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The Devil's Pheromone

The Devil's Pheromone


"Be careful what you wish for...."

955 readers have visited The Devil's Pheromone since shmband created it.


OKAAAY Total re-work of this RP ladles and jellyspoons!

New Plot

Pete: He's 18, a final year college student, phenominally gifted academically, but pretty much socially bankrupt. He's always got his head in a book or in his laptop, so you'd think he'd have friends among the IT geek crowd, but sadly his interests lie in the arts and literature field, so he's not even endeared himself to them.

Two important events are coming up: final exams (at which Pete is set to succeed) and the end of year prom (at which Peter is set to crash and burn without a date).

Girl1 and Girl2: They are cousins, girl2 has been staying at girl1's house because it's closer to the college they go to together. They're not exactly part of the "in" crowd, but not exactly outcasts either. Socially, they survive. Unknown to most, they also dabble in a bit of light witchcraft which was taught to them by girl2's grandmother. They know Pete, they like him well enough, have English Literature classes with him, and will talk to him when no-one's looking.

With the end of year events coming up, they decide to do Pete a favour by invoking and incantation that promises to make him a confident, smooth-talking double-oh. The spell turns out to be surprisingly much so, that it soon exhibits some undesireable side-effects. Like turning Pete into a raging horn-dog with zero interest in his studies and zero regard for proper college conduct.

It quickly becomes clear that the spell needs to be reversed before Pete gets himself kicked out of college, but unfortunately girl1 and girl2 don't know the incantation for that. They're going to have to try and get it from the grandmother, who lives a couple of counties away.

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Character Portrait: Pete Castelan


Character Portrait: Pete Castelan
Pete Castelan

A hopeless genius


Character Portrait: Pete Castelan
Pete Castelan

A hopeless genius

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Character Portrait: Pete Castelan
Pete Castelan

A hopeless genius

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Most recent OOC posts in The Devil's Pheromone

Re: [OOC] The Devil's Pheromone

Well...another year older. And...I have a strange feeling we are coming to the end of an era. The OOC seems to have served it's purpose for us chatting, but that's been supplanted by texting. The Marked RP is no less awesome than it ever was, but it's going at such a slow pace I don't know how it's staying alive. (People seem to have gotten in a frame of mind that they've got to wait for EVERYONE to post before posting again...) Cherrybite, I think it's safe to say, has been laid to rest, although I'll be more than happy to share with you what I had planned for Callum to do if you wanted to finish writing it on Wattpad. :] And my 1x1 RPs are trickling along, but they won't last forever. And even when I see a new RP I think I like the sound of, I always figure it's not worth putting the effort into submitting a character because the RP will just die out before the plot even takes flight. And lets face it, there will NEVER AGAIN be an RP as interesting and retentive as Marked.

And of course Kassie - if you're out there! - has been conspicuous by her absence, although probably she's had her attention taken up by her GCSEs.

So I think what we're looking at here, really, is probably the impending end of my involvement with RPG. Probably within the next month or so. Maybe you've been thinking the same thing for yourself. There is the seasonal aspect of course; it's sunnier now so people aren't on their PCs so much.

But these things come and go. And what will come next? For your part you're obviously spending a lot more time updating your Wattpad projects, which is awesome because that means I can still enjoy your writing. And if I pull my finger out and get on with another TDP update, that can work both ways. o.0

But can I just get a little bit mushy and say that later in life when I eventually write my award winning autobiography (entitled "Exercises in Mediocrity"), there will definitely be at least a couple of paragraphs, if not a small chapter, dedicated to the several-months-long creative peak when my evenings were pretty much dominated by Cherry Bite and it's correspondeing OOC with ma' two homies, "Faye" and Bea. (Kassie's real name being a relatively late revelation.)

Anyway I hope I'm wrong and that Marked picks up dramatically once the Easter holiday is over and done wit...not to mention this Royal Wedding nonsense that'd filled Lonon with badly printed Wills & Kate tat...but even so has granted us a free bank holiday so it's not all bad...

Still, in other news I had a nice day out today with a lovely French girl called Alma who's not only attractive and single but her parents are freakin' loaded. Had a legendary Argentinian steak, then just did some odds and sods around London before heading home about 5.

