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0 · 340 views · located in Erona, a village at the base of the Forest.

a character in “The Devil's Kidnapped Bride”, as played by Ever


โŒˆ"Welcome to the story that is my life, my past. No, it isn't anywhere near being close to the ideal fairy tale...but I'm happy enough as it is. Plus, I never was the 'princess' type, anyhow."โŒ‹


RWBY || Red Like Roses
Florence + The Machine || Breathe of Life
Imagine Dragons || Ready, Aim, Fire
Linked Horizon || Guren no Yumiya (fandub)
Emily Browning || Sweet Dreams
Gary Jules || Mad World


โŒˆ"On broken wings, one learns to soar high above the clouds, unafraid of falling. We surpass that fear once we reach a height that, even we, cannot deny gives us euphoria."โŒ‹

Anya || Actually a nickname, this tomboy prefers such over the more feminine alternate "Anyaliese".
Aya or Yaya || More of terms of endearment, the younger children of the village have taken to referring to Anya as these.




Kidnapped Maiden, Bride-to-be.

โŒˆFace Claim:โŒ‹
Felicita || Arcana Familiga


โŒˆ'Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who is the Fairest of them all?' That is how the old saying goes, correct? But what happens when that mirror can no longer disguise your ugliness and shatters?"โŒ‹

ImageโŒˆHair ColorโŒ‹
A brilliant scarlet that, depending on the light available, can glow crimson or deep auburn.

โŒˆEye ColorโŒ‹
A dazzling light emerald green with a darker jade coloration around her pupils.

โŒˆSkin ToneโŒ‹
A luminous ivory with undertones of rose and milk.


94 lbs

โŒˆPhysical DescriptionโŒ‹
Noted to be a beauty that could rival, and surpass, that of any known deity, Anya boasts an appearance that could be both described as seductive and innocent. Standing at the petite height of 5โ€™1โ€™โ€™ with a weight of a mere 94 pounds, this particular girl has been naturally molded to possess a physique carved like a perfect hourglass.. something of which women have spent decades trying to achieve. Without a single qualm occupying her attention concerning varying fashions and if they would suit her body type or gaining excessive weight, it's noticeable right off the bat that Anya is continuously confident through the regality she dispels. And, much like a lioness, it's not hard to see why deserves every ounce of that prideful poise. With her nipped waist, soft curves, well-endowed bust and delicately crafted digits, one can always count on this young woman to turn heads...even if she wishes for the opposite.

Moving onto her hair, yet another selling point of her being, Anya has been blessed with a gift. Generous amounts of cashmere reminiscent hair that, when caught in the rays of the sun, illuminates with a brilliant golden scarlet tint, cascades and frames her silhouette perfectly...thats when she chooses to leave it loose, that is. Typically, and almost shamefully, the lazy girl will fasten her waterfall up into two high pigtails due to the wispy strands refusing to cooperate (and also due to the fact she's quite sluggish when it comes to following stylish trends.. hair isn't the most important issue, after all). Though, like described earlier, when the low-back reaching tendrils are set loose, they will have a slight, almost non-existent, wave to them... just enough to frame her face picturesquely and to radiate the impression of her ethereal beauty belonging to that of a china doll. On the note of her bangs, seeing as she has little patience to deal with a longer length, they have been cut in such a way that the longest part (the middle strand) barely brushes past her eyebrows.

Now then, the other qualities are stunning and all but the major factor that sets this particular girl from the crowd are her eyes. In her opinion, as well as her friend's and stranger's, the brightly-colored pair are her best and most alluring trait. Why? It's all simply due to the breathtaking contrast they provide with the rest of her appearance. Almost constantly, the orbs seem to flux in their varying shades of green and yellows, even darkening with her mood swings.


โŒˆ"Can I clear my conscious if I'm different from the rest? Or am I to continue living in guilt for being who I am and not like the others?"โŒ‹

โŒˆPotential InterestโŒ‹
N/A at the moment.

