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"Hey! Hey! Are you listening to me? C'moooon!"

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a character in “The Divine Cutlass”, as played by digs


[Name]: Lily Amarachi.
[Nickname]: Lils, but she hates that nickname.
[Race]: Elfling
[Age]: 19
[Job]: Rurik’s Assistant
[Gender]: Female

[Theme Song]: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mzfevj0iMlQ

[Appearance]: Lily is a fair skinned, petit girl with hazel eyes and long, flowing light brown hair that extends only to her collar around the sides of her head and her ears, and a little past her shoulders in the back. She normally ties the end of her hair in a pink bow to keep it nice and tidy, since it had a tendency to get tangled if left alone. The strands of hair on her bangs only reach her eyebrows, with the longest strands going down between her eyes. The rest of Lily’s face is petit as well, save the big, heartwarming gaze of her eyes. Her figure is a typical hourglass shape, though not really all that pronounced, and while I’d love to give you her height, weight, and breast size, she would never disclose such information.
Lily can most often be seen wearing an untucked button down collared shirt that almost looks too big for her in the sleeves, but fits her chest and waist quite nicely. In addition, she wears a pair of dark denim jeans, finishing with a pair of all black sneakers.
(Closest would probably be this, minus the cat ears. http://static.desktopnexus.com/thumbnai ... mbnail.jpg )

Lily mostly carries around just her typical essentials in her backpack. Mainly cosmetics and important materials from the company to help her keep track of Rurik. She’s usually forced to carry around the attachments for Rurik’s arm and his repair equipment, though. Oh, and she carries lots of chocolate. ^^;

[Mediator]: Understands Rurik and is able to relay information and talk to people for him
[Pester]: Lily isn’t always annoying, but she’s really good at getting people to do what she wants through her diligence and persistence.
[Negotiation]: Lily has the uncanny ability to get people to come to agreement or terms, especially when some sort of quarrel breaks out. It’s a good thing, considering she’s useless on a battlefield.
[Etiquette]: In general, Lily knows all about the different cultures in the world, and knows how to cater to each one in order to avoid any social faux pas.
[Finance]: While she does do more administrative jobs now-a-days, she used to be the company accountant before someone recognized her talent. It’s partially why she has to keep tabs on Rurik and his debt, though.

Lily is the typical outgoing girl, always chatty and talkative, even when the timing isn’t right or just plain awkward. She’s also really friendly, liable to approach total strangers and ask them random questions that pop up in conversation with her friends. She’ll go out of her way to try to make friends (or sometimes enemies, usually unintentionally), even with people who aren’t so subtle in their distaste of her.

- Talking (usually one sided)
- Flowers
- Friendship
- Chocolate

- Grouches
- Fighting
- People as stubborn as she is
- People who don’t listen to her

Lily used to be a typically shy and reserved little girl, always trying to stay out of people’s way. In the past, she got continually ignored because of her short stature, and because of this, she got pigeon holed into being the shy girl. However, after a while, Lily got fed up with being ignored all the time, and eventually, she worked her way out of it by working for Heavy Arms, Inc., and has gradually become the most outgoing girl most anyone knows. She started out as an accountant, and once the higher ups recognized how good she was at management, they promoted her. Right now, they’ve put her on a high priority mission of keeping tabs on Rurik, since he’s their biggest investment yet. But perhaps she has some ulterior motives for the company that no one else knows about...

[Extra]: Oh, right. ‘Fruit Salad’. Important stuff, that.

So begins...

Lily Amarachi's Story


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#, as written by Byte
Hagane had immediately left the briefing after Ace gave her permission to stay on the ship. Repairing the engine was important of course. Hence why she hadn't really caught up on who was to stay with her.

“I don't hope it'll be Grumpy... Maybe Alley will stay? Or Miza...” The little Elfling shook her head, she'd find out soon enough. First things first, repairing the engine and make her shine bright and wide again.

“Sounds like I am going need to use you guys~!” Ichi exclaimed in a playful tone, dragging the bag she and Rusty had bought during their shore leave in Gyofu. It had been a while, repairing the engine that is. Aside from the major fix-up the mechanic had to do while in Nenza, she hadn't done any huge projects.

The engine was silent. Obviously, because it was turned down. It always made it that more lonely while in the engine room. All quiet and cold...

The little girl sighed, softly. Did she gather everything? Tools? Check. Components? Check. Goggles? More then check. She never left without those. “I'm ba-ack~! Time to patch you up, yes? Yes, of course.” The Elfling gently smiled, carefully touching the metal plates closest to the pumps, and the main engine. They've cooled off, good.

She reached for one of the ledges, clinging onto them as she attempted to climb up the large, metallic box. She failed at first, too short. “Hmpf!” Ichi grunted faintly at the engine. She needed a step up, time to move the chair...

Finally she could reach, and climb onto the metal ledge. Now to be careful enough to not fall off. “There, there. Let me see where it hurts~...” Like a mother caring for her child, Ichi carefully patted the machine to wherever she thought where its head would be.

Well, right off the bat, the main pump was nearly, completely turned to rust, and the pipes weren't having a good time either. Seeing how some of the rust must've splintered from the pump, and managed to get into the pipes. “Oh~ I hope there are still some filters lying around in my room~ They are going to need a replacement as well.”

Ah, nobody ever said mechanics needed to have a sixth sense for a precise damage calculation. Although it does help...

Ichi reached for her clip-book, and the pen and ink that were in her bag. She wrote down a few notes and tips to remember whatever needed to be repaired. “First thing, removing all that rusted metal off of you. Just look at you~” And so the repairing began, by removing all the broken, rusted, and dented metals.

And as she always does when working, or at least towards the engine. Hagane began to start a conversation to kill the silence. Aside from the noises of clinging metal, and the occasional hammer. It was her general way of dealing with things when she was done pondering about it, and it helped her relax.

“Yeah, I think you are right. He is sweet, that's why I like him so much. He's my best friend!” Ichi paused, throwing some of the rusted metal she had removed from the engine on the wooden floor.