Hope everyone's OK! And...that...someone even reads this...

Re: [OOC] The Devil's Pheromone

Well wi-fi is more reliable than phone signal here so I thought I'd say on here that I hope you have a much better day. Been saying that for a few days mind you...but, yeah I hope today is better! :\ Didn't have you up too early today did they?

This holiday is turning into one of the most stressful things ever. My parents want me to go to hall with them tomorrow morning, so I'm having to get online and research which have been some 'notable' Watchtower articles recently...grrr. Hate it. I might just say I've been slacking on reading it lately...which is still a grotesque understatement.

But later today I'm escaping down to Colwyn Bay, where I grew up, too see a bunch of old friends (could be a lot of us....) and probably go out for some drinks in the evening. So yeah I may yet have some fun.

It sucks that your Easter holiday is being gobbled up with helping out around the house. But they've surely got to give you a break at some point. But yeah, I hope you get some slack anyway!

Talk to you whenever I hear from you. Take care! :)

Re: [OOC] The Devil's Pheromone

Well either you mean a Cadbury's Flake or you mean you're gonna flake out now, but either way yes you go for it, because those were good posts. :-)

I'm being kept majorly on my toes by those other RPs I mentioned to you. Literally, this other RPer seems to post within ten minutes of every post I make! I originally entered into the RPs with her because she seems to be online a lot during the daytime when I'm at work, so basically it was to give me something to do during the day when it's quiet...but wow it's really putting me through my paces! 0.0

I posted in Marked too, I'll wait until someone else posts before posting for Jeff again (he's still talking to his mother). I'll get around to RP too. And then get as much done as possible tomorrow night before leaving early on Thursday for a craptastic long weekend in North Wales.

I've also decided to be a bit reckless and gone ahead and booked the train tickets we'd need for London, on the basis that the disappointment if we can't go would be nothing compared to the sheer brain-exploding rage I'd feel if it turns out we can go but the train tickets don't arrive in time. But I'm gonna try to think positive about it.

Re: [OOC] The Devil's Pheromone i managed to post on RP and Marked :]

AND...ive been meaning to tell you that cheesy attempt at over the rainbow you did was very nice ^^ and good. (Well i thought it was anyway)

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Yes. I think that deserves a flake.

Re: [OOC] The Devil's Pheromone

OK it worked!! :D Laugh at this if you're so inclined. But as it happens I just managed to sell my old 4-track on eBay, not having actually recorded anything in about 2 years. So in a moment of pure cheesyness, I decided I’d record one last thing on it, and so I recorded THIS for you to cheer you up from last night (inspired by that fancy dress pic you had...). Hope it makes you smile, or chuckle...or snort in contempt, it’s all good to be honest!. But I will say three things about it:

1 – It’s got some bloody difficult chords in it, and the ukulele’s not the easiest instrument to pack your fingers onto so if some of the notes sound dull or buzzy...then...meh.

2 – I played this from a manuscript, and some bits sound a bit weird to me (especially the end) but that’s how it was written on paper so that’s how I played it.

3 – Some people can’t stand this song, I hope you’re not one of them. If you are...tough nuts, it was either this or ‘Greensleeves’...or nothing at all...which you may have preferred in which case....double meh. :P

Hehe, well congrats on making it to the Easter hols, hope you're enjoying it already!

Re: [OOC] The Devil's Pheromone

Ahh so they gave you an ECG. My sister had to have one of those once...I went with her it was a nightmare because we had to go to the cardiographer first, then to the ECG unit, then back to the cardiographer, with a 20 minutes wait at each stage. Hope it was more straightforward for you! Obviously I left the room while she had her top off...

Ooh a meal out, very nice too! Congratulations grandad. :) Heh I think I probably know most of the restaurants in your town because I looked at them all when I chose where to eat on Friday evening. In fact I never really told you about the rest of my day. Not that there was much to tell...I didn't really do much in Chelmsford because I was worried, and I had to hold off texting you to see if you were OK every half hour because I figured you'd be sleeping or resting and generally want to be left in peace. Then I actually drove to your village for a single purpose - to see if the train station allowed all-day parking (thinking ahead for London, I couldn't find out on the web), which fortunately it does. But I wish I hadn't because it was 5:30 and the traffic was just...deadlock. Took me about 45 minutes. Oh and Colchester is the only place I've ever known to have a roundabout exit directly onto...another roundabout. Scariest driving ever!

