on
    Earth. If this Source is removed from the demon’s possession, he will begin to lose power and
    eventually become a full-fledged human.
  • Demons vary in abilities, but all demons have a weakness towards iron.
  • If a human holds onto a demon’s source for long enough, they will begin to have control over
    that human and eventually, can possess that human’s body, although the human does gain some
    if not all of that demon's abilities.


Heaven is the land of the righteous dead and the home of
all angels. Unlike demons, angels were created by God to serve as a guiding hand for
humans when needed.
  • Like demons, angels also have a human form as well as a source of their power
    on the Earthly plane.
  • While angels do not have the weakness to iron that demons have, they also are
    rendered human without their source and cannot control a human who has their


Demons and sometimes angels were the ones who first taught humanity of the ways
of magic and sorcery. These magics draw power from various sources, leading to
a large variety of schools and methods out there for casting spells and the like.

One outcome that neither side saw was the creation of the Others, a broad term for
magically infused creatures born unnaturally. These creatures are where most of
the tales of werewolves, vampires, and other such monsters of legend come from.



Crocell aka Carter Christensen/A bounty hunter of sorts who was on the trail of something big when Jenna captured him/Has survived off eating rats and is slowly losing his mind without his source/Can feel that Martha has his source (a ruby ring) and is talking to her through it/Taken by GreenPegg


Furfur aka Jenna Powell/Captured Connor out of fear of him working for Lucifer fanatics six months ago and took his source/Voluntarily hid her own source to become human/The owner of the Bailey House/Open


Richard Wells/Has been dating Jenna since he moved in five months ago/Is aware that Jenna is hiding something from him/Open


Martha Donelly/Moved in with Richard and Jenna a month ago/Found Connor’s ring and has worn it around her neck for a short time/Is starting to hear voices in her head telling her to investigate the basement/Open



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[center][]CHARACTER NAME[/url]
[img]IMAGE or GIF[/img]
[font=times new roman][size=120][i] “quote that represents your character here”[/i][/size][/font][/center][hr][/hr]
[left][img] IMAGE or GIF [/img]
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[center][font=centaur][size=110][color=#character color] |Name|[/color][/size][/font]
[font=centaur][size=110][color=#character color] |Nickname|[/color][/size][/font]
[font=centaur][size=110][color=#character color] |Age|[/color][/size]
If applicable, put both age they appear and actual age[/font]
[font=centaur][size=110][color=#character color] |Race|[/color][/size][/font]
[font=centaur][size=110][color=#character color] |Sexual Orientation|[/color][/size][/font][/center][hr][/hr]
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[font=centaur][size=110][color=#character color] |Abilities/Skills|[/color][/size][/font]
The abilities of your race, profession, or maybe just talent you have naturally.  All of those go here.  If magical, message me if you have questions.
[font=centaur][size=110][color=#character color] |Likes|[/color][/size][/font]
[font=centaur][size=110][color=#character color] |Dislikes|[/color][/size][/font]
[font=centaur][size=110][color=#character color] |Fears/Secrets|[/color][/size][/font][/center][hr][/hr]
[center][img] IMAGE or GIF [/img][/center]
[center] [font=centaur][size=110][color=#character color] |Personality|[/color][/size]
Who is your character?  How do they act?  What do they feel?  Two to three paragraphs about their personality[/font][/center][hr][/hr]
[right][img] IMAGE or GIF [/img]
[img] IMAGE or GIF [/img]
[img] IMAGE or GIF [/img][/right]
[center] [font=centaur][size=110][color=#character color] |History|[/color][/size]
How did your character become the person they are now?  How did they get to this point in time?  I'm not gonna put a maximum amount, but at least two to three paragraphs[/font]

  • Follow the sites rules such as no trolling, spamming, cybering, and other such things.
  • If you have a character in mind that you want to play, either message me through OOC or through PM. The same goes for changing an existing character's FC. Although I really like my choices, if it annoys you a bunch and you have an option I agree, then that's fine too.
  • Character reservations can be made in OOC and last 48 hours. A reservation does not guarantee you the role and just because a role is reserved doesn't mean others can't still apply. To reserve a character make sure you have the password in your post. The password is what is your favorite monster from folklore or legend?
  • Posts I'd prefer to be around 200 words minimum, but preferably 300. I do understand that the creative process is sometimes hectic and fickle, however it's always quality before quantity. I just really don't want any one liners.
  • If you are going to be unable to post or even offline for more than a day or two, please let me or the group know through PM or an OOC post.
  • This IS an ADULT roleplay, so drugs, sex, violence, and other such adult content may come up. If these things are triggering or are disliked by you, this may not be the roleplay for you.
  • Keep the drama IC not OC.
  • Don't just interact with one character. Even if two characters hate each other, there can always be something gained from a conversation.
  • You know, have fun :)

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