“Well, best best friend, actually. Its how we called it, anyway... For now.” She began blushing a bit. Not only was she talking to a machine about her day-to-day struggles and interests, Ichi began to wonder if she hadn't blew it all. Nothing really seemed to work, and when the chance arose, they had little to no time to even hang around.

“Maybe I do, l-l--- Eek!”

She was so focused on her work and conversation, that the Elfling was startled by the feint knocking sound on the engine door. It made her loose balance, and the only thing she could hold onto, was one of the pipes. The one she had been working on to remove.

Hagane grunted at the door, tossing the few bits and pieces of screws that she was holding in her hand. “See? I almost fell! Are you happy now?!” The mechanic yelled, wiggling about as she excessively moved her hands about.


And there went the loose pipe, along with Hagane who now lay down on the floor. “Oww... Stupid, pipe...” Her head hurt from the fall, but that wasn't her main concern at the moment. With an angered expression on her face, she rose up, and rushed towards the door, ready to whack the one who dared to interrupt her. Slamming it open a she stood face to face with the one that was to guard her from anything dangerous.

“R-Rusty...! W-wha--” Ichi halted herself, her expression swapping from angry, to surprised in a nano-second. Then, immediately after that, her whole face turned as red as it could be. Along the angry expression.

Although, mad...? A bit maybe, this was more out of shame that there's a chance Jack might've heard her mumbling. “D-don't scare me l-like that! I-I was busy working on t-th-that engine, and y-you know it!”

Her ranting about how he made her fell, continued. And with the occasional 'Stupid Rusty.' and 'Idiot.' mixed within...

And then she just, stopped. Crossing her arms as she turned her head to the left, the angry expression still perfectly glued on her reddened face. “You scared me, Rusty...” Was all Ichi said, before glancing in at her best best friend with the corner of her eyes...


Just a few seconds before they had left, and already they were spotting someone. Looked like an ordinary merchant, trying to sell her wears. Why the woman was travelling around was a total confusion to Ace though.

“You said this trip involved some smugglers, right?”

Lily inched towards the captain, a devilish grin forming on her face as she tried to confirm that they were really doing smuggling investigation. “Yes, why-?”, the Elfling interrupted him before he could comment on It.

“If so, then I think we’ve found our lead. Why else would a broad like that be out here, y’know? Can’t be any other reason, unless she’s just a nut.”

Ace shook his head, he had said to be careful. But being this suspicious would be rather... out of the ordinary. “She appears just like a regular merchant. If not a bit odd, dragging her wares in a cart.”

Somehow it felt like he wasn't in charge any more. “She always like that?” The captain asked, nodding towards the grumpy old artificial who didn't seem to be pleased with his assistant rushing over to question the woman.

Ace sighed in annoyance. Frowning almost as heavily as Rurik. With Hagane gone, he had thought the loud, and troublesome questioning/wanting-to-check-it-out business would be over. But Lily was just as bad, if not a bit worse. At least Hagane wouldn't be this questionable.

If the woman was a smuggler, she'd already have henchmen pointing guns at the crew from every possible angle.

“Or how about you? You seem like a fine man who would be interested in some fine things,”

Yeah, information that is. Not at all these bits and pieces of mechanical creations, he had Hagane for that bit of knowledge.

“I bet you don't even have an external power source for your engine in case it stalls, this can power a ship half the size of yours for at le-”

“Hold it there, miss. I don't think I asked for a story on how to take care of my ship. I've got a mechanic for that, thank you.” Ace glared at the female merchant, who was pointing at the bird with a slight grin. “I am actually wondering why a merchant, such as yourself, would even think about roaming these empty plains.”

The captain glared at his newly acquired crew member, Lily. The Elfling had a point. If she really was a merchant, why here? Unless she has regular customers, there'd be no logical reason for her to sell wares here. “Especially since this is a known danger-zone.” Ace watched as the merchant just casually continued her merchant-act. He looked at Lily. She started this, and she'd most likely knew how this would help them on their mission. Or at least end it, if it had no purpose...


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#, as written by Tanman
Scooting off the ship and down the little road, Alley stretched, bending back and forth as she straightened out each of her legs. She didn’t ever admit it to the rest of the crew, but she always felt far more comfortable on solid ground then on the airship, her mood brightening considerably each shore leave that they got. Though she was still a little bummed she was likely going to lose her finest wine to Lily, the prospect of Jack and Hagane being left on the ship did leave her a little giddy with a few of the cuter scenarios running in her head – Even if she knew that Ichi was so dedicated to her machines that it’d probably be an uneventful time for the two.

Not long after starting off down the path, a loud voice began calling to them, drawing their attention to a roadside stall, where a… Merchant sat on a picnic basket? Well, she didn’t entirely look like any merchant Alley had seen, the cook more than a little impressed with how well-kept she looked. She’d expect a peddler out in these parts to be… Well, a bit shabby. This woman with her styled messy hair and trimmed outfit portrayed quite the clean and vogue appearance. It made her a little curious how someone like that got out in the middle of nowhere, or why she was selling mechanical parts rather then the latest corset and bustier combo…

Lily interrupted Alley’s thoughts to drag her aside, whispering bits and pieces of her plan as she went. She couldn’t help but sigh at the elfling’s reasoning,, muttering to herself in complaint. “Tallest? Intimidating? You’ve got to be kidding me, Ace or Rurik would be-“ Quietening herself down as they reached Cassandra, Alley marvelled a little at the bits and pieces. Peddler or not, these were pretty fine parts – Judging from the little she’d learnt from Hagane. There might even be some stuff Ichi could use to really spruce up the Cutlass…

Overhearing Lily’s accusation, the chef brought her hand to her face in embarrassment. She’d expected Lily to be a bit of a wise and tactful businesswomen, but if she was shrewd, it was hidden behind the same sort of impetuousness that little Hagane had. It seemed she’d traded one kid that needed babysitting for another... Perhaps it was something that applied to elflings overall…? Musing on that point a moment, the chef made a deft cut in between Lily and the now fuming merchant woman, taking a quick glance at the paperwork, which indeed seemed genuine. The ‘bird’ suddenly starting up a spiel startled the chef a bit, but quickly that shock turned to admiration and wonder as she looked to ‘Ruby’. Still, the way she’d desperately tried to quieten the bird, and how she kept tripping over her words like that… Well, Alley wasn’t about to stick her foot in her mouth like Lily did.