Then I went back into town and ended up eating at Zizzi, but because of the worry I didn't much feel like being on my own and just wanted to go home but couldn't, so I felt even more glum, and they sat me on the upper mezzanine where nobody else was sitting so I was completely on my own....until a rotten lovey-dovey couple sat down on the table next to me and started canoodling...*boo* *hiss* *hope you choke*. I really could have done with a drink but couldn't because I knew I had to drive home. But like I least the gnocci was good. ^^

On balance I'm still glad I came up because I very much enjoyed our short time. :)

I don't think all the wiggly eyebrows in the world are gonna move anything forwards with Olivia...the smoking thing is a definite no-go for me and frankly I think she dislikes me already. Not because of anything I did, but because the system went screwy on her, and when people get pissed off with their computer and someone from IT comes to fix it, and then it still doesn't work they naturally transfer that feeling to the IT person. Because it's got to be our fault right?

You really know a Kimmie and Jimmie? One of them should so learn guitar and they should form a duet like the Carpenters. =]

EDIT - "Everything good happened at the bonfire, anything meaningful..." In other words "come on girls tell your mates!" :D

Re: [OOC] The Devil's Pheromone you need to update TDP due to fan complaint ^^ (about time too) Thats something that sometimes really gets on my nerves! People read your work but they dont put your book in their library, or they dont fan, or vote, or comment...just read. Unhelpful buggers!! ¬¬

So new girl... *wiggly eyebrows* (thats right you'll be getting the wink wink and nudge nudge now from me and kassie...whenever kassie returns)
So what she's called Olivia...i know loads of couples with clashing names, like denise and dennis, kimmy and jimmy, Jaymie and Jamie (all true couples!!) and...well smoking is debatably gross but...still ^^

Yeah...they put all these weird wires on me.. ( woman told me to remove my top so if anyone walked in they'd of got quite the shock :/ ) That was weird...anyway the blood test was icky- i dislike needles then again id like to find the person who loves them. So just gotta wait a few days for that all to come back.
I feel alot better- still anxious and against coffee...i think you're off the hook if it happens again ;] Going for a meal tonight- my grandad just retired so...we're all going out- good restraunt too so that should be great! i really...really should have done some english homework ¬¬ but oh well :]

Just posted for the rogues and now imma do it for emmy too...

Re: [OOC] The Devil's Pheromone

Yes everyone pulled their fingers out at last. Seemed to respond quite well to the fast forwards...all the girlies deciding what they're gonna wear and all that jazz, haha. I wonder what's going to happen! 0.0

Someone PM'd me about TDP last I ought to get going on that too but tbh I was under the impression the only person who was reading it was you. Not...that you're not important enough for me to write it...just that I know you're not gonna wander off if I take too long. :]

Gah I take one day off and everything happens. We've got like five new members of staff today who all need setting up on the system. Obviously the other network analysts knew this would be happening because they've all come into the office looking their best (all but one of the new staff are girls...). Actually one of them is pretty good looking, but firstly she smokes (sort of an instant disqualifier for me), and secondly her name's Olivia so...that's not gonna work. X]

Hope it all goes well at the doctors! I'm basically waiting for you to say that you feel completely better again, and that you have a at least few days of good health. That way, at least anything that happens afterward doesn't get traced back to me buying you coffee!! (Just kidding, I actually just hope you'e OK.)

OK time for a baguette...

Re: [OOC] The Devil's Pheromone

okay, so we now have movement in the marked rp. I need to post in the others at some point too...but good. I'll post now then im off to get ready to go to the doctorrrss.

Hope you had an okay sleep and the mornings looking bright-its pretty sunny here anyway.

Re: [OOC] The Devil's Pheromone

Actually that's not a bad idea...since Emmy was so fondly remeniscing about those earlier! And the hints have already been that it's the start of summer....actually that's a really great idea! And what better an occassion for people to start coming out to their mates.