    โœฆ Swordsmanship || From an actual melee to throwing knives, Anya is highly practiced in the area of swordsmanship. Being brought up by a single father, it was an essential that she learned a form of self-defense..and, considering her stature, any exertion of physical strength was considered next to impossible.

    โœฆ Agility || Going hand in hand with her swordsmanship skill, Anya's body was put under intense training to become far more nimble and flexible than most of the other hunters in the village. From mind-boggling contortions to impossible tree-top leaping to even head-reaching kicks, Anya can be both an admirable ally and opponent.

    โœฆ Songstress || Perhaps the only embodiment of femininity this girl possesses, Anyaliese, shockingly, can sing like a songbird. Dubbed to have the most alluring and beautiful vocals since childhood, most villagers will claim it a shame that she rarely partakes in this trade anymore.


โŒˆ"I was once asked, "How can anybody live in a world that is so cruel?". It puzzled me, confused me. After all, how could I respond when the question held truth? A world that is constantly demanding to know why you exist, constantly making you lose control to your fears, should be unbearable. But then the answer finally became clear; "Because, on the flip side of it's cruelty, there exists beauty".โŒ‹

Samples of Fel's ranges:

    โ– First Thought || Whatever pops into Anya's mind,at the current moment, no matter how idiotic or harsh it is, she instantly speaks the thought. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter the person or their position they hold, no one is spared from her silver-laced tongue.
    โ– Right Twitching Eyebrow || When annoyed or offended, Anya's right eyebrow will give a small twitch to declare such aggravation outwards. Of course, soon following the motion, a punch or a swift kick delivered to the knee may be nearing after that tell-tale sign, so beware. (Very rarely will an embarrassed blush accompany the expression).
    โ– Scrutinizing Stare || Unnerving to most, when Anya is first introduced to someone, she will often send them an emotionless stare. Of course, this doesn't mean she is daft or anything akin to the trait..she is just sizing you up, analyzing your every move and action...determining your guts, that sort of thing.

    โ™ฅ Freedom || To Anya, almost nothing is better than being in control of what she wants to do, where she wants to go at that moment.. and trust me, she'll fight tooth and nail to get this leisure back if someone steals it.
    โ™ฅ Cloudy or Rainy days || Sun and pale skin never mix well.. especially so when that said-person has light sensitive eyes.
    โ™ฅ Being Viewed as One of the 'Guys' || Despite her looks, Anya enjoys pretty much nothing more than being viewed as an individual of the male gender. Loving to be equal as them and as rough, it's part of the reason why she took up being a hunter.
    โ™ฅ Training || It's one of the many ways that Anya chooses to calm herself down. Be it through physical exertion or mental exhaustion, as long as she keeps herself busy, everything will be fine.

    โœ˜ Being Tied Down || Continually struck with wanderlust, Anya is opposed and defensive when the idea of having to settle down comes up. Instant refusal is what the inquirer receives, a "Why would I ever get married?" typically being the closing rhetorical question.
    โœ˜ Sunny Days || As much as she adores nature, the sun is her worst enemy. Sunburns and fainting spells, an Anya exposed to the sun for more than an hour without a chance to hide in shade spells disaster.
    โœ˜ Being Viewed as a "Girl" || Seeing as how much she likes being part of the guys, this is the biggest insult possible to Anya. And, to only add to her aggravation, lately more and more of the males in the village have been taking an unwelcome romantic interest in her. In fact, being reminded of the fact she is a female is the most horrific thing a person could do to her.
    โœ˜ The Dokkalfar || This should be pretty self-explanatory.. they kidnap young maidens and terrorize the villagers. That is enough to get on Anya's detest list.

    โœช Fearless || A rare trait for humans to possess, Anya is, seemingly, without fear. Without a shred of hesitation, she will plunge herself into the nightmares of others and into the abyss to save others.
    โœช Mentally Sound || Thanks to her way with words, Anya is mentally unshakable. Other's words and insults rarely ever get to her, a mental barrier always up to filter out the negativity from such attacks.
    โœช Reckless || Both a curse and blessing, especially paired with her fearlessness, Anya isn't one to ponder and weigh the consequences first.