“Please, forgive our uh… Associate. She’s not used to dealing with people in person.” Placing a hand on Lily’s head, Alley held her down and quiet for a moment, stepping in front of her as Cassandra offered to produce another mechanical avian. Though Ace had rejected the idea of it, Alley had to admit, she found the toy bird fascinating… She’d always wanted a pet, and this was the next best thing. He’d probably be annoyed that she was diverting away from what the merchant was doing here, but an opportunity like this didn’t come up very often. Besides that, she had her own method of seeking answers.

“It certainly looks handy, miss. But uh, I can’t imagine something like that’s cheap.”
Alley’s interest was certainly genuine, but her interest in the toy was quelled only by her curiosity for this woman. She knew something like that bird wasn’t an easy thing to make. No, whoever made that was, in her eyes, a genius in the mechanical field. And somehow, she had a sneaking suspicion about who that person was.

“Not only that, but I imagine it’d take a while to build, and program an owner for, which we don’t really have the time for. Still, whoever she is, she must be really smart to make something like that. Maybe I can negotiate with your mechanic? If she’s available, that is.”

Playing it cool and casual, the chatter was intentionally probing about the creator, Alley hoping to cause another slip up on Cassandra’s part. Her hunch about the creator was one thing, but the reasoning for just why she would try to hide that from them... Well, that would certainly explain why she wasn’t peddling these goods in a regular market. Especially things that were this well made…


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#, as written by Aro
With teeth clenched tightly the former heiress tried to ignore the Captain's interruption. She laced her fingers tightly behind her back as she listened to him question her presence there. She narrowed her eyes as her guns came to mind once more. Should she tell them? No, they were looking for smugglers. Not that she was one. “Well, that's just it. It's a danger-zone.” She unlaced her fingers and gestured around her, “There aren't many people willing to sell to... less then reputable people,” She chose her words carefully still unsure where they stood as far as following the rules of the TTO, “The TTO is really strict with who can and cannot get into cities and then there are the fly zones and it just gets really messy,” She gave a shrug as she carefully pulled over one of the bundles of wheat wrapped guns, “I'm just here to offer my products,” She paused, “and connects to those unable to receive them-”

Another person spoke up and she quickly turned her focus to the woman in front of her inspecting Ruby. To Cassandra Ruby wasn't anything special, just a childhood toy. She had used the mechanical bird's blueprint to build other, better things. She was just as advertised. An emergency power source with a recorder. But she saw a chance to sell and so went for it. “Oh, no she's not. But, I could cut you a deal if all you want is a small one like Ruby,” She smiled a bright merchant smile.

The smile stayed on her face as she was questioned further, this time about her “mechanic”. She was the mechanic, but unlicensed mechanics aren't welcome to roam free. “Something small like that?” She glanced over at Ruby, “She wouldn't take three days to remake,” She spoke before clearing her throat and narrowing her eyes a bit. “My mechanic, on the other hand, would like to remain anonymous seeing as they don't hold a license.” She spoke sternly hoping that they would drop the topic.

Cassandra pulled out her note pad and stared at the little mechanical bird before trying to remember how much work went into making it. “Thirty... forty...” She sketched so quickly she was sure if it would be legible. “Yes, I can have one ready in two days,” Without pausing she tried to cover her tracks, “I could get your order to my mechanic and they'll have it ready in a couple days. That is if you're still interested...” She tailed off for a moment as she crunched the numbers in her head, “I need some turbines...” She whispered to herself.

“Cassy!” Her neck snapped at the sound of her name. She spotted a large gruff looking man. He was definantly a pirate or a smuggler. Cassandra didn't question her customers so she wasn't entirely sure. “Pardon,” He said coyly as he moved pass the crew to the other side of her cart.

“Oh, right, Lance,” She spoke rejecting his offer to shake her hand.

“Right, forgot.” He gave a short laugh, “You don't like dirt,” She gave a nod. “My order, lass?” He asked and she turned to grab the guns she had pushed closer to the cart and paused looking at the others.

“I get plenty of business out here,” She spoke proudly giving up on trying to hide. She needed the money that he was about to give her. “Here you go, Lance.” She sat the bundle on top of the cart making it shake a bit. She untied the knot and pulled out the very clean and new weaponry, “Your cannon,” She had to use both hands to hand over the very large weapon. “And the rounds.” She kicked a large crate from under the cart out to him and opened the top. “Now, if you ever run out just come find me. This should be enough to last you a while.” She instructed and watched him inspect the merchandise.

“You marked each bullet,” He squinted at the very detailed cog imprinted on each bullet which all had a beautifully engraved “C.D.” in the center. “Perfect,” He handed her a pouch full of silver and gold gears. “How's the recoil?” He asked before walking away.

“Not bad. But, you'd be best to mount it on your ship. It'll save you a lot of pain.” She spoke and watched him walk past the crew.

“Buy from her. She's great! Two days, I tell ya, I've never had better service. And she's legit. No stolen ware,” He belted out a laugh before stalking off.

“Still interested?” She neatly cleaned up the wheat and rewrapped it in cloth before leaning on the cart and preparing for them to turn and leave her there as most people did once they learned that she worked with weapons.


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#, as written by digs
Lily backed up a bit as the merchant proceeded to yell at her, pulling what looked to be some sort of document out of the most unspeakable of places. It figures that a girl like this would carry something like her license to sell in such an area. Still, the elfling was far too agitated to make any snappy or funny remarks.

“Why you...” she grumbled, trying to think of a cunning reply. “...Just because you have some document doesn’t mean...”

The little assistant was cut off, the merchant’s mechanical bird fluttering over to her and perching itself on her shoulder as it began to read off something that, well, really did sound official. Her eyes lost their fire as Cassandra’s supposed ruse seemed to gain more credibility, and Lily's method of finding the smugglers seemed to be completely ineffective. She sighed heavily, and while the elfling wasn’t entirely ready to give up, she didn’t quite know how to further her argument from here. Or lack thereof, it seemed.

