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Bodrick "Boots" Dazhrats

My lyubim , my zhivem , my boremsya dvigat'sya vpered v zhizni . Lyubit' snova

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a character in “The Discovery”, as played by xXcandlejackXx


Мы любим , мы живем , мы боремся двигаться вперед в жизни . Любить снова .

We love, we live, we fight to move forward in our life. To love again.

age: 27
height: 5'11'
weight: 143 lbs

short bio:
Russia by birth, trained by the Russia government as a special police unit but after the attack he's taken to survival as his prim-directive.
He's educated fairly well and speaks a little English.

(this is more of a place holder than an actual character sheet. )


So begins...

Bodrick "Boots" Dazhrats's Story


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Character Portrait: Bodrick "Boots" Dazhrats
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Location: moutains of Monterrey of Former Nuevo Leon: Mexico.
Sound track:

"♫ I'm an ocean in your bedroom♫
♫Make you feel warm♫
♫Make you want to re-assume♫
♫Now we know it all for sure♫

♫I'm a dance hall dirty breakbeat♫
♫Make the snow fall♫
♫Up from underneath your feet♫
♫Not alone, I'll be there♫
♫Tell me when you want to go♫"

Bodrick Rested against a large bolder overlooking the once quiet city below him, music playing in his ear from the solar powered Ipod he'd picked up on his travels. He adjusted his protective face mask , irritated that dust and grime had found it's way to his sweaty skin causing mud to build up around it's edges .

"Черт" He cursed the sun quietly as it sank in the west, this heat was one of the most tiresome things...At least it wasn't as muggy as it had been down south. How long had he been walking north? He tired to remember back to when he had first started walking... He had gone through 2 pairs of boots and at least one summer... He gazed down at the town, it had been the first almost intact town he'd found on his way north, maybe there was something of use here, but more than likely he'd end up running for his life again.

He looked down to do a quick magazine check to see how much ammunition he had left for his WSAR-10 . Of his 10 magazines he was down to two... that was including the one in the rifle he clutched tightly. This rifle and his wit were the only thing keeping him alive at this point, but soon it would just become a 8 pound paperweight... He looked down at the town hungrily.

If he ran into trouble he'd be screwed if there were more than one or two of them... and there were always more than one or two of them, but could he afford to keep heading north with what little food and water he had left?

He had maybe two meals left... three if he boiled his leather sling for the rifle, but he was running out of clean water.
He rolled the thought around for a while in his mind, taking a seat at the base of the bolder.
He'd go down there, he would but right now it seemed like it was just time to relax for a while.

He didn't understand everything the singer in this song was saying but that was alright, it matched his feeling at the moment.

♫'m a meth lab first rehab♫
♫Take it all off♫
♫And step inside the running cab♫
♫There's a love that knows the way♫

♫I'm the rainbow in your jail cell♫
♫All the memories of♫
♫Everything you've ever smelled ♫
♫Not alone, I'll be there♫
♫Tell me when you want to go♫

He looked over the town... The way the sun's last light turned the world into a painting. It was lovely.
How could such a beautiful thing be so cruel. He looked down at the rifle that rested between his knees. He was doing his part in making this world cruel... How could we expect ourselves not to add to the cruelty if we wanted to survive. It was like the world had turned on humanity... no... This whole thing was the world defending it's self against us. We couldn't be expected to do anything but Survive tho, it's part of what makes us human after all.

♫Sideways falling♫
♫More will be revealed my friend♫
♫Don't forget me♫
♫I can't hide it♫
♫Come again get me excited♫

♫I'm the bloodstain♫
♫On your shirt sleeve♫
♫Coming down and more are coming to believe♫
♫Now we know it all for sure♫

"Хорошо ... Это время, чтобы пойти .." He said using the rifle to help himself to his feet, deciding it was time to go.
He started down the mountain to the town.


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Character Portrait: Bodrick "Boots" Dazhrats
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Location: mountains of Monterrey of Former Nuevo Leon: Mexico.
Sound track:

Bodrick's foot steps were light as he moved down to the town, his music had switched to something blues like song. The beat was pleasant but you could tell the singer was hurting. He enjoyed it.

The desert had started to reclaim to city it was easy to see. He strolled into the town, passing a " Welcome to sign" That most cities had. He couldn't read the writing but knew what it was. A wind kicked up some dust from the road giving the town a very old west feel to it. Bodrick smirked a little as he remembered an american film he saw once were the bandit walked into town much like he was now, to face a law man that had warned him to leave town. But there were no lawmen here... and he wasn't a bandit. He turned off his music so he could hear everything better.The town was quiet... eerily so.

The hair stood on the back of his neck as he passed deeper into town as he realized there were no sounds from the town. Even in this emptier world there were still sounds of animals and wildlife, birds mostly. But not here... His sweaty hand clutched the grip of the rifle , holding in in low ready as his eyes scanned the town. He was already here so he might as well look for something of use.

'Maybe it's radiation, no, my Geiger counter would have warned me about it if it was bad enough to kill off the wild life.' His mind searched for answers as to why the town was so devoid of life. The back of his mind kept whispering an answer but he ignored it, determined not to give that thought life... He couldn't escape the feeling of being watched now tho...

He moved a little faster to a building and crept in, checking the doorway for traps as he went. He had almost lost his leg once back down south, the towns people had set traps in every building to piss off the invaders, or looters as the case may be.
Having found nothing that would kill him he moved in. The building was a restaurant by the looks of it, he doubted that he'd find much but he'd check for water at least.

He went to the restaurants restroom, the most likely place there was any water left.
The restroom looked little used, save for the dust that covered the place. He noticed some foot prints in the dust. They were old to be sure but it meant that someone else had checked for water at least. It looked like whom ever had only checked on stall so there was a chance there would be water left. He opened the stall and sighed heavily in defeat. It was one of those toilets that schools used, the ones that didn't have a reservoir. No water here... He was fucking cheated by these god damn people!
He kicked the stall hard enough it bent the frame, dust plumed from the room. He rested his head against the stall's frame for a moment looking at the dent. Why did it make him so angry that there wasn't water here...? It's not like it meant that this town didn't have 'any' water in it... just not here. yeah he'd be fine maybe the next place would, it probably would in fact.

" Excuse me... Can I help you find something?" A voice said.

Bodrick turned, rifle raised and ready to shoot but was puzzled not seeing a person standing there.
A small robotic creature floated in the door way.

What in the world...?

" Hello?" it asked again.

" Hallo." He answered in English, his Russian accent soaking the word through, he was still very confused.

" My name is Howl, and you are a guardian. " The machine said.

Bodrick only caught a few words of it. " Don't understand. Russian?" He asked in english.

" Oh, Forgive me. My name is Howl. You are guardian. Saviors of the human race, There are others like you. Do you need anything?" the machine answered flawlessly.

Bodrick just stood there not knowing how to react....