Well Adrian's mate was the subject of the deleted PM this morning actually...because I'm using a simple process of deduction and I'm thinking....Tai? Or possibly Emmy if you were thinking of being particularly cruel...not only to Adrian but also to poor Jeff! But you're not gonna tell me either way so I'm pretty much talking to myself here...

I never said, but ages ago I started writing a spin-off post which I was gonna share in the OOC, of Cid when he was young and it was the morning after Cassidy had presented herself to him and he'd *cough* "claimed" her. (You realise that because of you 'claim' is now a dirty word in my head?) It was gonna be really funny, basicaly about him walking into his father's study and having to 'report a mating'. Because obviously the alpha needs to know about these things right? And the awkward conversation that ensues....maybe I'll still write it...

OK I've gotta do one more thing on here then I'm going to bed. So night night, hope you get a good night's sleep, and all the best for your last week of college before Easter!


Re: [OOC] The Devil's Pheromone

Thankyow- i'll figure a ''realistic'' way to get Danti to her so that i dont get the critic in my Rp proding and poking at my post. ¬¬
Ah it is a genius pairing >:] one of my favorites actually because its so awkward but great!

Yeah im waiting for someone to bloody well tell someone already- better not make me have to be the bearer of examples! Its about time someone pointed out who their mate is or at least dropped a bigger hint. Everyones really, really tredding eggshells about it.

Adrians partner should throw him a bit. Muaha...muahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
Yeah- looking after babies is just...not good. Not when you have them permanently. Im only online to write this darn DCH post ¬¬ bleh!

Oh i did post in the OOC of marked to say we'll be fast forwarding soon. S'about it. Then i'll do a rogue post. And you can still have your barbeque...invite the entire pack! Like the old summer bonfire ones. Then it can go late into the night as well..

Re: [OOC] The Devil's Pheromone

Hmm OK well in exchange for tid-bits, insights and previews of what's going to happen I might be willing to have Cid, Cassidy or Jeff make some clumsy mistake that gives Danti an opening to come and see Kiara.

Maybe he can throw stones at her bedroom window from, like, outside the boundary (I'm sure he's strong enough hehe) and then recite poetry over a megaphone. I still think that's a genius pairing. :] And kugorie's playing it quite well too!

As for the other pairings, I'm sure most of the girls must know who they're gunning for by now...not a great deal happening about it thought. Except Lux who's chosen to move...on the wrong guy..! It's gotta be difficult though, I'm interested to see how the first 'unveiling' takes place becaused it would be all too easy to go for the no-effort approach of "hey I think I'm your mate", "really? awesome I'll just grab the lotion, meet me upstairs in five".

I'm...hoping people are more creative than that. Not sure about Adrian though... ;)

Yeah I babysat a baby. "How hard can it be? All they do is the most I'll have to heat up a bottle or change a nappy. No biggie right?"

Notice I said I did it once! And it wasn't quite 'overnight', just till about 3 in the morning but that was enough.

I think I might turn in soon, but I see Mouse and Wally are online so I might stick around another 30 mins or so to see if they post.

Re: [OOC] The Devil's Pheromone

Yeah legitimate enough- Missing the morning- i have blood tests- but i'll be in later..perhaps :]

The baby gets in such a strop. I think she's just starting teething ¬¬ i have no idea how old she is actually...bad sister.
You freely babysat...a baby over night?? O.O weird...:D

Marked is going slow...¬¬ its so annoying. I actually have to update wattpad more than anything! I reckon i'll leave BB till end of term though. Everyone is just slacking- i have plans but i cant just hatch them all at once- we'll be done in 100 posts ¬¬ (well perhaps more than that) I do know that at some point this at night in the rp...i need to get a rogue past security (didnt really think that one through) Not a small one either- i have to get Danti he can go see Kiara...because..well because!
Might have to compromise..¬¬

Re: [OOC] The Devil's Pheromone

That's weird I have an unshakeable headache this evening too. But I think it's because I skipped lunch. I don't cope well without three batches of food a day.