As the merchant asked the now staring faces about their interest in her wares, Lily continued to glare at the merchant, her eyes narrowing, and the only emotion showing in them being frustration. How could she just show up poor Lily like that? And to make matters worst, the short elfling girl could feel the eyes of her crew members on her as they looked at her in the corners of their eyes, judging her for her blundering error. She was somewhat used to this, but it never meant she had to like it.

Rurik, on the other hand, watched the merchant curiously. While Lily hadn’t picked up on it, the bird had mentioned something about the merchant being its maker. An odd thing, that, but naturally, he didn’t make a fuss for now. He rubbed his mechanical arm a bit as she pointed at him, but didn’t make any eye contact. While Lily’s intrusion wasn’t all that graceful, she did make a good point about the suspiciousness of her location. Plus, if this merchant really did have some nice weaponry for his mechanical arm, maybe this stop would be worth it. He continued to ponder silently as he watched the scene unfold...

When Cassandra finally got to Lily, asking her if she wanted a mechanical bird to quell her annoyingness, the elfling moved a little closer to her companion before turning up her nose and crossing her arms.

“Yeah, yeah, so I was wrong. Everyone makes mistakes. Just can it already, and quit making fun of me,” the now petulant girl retorted. She looked at Cassandra out of the corner of her eye. “But just because you have a piece of---mmmph!”

Lily was rudely interrupted by none other than her companion, her head held down by a strong hand. Alley definitely had leverage over the elfling, and it was relatively easy to shut her up. All Lily could do now was listen as the rest of the conversation unfolded. This wasn’t why she brought Alley along, but if the girl could play the ‘good cop’ in her little act, then maybe this would work out better than she’d hoped.

Of course, as things played out, Lily didn’t have much to say, surprisingly. She figured Alley and the Captain would have things from here, although the fact that a customer had come by was pretty surprising. Was this her normal spot or something? She found it fairly strange, but let it pass, as her crew members seemed to be working a different angle. One that the elfling wasn’t entirely happy with...

“What? First we’re suss of her, and now we’re offering to let her onto our ship!?” Lily cried out, outraged at the situation. “No! You know Hagane ain’t gonna be happy about this, and I won’t be eit---mmmph!” Lily had been silenced once again, but this time by someone rather surprising. The artificial stepped forward, practically smothering the girl to keep her mouth shut. After all, he finally had something to say.

“Actually, if you’re a mechanic, I’m in need of one who’s more experienced with an artificial, and far less annoying,” he said, speaking rather slowly. It took him all this time to come up with this, so it would take him a little bit more for him to spit it all out. “To keep you out of Hagane’s hair, how about you just come along and be my personal mechanic. That’ll make things easier, so long as you don’t talk much.”

Lily’s eyes went wide, but there wasn’t much she could really do. She managed to escape Rurik’s grip, quickly moving over to Alley’s side and grasping her in a bit of shock. Just what was Rurik up to...?


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#, as written by Aro
Cassandra watched as she was still scrutinized by the crew but a smile came to her face at the response she received from them. She gave the captain a nod, “Perfect. Just let me close up shop and put my cart back into my ship.” She had finally gotten a job. Two jobs, she couldn't believe it. “It shouldn't take long.” She looked back at the weapons that she still had to sell and figured that she could sell them later. Her customers would be back tomorrow. She was only planning on staying out there for a couple hours anyway. She couldn't risk her business and safety by staying there all day.

She looked down at the elfling for a moment with narrow eyes. She had almost forgotten that she was still there. “You need to learn some manners you little bug! That is no way for a lady to speak.” She spoke with a high tone, her inner heiress slipping out once more. She couldn't help it. It wasn't a lifestyle that she wanted to leave, she was just working her way back up to the elite standard she was use to. At least, that's what she told herself. What she wouldn't give for a maid...

Hearing the artificial speak made Cassandra's mind snap into focus. Was he... was he offering her a long-term job? Her eyes grew wide at the thought as the wheels in his head turned slowly. “You want me to be your personal mechanic?” She spoke as she tried to think of it from both a business perspective and a personal perspective. Business wise, this wouldn't be a smart choice. Only one customer that would require her to move onto another ship and make it virtually impossible to sell to outside sources. Personally, however, it would be an amazing opportunity. She's worked with artificials before but never had the opportunity to maintain and build parts consistently for one specific person. She'd be able to take his arm apart and see how it ticks. She'll get the chance to build a better more efficient arm for him.

“I would be honored to be your personal mechanic.” The words just, sort of, fell out of her mouth. She kept that stupid smile off of her face while she eyed everyone. “I wont be a bother, promise!” Well, she would have a new home on a massive ship with new people who... Her thoughts paused for a moment as she realized what she was doing. She would be among people. A lot of people that she didn't know. She hesitated before placing her hands on her hips, “The only thing I ask is that I have my own private quarters... I'm not one for sharing.” She kept herself from turning her nose up at them. She didn't want to ruin this opportunity. She couldn't say how much of a bother she would actually be seeing as she knew nothing about this man. She was fairly silent when working though so there shouldn't be any problems so long as he didn't get any of her new parts dirty. Speaking of filth... she'd have to tone down her snobbishness wouldn't she? She'd try.

Her eyes flickered to the captain and then over the rest of the crew, “Well, I've introduced myself.” She crossed her arms and gave a small smile, “Mind introducing yourself?” She asked figuring that they'd better get it over with now before going on any further.


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#, as written by Tanman
As Cassandra Donovan revealed herself as the mastermind inventor behind her wares, a smug look of prowess crossed the chefs face, who merely stood back, folded her arms and nodded to herself as she basked in her own ‘genius’ in solving the mystery. If one could call it that. Regardless, as she detailed her talents in creating Ruby at a young age, Alley couldn’t help but agree that her talents were quite something. At the mention of the price however, the grin of awe dropped slightly. There was no way she could afford the deluxe model on her paycheck, and given how she’d had to restock her drink collection, the Chef could barely afford the 5 steel bolts to cover the basic version.

