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Astaroth: King of Rot

"I will paint this place with the hues of death. All things must rot and decay"

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a character in “the djs”, as played by Royalburden


Character Name: Astaroth aka. King of Rot, The Rat king, Pestilence.
Character Gender: Male
Character Age: Unknown
Family Members: Unknown
Race: Demon
Occuptation: Travels to Earth(and now other dimensions) spreading rot, and decay wherever he goes.
His human form often changes due to the fact that he goes through human bodies like tissues. Humans are weak in spirit and even weaker in body. When he possesses them his oppressive consciousness snuffs out the soul pretty quickly leaving the body extremely vulnerable to his rotting powers. They end up decaying from the inside out. This is the most reliable way of telling if he is possessing someone you know. A rancid stench will come from them as their insides turn to black mush. The skin will bubble and tear and injuries will seem to crop up out of nowhere. A festering gash here, a nasty blistering rash there. His favorite body as of late belongs to Reiji Shiratori, the pink haired boy from Ao no Exorcist. He's lasted a lot longer than his other hosts. People very rarely survive his possession. It requires a very swift and aggressive Exorcism, before the soul has been extinguished completely or you'll just have an empty vessel.

There is also Astaroth's true form, the form he takes when he's not inside a host body, or at least the representation that minds form when they see him, its slightly different with each new pairs of eyes. Some see a giant behemoth with immense strength, giant curling horns.

Some see a dilapidated ram-headed corpse with crooked withering horns,

All are variations of the same thing and regardless of how strong he appears visually he still has the same level of strength and ability.
Personality: Astaroth has been known to display two distinguished types of personalities. There is a docile form and an enraged form. He is usually docile when he is busy spreading rot, unhindered. The moment that someone interrupts him or tries to attack him he will become enraged and will use a mixture of trickery and brute force in order to take his opponent off guard, pin them to the floor and poison them with his saliva by spitting in their throat.
Talents: Astaroth is the King of Rot, he can spread rot, mold, and decay by either physical contact (takes time and is usually enhanced by concentration and chanting in the ancient tongue) In heightened states of excitement he can control coal tars, demonic mushrooms, non-demonic fungi, rats, beetles, maggots, and flies, causing them to swarm. He can also control ghouls which can attack but move slower. Ghouls also require corpses. His spit is poison but only if consumed orally. If consumed it causes swift internal damage as the organs begin to rot. He is of medium strength for a demon, able to tear off limbs pretty easily but his strength is dwarfed significantly by Amaimon and Mephisto, both of whom he takes great lengths to avoid creating conflict with.
Bio/Backstory: He had just found and seduced Reiji, tricking him into letting him out of Gehenna and into his body and was just about to test a theory on dimension jumping.
Anything Else:

So begins...

Astaroth: King of Rot's Story