    โŒ˜ Sheer Strength || In terms of brute and unbridled force, Anya deserves an F.. minus.
    โŒ˜ Compliance || Disobedient, at times, is a mild word for her behavior towards certain demands and orders. 'Stubborn as a mule' was pretty much invented for her.
    โŒ˜ Independence || Wanting to be free and on her own, she isn't the easiest person to work with nor does she understand how to ask for help.


โŒˆ"In order to accept others and to protect them, one has to welcome their own flaws with open arms and to confront their own fears."โŒ‹

| Imaginative | Quiet | Polite | Curious | Calm | Stubborn | Charming | Opinionated | Clever | Sensitive | Determined |

Anyaliese's very existence is driven and founded upon one single attribute; her endless curiosity and inquisitiveness. Without that piece of the puzzle, the remaining portions of her personality seemingly wouldn't fit. The most notable trait that many observe the second they meet her is this; she possesses a tedious habit of asking far too many questions, some of which she even knows the answer to. And, as such, it is at this point one begins to make parallels between her namesake and her being, the first pillar of who she is. Ingrained to be a curious explorer by nature, Anya is constantly all over her environment, in every nook and cranny, seeking out new information about her fact, it's almost rare to see her still (and when she is, it's either due to her body's reaction to the activity or due to the fact she was just reprimanded). Her state of conscious, creative and free, will often exert her frail body to spring to action, to create, and to learn even more...a habit she has had since a she was a child.

When described to others, most would expect this girl to be hyper and random, partially due to the nickname of "Yaya"... but, in all reality, Anya is surprisingly quite mellow (at times), laid-back and down-to-earth. A mind-rattling mixture of introversion and extroversion, if you will; not fully hesitating to talk to her peers but not leaping at the chance to, being social yet also portioning the time to be alone. As many often say about a first meeting with Anya, this girl dispels an air of regality, a true image of a lady... however, on the other hand, those closest to her will have the exact opposite opinion; that polite charm and elegance is exchanged with an adventure-seeking, imaginative and freedom-craving personality.

Another important pillar that should be noted is this; creative and very much inclined to escape reality, Anya, often times, has her head in the clouds. Due to this, this hunter has become exceedingly sensitive towards others, her understanding of their actions and train of thoughts almost too insightful. Anya often contemplates and ponders about the lives of herself and others, the choices each person has made and what has gotten them to a single point in their lives...of course, this isn't always necessarily the best thing to do. Unfortunately, because of her analytical side clashing with her childish persona, she has been known to become engulfed in senseless emotions, forgetting all about any shred of reality and her boundaries with others.

Anya does possess a wicked temper, something of which her victims and those who have fallen pray to her fits will attest to, will even spew words many would never dream of this positively-tempered girl saying. As such, in compensation for her dark side, this hunter is known for attempting the best she can to aid others, striving to attain a truly positive life. Some might even go as to claim that she is innocent and pure... but she refuses to believe it. In fact, despite the knowledge she possesses, Anya is often clueless and unaware about the positive effect she can have on others.

On a side note, Anya has actually been nicknamed the "Heartless Angel" by the residents of her village. Even though pursued after by many species of the male gender, Anyaliese has never once even so much as glanced at them for a second look. For her, it's a waste of time to think about things such as "love" or "relationships", the root cause for that waste: men. Ever since she turned 13 and started blossoming into the young woman she is today, males have tried to earn her romantic attention but to no avail. To girls: Anya is a heart breaker, To guys: while she may look like an Angel, there isn't a trace of a heart, and to the villagers: It will be on the same day that Anya falls in love that Hell will freeze solid.