Sighing inwardly, the conversation turned to Ace and the prospective job for Cassandra, giving the cook time to formulate just how she was going to pay for this thing. Would Ace give her a raise? Doubtful, especially since at the moment it seemed they were on an unpaid expedition. The budget was going to be tighter the next couple of weeks… Maybe she could have a round of- No, no, she never won gambling with anyone. Lily included in that list, now. A stern look from Ace seemed to indicate she needed to make up her mind fast, the chef scratching the back of her head as she struggled in indecision.

The sudden outburst by Lily gave Alley another excuse to put off making a decision, though the following revelation by Rurik took her completely by surprise. It certainly didn’t seem like the grouchy fellow, but it was true that Hagane probably wasn’t the most trustworthy with something as important as his arm… Regardless, as CD accepted the position as Rurik’s personal mechanic, Alley’s eyes lit up as a beautiful opportunity made itself apparent to the chef. Of course, that would have to wait until after the introductions.

“Heheh, right, I suppose we have been kind of rude pestering you like this without even giving our names.” Alley decided to take the task of the introductions upon herself, gesturing widely with her arm towards the captain.

“Ace Kaiser, Captain of the Divine Cutlass. This here is Rurik.” Alley gave the big guy a bit of a tap on the arm, before using her other hand to press down on Lily’s head. “And this is Lily, his personal assistant.”

Turning, she pointed to the medic and trainee, who had, for the most part, stayed clear of the merchant caravan. “Over here, we have Miza and Aiden, the Medics on board the ship.” Turning back towards Cassandra, Alley smiled warmly, blowing her fringe from her face for a moment. “And my name is Alley, ship’s cook extraordinaire. Which leads me to my next point-“

“Hey, miss, is that bird for sale!? Please say that it is; I’d really like to buy it!” Alley was lightly shoved aside by a figure pushing his way into the group, and although he’d stolen a bit of what the chef had planned to say, she could unquestionably say that she would have phrased it a bit more eloquently. The voice was enough of a give away to reveal her companion however, and Alley was quick to change tact, grabbing Rict in a bit of a hold around the neck with her arm.

“And this here is our navigator, Rict. So nice of you to interrupt.” Smirking, Alley let Rict flail about a bit before releasing him, taking his hat and plopping it on her head, cocking the brim upward.

“As I was saying however, I can give you 3 steel bolts up front, and, seeing as you’ll be accompanying us on the ship, I can provide you with some nice meals and beverages to more than cover the remaining two. Then, if I can work up the cash, I might petition an upgrade. If that’s possible, I mean.”

Placing her hand on her head as she awaited Cassandra’s response, the chef made sure to keep hold of the navigator’s straw-hat, just as a little bit of punishment for interrupting her.


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#, as written by digs
Rurik wasn’t exactly hesitant about giving his new mechanic his name, since after all, she deserved it if she was to work for him, but before the sluggish speaker could even get a single word out, chef Alley decided to speak up for the crew. If Lily was right about one thing, it was certainly than the tall chef was consistently the most personable person on the ship. All her talking wasn’t exactly the artificial’s cup of tea, but he had to admit that she made him feel more comfortable at times. Well, minus when she tapped him on the arm, the gesture causing him to recoil slightly as steam bellowed from his back. For the moment, though, he’d remain silent as the others introduced themselves, as Alley’s introduction was all he really needed. Lily, however...

“Hey! Hey, stop doing that, you giant! This is totally unfair and unjust, and I won’t stand for it!” The little elfling continued to try to complain about the crew’s decision, as she’d already gotten a bad first impression of poor Cassy, but her pleas and cries were completely ignored, possibly due to her short stature, but probably more because her opinion was heavily outweighed by the majority, including Rurik. After a few more presses on her head to keep her from hopping around with frustration, Lily started to settle down and accept the fact that Cassandra was joining them whether she wanted her to or not, though she was determined to show her disapproval. She stood with her arms crossed, slightly turned away from the rest of the crew, disgusted by this turn of events, and especially at her partner. Just what was he thinking? She didn’t actually have to come with them permanently, so why the change in heart? There’s no way the guy was becoming a softie. There was just no way...

As Alley, and perhaps the crew, negotiated the terms of payment and accommodation for Cassy, Lily slowly crept up beside the artificial, tugging on his coattails to grab his attention. After looking down, Rurik rolled his eyes and knelt down, as he knew a tug like that meant she wanted to discuss something a bit more privately.

“What do you think you’re doing, you lummox! This isn’t what I had in mind when I approached her, not one bit. Why do you have to take a shine to her and make her a permanent part of the crew, huh?”

“Technically she’s just my hire, kind of like you,” Rurik stated plainly.

“Hmph! That makes it even worse, you know!” Lily stated, getting a bit loud. She might’ve gotten a few stares before she went back to whispering. “Plus, do you really think the company is going to pay for someone like her?”

Rurik shrugged. “I need a skilled mechanic. One who won’t blow up my systems. And who isn’t annoying.”

“Well, I’m not gonna authorize this! I’m seriously----”

“Then I’ll pay for it,” the artificial said, interrupting his associate. “Just take it out of my payment for my debt.”

“...I...what...Rurik...?” Lily stumbled over her words. It was hard to tell what the artificial was thinking as Lily stared into Rurik’s eyes, but she wanted to know so badly. None of this made any sense. Why was he being such a softie...?

“...I’ll run it by management,” Lily stated after a long pause, turning and crossing her arms in irritation. “But don’t think she’ll be getting any special treatment.”

“I wouldn’t expect it,” Rurik replied, standing up. He’d probably wait for everyone else to say their piece before he decided to discuss his hiring terms in detail, so for now, he watched the scene unfold patiently. Lily, however, moved back over to Alley, still visibly upset at the artificial’s decision...


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#, as written by Aro
Cassandra looked everyone over as carefully as she could trying to assess the situation that she was about to put herself in. She gave them all a kind smile as they were introduced meanwhile, her mind was scrutinizing every bit of them. She was right about Ace being the captain. She didn't think he'd be too thrilled to have her join. It was his ship after all and if he had final say on rather or not she'd be boarding the ship. Hopefully he'd approve of her presence on the ship. It wasn't like she'd be in the way. She didn't really like being around a lot of people, the current crowd being hard to bare. “Thank you,” She said in hopes that he'd find a way to keep her secluded or at the very least away from anyone who was disgusting.