Yes I did send a PM this morning then deleted right was just a question about the pairings in Marked but I realised afterwards that it wasn't important.

Well I just watched an episode of CSI, ironed some shirts for tomorrow...the usual rivetting Sunday night stuff. I'm tempted to make a roll-call in Marked...people be slacking. Maybe a look in on the rogues would provide some stimulus, but not tonight if you've got a headache.

Sorry about being saddled with the baby. Man, I babysat for a boy about the same age (about 6/7 months now right?) one time and...he was teething and had cholic...I swear it was the longest night of my life. One word got me through it all - CALPOL.

So college tomorrow for you eh....I guess if anything good came out of Friday it's that you got out of the psychology exam on legitimate grounds, right??

Re: [OOC] The Devil's Pheromone a pretty good looking gate you've made yourself there. Pretty impressive :] As for the awkward conversation between you and this guy- haha thats quite unlucky to bump into him.

This eve i am...looking about for films though i have a headache so might sleep early. Its one of those ones that wont go away :3
Had to get the baby to sleep so i had that little goblin in my bed till about 5 minutes ago.

What about you?

EDIT: Oh yeah and were you the one who sent me a PM to me and then deleted it? Or...perhaps it was someone else?? I just didnt get to read it is all ¬¬

Re: [OOC] The Devil's Pheromone

OK well back in the old OOC.

And first thing's first...what do you THINK??? All from nought but a few planks of wood.

Actually I was nearly finished and was ready to actually put it up...when I realised I'd forgotten to buy hinges. Ah.

Off to B&Q.

So while I'm there, I happen to bump into a guy who goes to the Kingdom Hall that I'm supposed to attend.

"Hello Oliver! Didn't see you this morning."
"Uh, no I've not been well, haven't made it in a couple of weeks." (Yeah...try like 8 months...)

So we have some inane conversation, and for some reason I perpetuate this by saying:

"So, how's work?"
"Um.....well....I'm still retired."
"Oh....darn I could swear we had a conversation about work last time. I must be thinking of someone else."

And at last minute I remembered to phone my mum to wish her a happy mother's day. Just in time to avoid her taking offence.

So what are you up to this evening? Gonna watch any more films?

Re: [OOC] The Devil's Pheromone

Well there's me saying I'm all up to date with my posts, when I realise I haven't scribbled a little something here for you to read tonight while I'm out. Not much more to say mind you, except that I'm pretty hyped about tomorrow, NOT so much about the meal tonight, and that I will most likely remain in your neck of the woods for most of the day tomorrow because my cover story requires that I not arrive home before 10pm. But I know there's a Zizzi in your that's my dinner in the bag. And your zoo comes highly recommended! ^^

In the meantime how about a couple of entertaining YouTube videos.

Firstly, ever heard a song and thought, "Wow, I really wish I'd been the perso to write that song." Well, [url=]THIS[/u] is one of those moments for me.

And secondly, a video which has gained some notoriety on YouTube is THIS mankini streaker, who as it so happens made this performance during a Havant & Waterlooville match. (Havant & Waterlooville are my local team...except that I don't follow football so I know nothing about them...) The captain recieves a red card for the viscious take-down, but I'm told it was withdrawn on appeal.

Hope you have a good afternoon in, and by gum I'll see you tomorrow morning!!! :D

Re: [OOC] The Devil's Pheromone


Good night :] After you post im off to bed. Well actually off to bed after my frosties, tea and buscuits ^^
Night night :3 zZZ

Re: [OOC] The Devil's Pheromone

Hah, I don't know whether to be flattered or terrified. ^^

OK well I'm gonna slap up a post for Jeff...I'll hang fire on Cid in case Mina, Kiara or Bobby want to give their thoughts on the days events before they arrive home. And then I'm going to bed, so let me bid you goodnight now.

Sleep well, hope the foot's much better by now, and I'll be in touch again tomorrow! Night night!

Re: [OOC] The Devil's Pheromone

No one i cant brush off with a good ol' fashioned ice queen approach :D
oh no wait ¬¬ cant let you see me in that act...ah i'll get you to start walking...then i will reveal my cruel self and scare off anyone i know >:3 and...then i'll catch up with you ;]