Mai Kazumi

I have to do what for you?

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a character in “The Distant Wind”, as played by RainWish



Name: Mia Kazumi

Age: 20

Role: Thief girl

Personality: Kazumi is a quick thinking girl. She can outsmart many and is extremely resourceful in her tricks. She does not take orders well and refuses to be looked down upon by upper class. However, she is also sympathetic and caring. She is fast and flexible, able to find a way out of almost anything. She lives in the real world, understanding problems and doing what she can to fix it. Kazumi is also very good with her hands, able to fix and mend easily.

History: Kazumi's father left when she was 8 years old, just before her younger sister Kiko was born. Kazumi always had to help her mother with raising Kiko and learned many basic activities for around the house. Recently, their mother fell ill and passed away. Without a job and a way to support Kiku, Kazumi has turned to thievery to find and sell items at the market. She is good with math and outsmarting the merchants. However, Kazumi regrets that she cannot read. It was never necessary for her to learn above the basics as a child.

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