She crossed her arms and looked at Rurik, the artificial who had offered her the job that might save her hide. Then, following Ally's gestures, she looked down at Lily and her smile quickly faded. So, she'd have to work with that annoying little elfling? Perhaps his job wasn't worth it. “Well,” She smiled at everyone else, “Pleasure to meet-”

“Hey, miss, is that bird for sale!? Please say that it is; I’d really like to buy it!” She was cut off by a new person. Her eyes narrowed into a glare momentarily before Ally introduced him as the navigator. “Ruby is most definitely not for sale.” She spoke with her eyes narrowed only enough to show her distaste in this man. It was a bit petty but, she didn't like being interrupted. Neither did Alley from the way she handled him.

“Perhaps...” She thought about the chef's offer. She normally wouldn't take food for labor but in this case it might be to her benefit. She'd have to opportunity to be spoiled with some good food while she worked on the bird. “Alright,” She eyed her for a moment, “You've got yourself a deal. However,” She cleared her throat, “I expect some amazing meals.” She smiled brightly at the woman. She glanced over at the artificial and the elfling as they had a not so quiet argument.

Would she really have to work besides that... that little irritant? Unconsciously, her eyes narrowed at Lily as she thought about having to listen to her chatter on and on about whatever. Maybe the little elfling would learn some manners in her presence... or not. Cassandra wasn't too high and mighty to throw a wrench at anyone.

The captain's voice snapped her out of her thoughts. “Right, so I suppose that I should close up shop and prepare to move.” She said, her smile wavering some as she ran some unpleasant scenarios through her head.


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#, as written by digs
Lily eyed Cassy nervously now, all the fire in her practically completely gone now that the crew had fully accepted the mechanic into their little party. Maybe it was simply the numerous glares she received from her, but at the same time, the elfling still felt like there was something off about her. Merchants were always sociable, and were always skilled at putting on a friendly façade to help sell their wares, and Lily wouldn’t expect any less from this cretin. Why, she still hadn’t entirely accepted Cassy’s reasoning for being randomly out in the open with her shop. Just here to offer her products to ‘those unable to receive them’? What in the world did that mean? There had to be something behind it all, there just had to. Still...

“She’s already glaring at me. A lot,” Lily stated, clutching Alley as she spoke. The chef was the only one who’d really made the effort to befriend her during the entire trip, and with Rurik leaving her in the lurch like this, well, she didn’t feel like she had anyone else to turn to. “I understand I have to pay hard for my mistakes, but this is getting to be a bit much...” Her voice trailed off as she looked off into the distance, trying to avoid the irritating gaze of Cassandra. “...I just wish I knew what Rurik was doing, and why.” That last statement was more to herself, but Alley would have a pretty easy time catching wind of it.

Rurik, however, was still thinking on how exactly he wanted to go through with this offer. The girl had already accepted it without even a second thought, so he felt there was very little chance that she was going to turn down whatever pay he would come up with. Still, he didn’t want to completely screw the girl over. After all, she was ridding him of dealing perhaps the most annoying crew member on the Divine, in his mind at least, so he wanted to be sure to secure her employ.

Once everyone said their piece and Cassy motioned to close up her shop and move out, Rurik stood rather purposefully in front of the mechanic, his real hand on his hip, and his mechanical arm hanging down at his side.

“...How long do you think it’ll take you to close up?” He asked, gesturing a bit. Though he wasn’t exactly the most sociable, there was a time in his life where he was, so he at least knew how to play the part. The question was usually more whether or not he wanted to. To the rest of the crew, including Lily, it’d be surprising that he actually seemed like he...kind of did.

“Is that so?” Rurik replied, no matter the answer, of course. “Hmph. Either you’d better hurry up and do it faster, or I’m gonna have to wait around here for you.” Well, sometimes he wasn’t always the most socially adept but he usually made up for it. Like in his next statement. “After all, I’m not gonna leave my new employee to fend for herself, even if she thinks she can.” He crossed his arms. “Plus, we haven’t even discussed payment terms. I’d be remiss in leaving you unaccounted for.”

Now Lily was really suspicious of Rurik’s actions. This has been the most Rurik has ever really talked at one time his entire time with the company, aside from perhaps her boss from time to time. There had to be a reason, but she just couldn’t really pinpoint it. None of it made any sense at all. Absolutely none of it. Unless...

“So c’mon, Cassy. Snap to it,” he said, tapping his foot as he watched her.


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#, as written by Byte
Cassandra had closed her shop, Rurik had settled his arrangements with the merchant for the time being, Lily was still objecting to her minion's decision, Alleyson was there to listen to the elfling's ranting, Mizakiri and Aiden were silently following the crew, and Rict... Rict was leading the small group towards the town he had ventured in. (And most likely got lost in it as well...)

The town itself could be compared to Nenza. Just, a little more... hygienic. Well, if you'd find the smell of alcohol hygienic. Ace had thanked his navigator for his guidance, and halted the crew just before they were about to enter the tavern.

A tavern, not only a place for alcoholic beverages, pretty women, and rough barfights. But a place for valuable information and perhaps a guide that was willing to show the crew where to go for their investigation.

With Rurik as his.. bodyguard of sorts. The captain had entered the alcohol stench-filled place, while the rest of the group remained outside. Not that it was dangerous, but you never know who you'd bump into. Quite literally at times. With all that said and done, the two tough guys of the crew had began a casual conversation (Well, Ace did.) with one of the bartenders who pointed the two towards a scruffy old man sitting near one of the windows.

With a little 'payment', the man spouted out all he knew about the so called 'Smugglers' of this area. How they were low-ranked bandits that answered to a rather skinny, but royally dressed fellow by the name of 'Patch'. The bandits smuggled weaponry, and even information for this man. And in turn, they'd get paid a large sum of money.

Before Ace and rurik left the tavern, the old man passed them a map that pointed out to various places where the smugglers hideout may very well be hidden. As thanks, the captain tossed another bronze gear towards the man, and told him to keep silent about this conversation. And with that, the crew once again set off for today's task.