โŒˆ"They say the past could never hurt, that'll you forget it if you stand outside your virtue. They are all bloody liars."โŒ‹

Odette was born into a picture-perfect, 4 member family. With a stern yet gentle fatherly figure, a chastising mother who held the highest form of love possible, a protective elder brother with a 'best friend' mentality towards the youngest sibling and a giggling toddler with an insatiable curiosity, the jewel of the family, the Trinyxs were considered to be highly blessed. In fact, any hardship raining down on this household was unheard of, not even a simple cold striking a single member. However, that untouchability and good fortune was fast approaching an end.

It was Odette's 5th Christmas, the snow laid heavily upon the Earth's surface..even the Forest looked breathtakingly beautiful in white. The Trinyxs had just finished adorning their pine tree with stitched ornaments from scraps of cloth and had lit the lanterns. It was a beautiful sight, one of the most memorable for Odette. Figurines of reindeer and bears carved from bleached chunks of wood were tucked away and lined atop the fireplace's mantel, the softly warm glow from the scattered candles dancing across the knitted quilts and 'dolls' strewn across the floor from that evening's festivities, the spicy scent of pine providing a sense of absolute comfort.. the way Christmas should be. In fact, Odette had loved the decorations and room so much that, when the other members of the 4-person family were fast asleep, she snuck from her bed to slip downstairs. For an odd reason, the little girl felt compelled to peer out the window, a tugging sense warning her something was out there. The Trinyx's house was actually on the outskirts of the village, a clear view of the forest was provided at all times.. perhaps if they were tucked further towards the center, like most of the villagers, then little Odette wouldn't have screamed. There, on the very edges of the forest, was a man unlike any she had ever seen. Rather tall and lean, he had a mysterious air to him, different than the other villagers with a curtain of ground-reaching black hair, protruding feathered wings and horns..everything about him was black save for his complexion. The way he stuck out against the white landscape was breath-takingly mesmerizing.. so much that Odette found herself going into a daze. Completely ignoring the 'Don't stare, it's impolite rule', the 5 year old kept her attention glued to the man...that is, until his orbs met her own, an unobtainable midnight clashing with dazzling emerald.

Shaken, Odette let out an ear-piercing scream of startlement, her body going into a natural reaction of withdrawal from the window. Of course, as toddlers most often are, Fel was completely unaware of her surroundings and stumbled backwards into the flickering candle. In a matter of seconds, flames grew as the handmade decorations served as their fuel, engulfing the entirety of the room. Her father. jolted awake by his daughter's screams, rushed downstairs to the scene from Hell. Yelling for Odette to stay where she was, Mr. Trinyx flew down the staircase to reach his daughter, desperate to get to her before the fire did. At this point, confusing terror was tangible in the air as the frantic screams from the village and Trinyx family filled the night, brilliant flames encasing the once respectably built dwelling. At this point, the last thing Odette clearly remembers is the pine tree set aflame before crashing down atop her, the searing pain causing her to blackout.

When the little girl came to, she was laying face up in the snow, the sting numbing the burnt flesh on her back. That was the first thing she remembered..the next was the blood-chilling wails of grief coming from her father. And, as she remained motionless in the snow with eyes glued onto the collapsing structure, Odette already knew the answer to the question "Where's mom and big brother?".

As the years passed, Odette knew several things to be true: 1. She was the cause of her mother's and brother's death. 2. She could never utter the words to tell people what she saw in the woods that night. 3. Her father had mixed feelings for her. Thankfully, 3 was the one she chose to focus on. Her father, being an excellent hunter himself, was someone Odette had always admired.. but even more so at 7 years old. Despite the obvious yearning he had for a son, Mr. Trinyx still displayed the utmost love towards his little songstress of a daughter..even if she was starting to look more and more like his deceased wife everyday. Though Odette wasn't daft, she knew of her father's emptiness. So, taking it upon herself, she slowly began to transform from 'daddy's little girl' to 'daddy's little tomboy', throwing away her feminine name to be replaced with 'Fel' and separating herself from the female gender.

โŒˆ"In order to survive this world, one has to keep their secrets under lock and key.. because, in your heart, you know that in a society based off beauty, they are a blemish, a flaw, an eyesore, that can never be erased"โŒ‹

So begins...

Anya's Story