Kaleb Ramsey

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a character in “The Doctor's Companions”, as played by BekaL101


Appearance: About 5'9'', with black hair and brown eyes. is slim and has a light tan

Name: Kaleb Ramsey

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Personality: Is fairly confident, sometimes bordering on arrogance. Isn't afraid to give his opinion, but hates the thought of being wrong. Has slight anger issues also, and tends to think with his fists rather than his head. Oddly enough, he's a talented artist as well, particularly in painting and drawing

Short Bio: Irish born, Kaleb is actually of the traveller community, and has grown up with those values. He moved to London to get away from this though, as he was being pressured into marrying someone he didn't like. The fact that he isn't all that into women doesn't help, though he isn't really sure of his preferences in general.

Nationality: Irish

Likes: Flirting, honesty, situations where he doesn't have to take things too seriously

Dislikes: People putting him down/discriminating because of his upbringing, being stressed.

Job: Art student

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