Upon their arrival at the path that was a few feet away from the rails, Ace ordered Rict to quickly draw up a few sketches of the map that was given to them. They were about to split up, and each take one of the three locations that were marked. “Okay, there will be no rendevouz point. Should your mark proof false, just make your way to one of the other marked areas.” The captain paused, handing every member their own map before continuing. “Be careful, keep eyes and ears open. You never know when there might be an ambush waiting for you.”

The mountain, a rather rough terrain that was filled with trees that reached high towards the sky. Some areas were bland, only alowing a few patches of grass to grow, or reveal a large part of stone that was the mountain. Animals, bandits, and possibly traps could hinder the crew in their task. But if they were to find the hideout as fast as possible, they needed to split. It was the only option.

Ace thought for a moment, carefully forging the teams. “Rict, Mizakiri, and Aiden. You three will take the first route. Cassandra, Rurik, and Alleyson. You'll take the second. And Lily,” The man paused, carefully eyeing the little elfling. For a split second, he tried to re-assign the teams. But choose not to. “You and I will take the final path.”

With the orders given, and the task clear in everyone's mind. They three teams set off for their own. “Good luck, and I will see everyone at the hideout.”


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Miza and Aiden, when introduced by the cook, produced their own forms of a greeting. The medic smiled and gave a slight wave, after which she adjusted the rapier in it sheath and the sheath on the belt. She'd left her money purse back in the room with the hopes that no one would steal it while they were on their mission. The few coins she did have on her person amounted to very little, perhaps just enough to buy a drink later. Or gamble with.

Aiden raised an indifferent eyebrow at the new crew member and turned back to Miza. "Can we," was all he managed to get out before their humble navigator made onto the scene. Like always, he neglected to notice who it was that he'd pushed through on his way to the item of his interest. Miza giggled a bit and shrugged off any negative feelings. Today would be a good day, she was positive.

* * * * * * * * * *

There wasn't much to talk about on the way to town so in the mean time, Aiden studied this new woman. It seemed she was lying about something, of what he wasn't sure. It went without saying that he didn't trust her one bit. While he waited for Ace and Rurik to return from their dealings within the tavern. He himself had wanted to go in but his hard willed teacher had prevented him from sneaking behind the two. Instead, the boy found himself leaning against the wall of the tavern, sucking on hard candy, and watching this new mechanic's movements.

The medic looked around to see why her student was so quiet and found his studious eyes turned towards Cass. She'd ask him about it later, in the mean time she meant to soak up some much needed Vitamin D.

* * * * * * * * * *

The long walk to the mountain where the crew was to search for the bandit hideout bored Aiden tremendously. He adjusted the medical pack he carried and set about kicking pine cones and pebbles. Once he launched a pine cone into Miza's calf, he stopped under her devilish purple glare, hoping Rict had seen it. Pretty soon afterward the crew made it to a three way fork in the road where Ace gave Rict a map to make copies of before placing them into teams of three.

“Rict, Mizakiri, and Aiden. You three will take the first route. Cassandra, Rurik, and Alleyson. You'll take the second. And Lily,” That was all Aiden needed to hear. He was happy that Ace had placed him with the two people he was most comfortable with. Miza gave a slight nod to let the captain understand that she knew their task and waited for Rict.

Set on their way, Miza said, "Maybe he sent you with me because he understands how much of a klutz you are!"


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#, as written by Tanman
At the agreement of the deal between Cassandra and herself, Alley couldn’t contain her grin. The mechanic seemed sceptical of the chef’s talents, but she knew that she’d be able to blow Donovan’s tastebuds out of her mouth with her best dishes, and had no hesitation in proclaiming her confidence.

“Believe me. By the time you finish, you’ll want to pay me to make every meal for you.” Laughing to herself, the conversation turned to Cassy’s employment and living, Lily remaining surprisingly close to Alley as the elfling manager continued to pout and whine like a Hagane scolded by Ace. Her concern for Rurik would normally have made Alley offer to lend an ear, but Ace’s call to continue on their way meant that it would have to wait for another time.

While waiting for the mission details, Alley amused herself with a few things. Teasing Rict with the hat, sharing some lollies with Aiden, and chatting with Lily about Cassy’s need for her own room. The crew was beginning to become quite squished, what with the lack of room; and if Alley was going to have to share with anyone, it was likely going to be one of the girls. Given Miza already shared her clinic with Aiden, the chef had a suspicion that it would most likely be Lily bunking with her – that is, unless she could convince Miss Donovan that sharing wasn’t so bad.

As Ace detailed the groups and the plan, it seemed that the chef may just get that chance, given the other member of her group was usually as good for conversation as her bedroom wall. Though inside she was a bit bummed that she didn’t get to travel with the jovial Rict or investigate Lily’s concerns, she wasn’t going to complain about the chance to get to know the newest crew member – Or to lead her own little excavation party.

“Aye aye Captain, you can count on me.” Alley saluted proudly, looking to her compatriots. “Shall we get going?” Smiling warmly, the chef and temporary leader made her way down the path indicated, quickly following the sharp bend that ducked into the forest. From where she was, she could already see the cave mouth indicated on her map, and with a casual glance over her shoulder, checked to see if the others were following.


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#, as written by digs
Whether or not the mechanic took offense to Rurik’s slightly demanding nature was unclear to most everyone, considering that if she really was put off by his remarks, she kept it considerably well hidden through an unnaturally silent guise. Well, such a pretext was unnatural for her at the moment, which was probably more telling than anything for now. Still, Cassy did seem to be rather accepting of the artificial’s demands, packing her store faster than she originally was, and stepping to it just as Rurik wanted her to. Perhaps it was his protective statement that motivated her, but in all likelihood, it was probably more for the money he would be subsequently offering her. Whatever the case, it seemed Cassandra was now a permanent part of the crew, and much to Lily’s chagrin, a currently permanent part of Rurik’s staff. The little elfling sighed as she fell in step behind the much taller Alleyson, her eyes cast down towards the ground as she trotted along behind the chef, lost in her own thoughts.

Once in town, the captain led the crew to a place that the artificial was rather fond of, the tavern. With just one whiff, Rurik could smell the delicious scent of alcohol in the air. Well, delicious at least to him. The vapors were so powerful for Lily that she struggled to breath, forcing her to put a hand to her mouth to act as a temporary filter to ensure she not only didn’t get a contact high, but also so she wouldn’t suffocate. Though she was rather quick to protest, Ace halted the rest of the crew and brought Rurik along with him inside the bar to help him gather some valuable information on their current mission. While the artificial was happy to enter inside the place, he was also somewhat upset he wouldn’t get to partake in the activities going on inside. By the looks of things, none of these ‘information gatherers’ seemed all that rough-and-tumble. Not to mention he wouldn’t get a chance to indulge himself with an alcoholic beverage, at least not yet. For now, Rurik remained looking big and bad to make sure the folks Ace questioned gave him the answers he wanted after he paid up, a task that honestly wasn’t all that difficult.

Lily had perked up a bit as the sociable Alley started in on a conversation about Cassy’s need for her own room. It gave the elfling an opportunity to vent about the mechanic’s odd tendencies, something she was rather grateful for. Perhaps the more she got her frustrations off her chest, the better she’d feel about the whole situation. The idea of bunking with Alley was also a prospect, but for now, Lily decided that something like that ought to be put off until after this ‘personal mission’, whatever that meant. However, since the chef didn’t prod her about her concern for Rurik at the moment, the elfling kept surprisingly silent on the matter, even though those thoughts were still at the forefront of her mind. Of course, once Ace and Rurik reappeared from the tavern, the elfling quickly went back to being almost completely quiet, keeping to her own thoughts.

“...Huh?” Lily stated, breaking her silence once Ace had determined the groups for the impending investigation. “You mean you’re sending me, the useless little elfling, along with just you?” She paused for a moment, cocking her head to the side before continuing. “Either you’re really, really confident in your abilities, you know we won’t encounter anything deadly, or you have some sort of death wish for the two of us. Or maybe for just me. Not entirely sure on that one at the moment.” She put her hands on her hips, sighing as she gestured with one hand. “Either way, I suppose I don’t have a choice, do I?”

She threw her hands up as she walked over and stood next to the captain, waving to Rurik as she mumbled something about him going off with his new best friend, a remark that Ace was sure to catch before they headed off in their designated direction. For the moment, she let Ace lead the way through the stone archway and up the mountainside, asking him random, annoying questions about his usually rather blunt personality along the way to make idle conversation. Things like what his favourite colour was, why he decided airships were so cool, what made his steam powered sword that much better than a regular sword and why he didn’t use any ballistics, among other rather silly questions. In fact, she didn’t even really comment on what was along the way at all. It seemed that Ace would have to do the majority of the leading and keeping the two of them on track.

The artificial, however, seemed to be led on by none other than the chef of the crew, something that actually took him by surprise. Before, the girl could barely hold a gun, let alone actually use it on someone, but now she seemed incredibly gung-ho on the upcoming expedition. Rurik wasn’t exactly fussed over the development, and it made sense, given she was the only original crew member in their group, but at the same time, part of him was curious as to why she made the sudden change. Still, this at least gave him some time to discuss things with Cassandra, if she was willing to engage him first, that is. If not, well, he’d settle things after the mission was said and done.

Once at the point where the paths split into two, Rurik stopped just behind Alley. Glancing down both paths, he waited for a bit of input from the other two crew members before he chimed in his own opinion, assuming that they wanted it.

“Not too fond of dark places, but smugglers are likely to hide there. I’ll go in front if that’s where you want to go,” he stated.


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#, as written by Byte
No, Ace hadn't bothered to safely settle on the teams. There was the option of choosing Alleyson to go with them, but neither Rurik, nor Cassandra seemed to type to simply... lead. Although there was no questioning that Rurik would've taken the lead if he only had Cassandra as his partner. Well, the teams were made, and they had already set off. Each in their own direction.

The captain simply shook his head at Lily's mumbling at her giant mechanical minion, as she stood next to him. Sure, Rurik's sudden 'job offer' came to everyone as a big surprise. But was it really that bad to make such a fuss about it? No matter, all the more reason to not have Lily paired with them.

The man did his best to keep his head on the scenery, and ensure Lily wasn't losing track of him. Although that didn't seem to be a problem, with her poking Ace for random, and not to mention irritating questions. Airships, weapons... colours? It did keep the elfling occupied, but at the cost of Ace's patience. With each response, his voice showed more and more annoyance of the unrelated questions Lily sprouted from her mind.

Geez, it was as if he was talking to Hagane. Only the mechanic had changed in appearance, and voice. Was this a trait Elflings shared? Or was this a pure coincidence that both Hagane, and Lily were... fond of pestering others? Ace sighed, making a stop-sign with his hand. “Lily, feel free to ask questions. But unless they're related to how we'll find this hideout, I want silence.”

Upon nearing the end of the path the led to a wide, and open grass field. Ace stopped in his tracks, holding on hand in front of his companion. A small pond, peacefully lay in the center of it all, the occasional bird landing in it to drink, a few fish jumping out of the water... Nothing really shouted 'Smuggler Hideout!'.

Slowly approaching the pond, the captain spotted the wrecked cottage that appeared to be crumbling underneath its own support, and the mouth of a cave in the east-side of the mountain. The cave was a likely place where smuggler's could be hiding a secret entrance. Then again, the shed was in a good position that it could hold an entrance into the mountain as well.

Deciding on checking out the shed first, Ace motioned for Lily to stay close. Who knows what may surprise them, and as far as Ace can tell, Lily wasn't equipped for dealing with violent situations. “Keep an eye out for anything odd, or unnatural.”


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Here ends this record of the actions of The Divine Cutlass. Their story may not be finished, truthfully it has hardly begun, but still we must close this book. For life has taken the matter from our hands.

But fear not! History does not stop being made just because the historians stop writing it!

This story, and all others of its kind, will continue. It will just continue in a way that is not so easily followed with your eyes. Rather than read, you will now have to follow it in your dreams. And follow it you will, to places far and wonderful.

Until such a time that the winds of fate reopen this catalogue, we all bid you adieu. We shan't let these memories fade away from our hearts, rather, they will burn as we press forward. Although we end, we are not finished.

For not every ending comes at the end; only the last one does.

-The Crew of The Divine Cutlass