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Alexandrew Giovanni De Captain

"I'm sort of torn between not giving a fuck, and not giving a fuck."

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a character in “The Dollhouse reality show”, as played by ZoeyAutopsyx


Alexandrew Giovanni De Captain



Well now I‘m obviously a guy, aren‘t I.

Alex, Andrew, Drew, I've had them all before. I mostly just go by Drew, since I know too many Alexes and most of them are girls, and the name Andrew just pisses me off. Unless it's my dad calling me that.

I am eighteen years of age.

19th of November.

Sexual Perference
I consider myself bisexual. I love having a woman on my arm and making her happy, but guys are a lot of fun to mess around with. I simply can‘t deny.

Love Interest


If I were to have to describe myself using three words, they would be exciting, passionate, and intense. I really can’t think of anything else that describes me better than that.

I am the type of guy that your mom warned you about, the guy that other guys really don’t want to be starting shit with. But let’s get one thing straight, I don’t walk around calling myself a big, bad wolf, the best, or any of that. I receive titles, but I don’t encourage them. I personally have never claimed to be anything. I do not live to please people, so don’t be expecting me to kiss your ass so that you can be satisfied. I don’t lie to make you feel better, I tell it exactly like it is, and if you have a problem with that, then well, I’m sorry to say but I just do not give a rat’s ass. I'm a rather impatient person, and I'm not afraid to say it. I want instant gratification, and it takes a VERY important thing to make me wait.

It's also no secret that I am someone with a temper. A lot of things get on my nerves, and I explode over the smallest things. I guess this is because I'm full of so much emotion, that I really don't know how to 'channel it all in a positive way'. It's hard to keep things in, especially when they are dying to come out into the open. When it comes to being either a leader or a follower, well, I am neither. I don't follow people, but I also don't lead them. What is this, an army? I venture by myself, lead MYSELF, and don't expect anyone to follow. Sorry if that's not your cup of tea. I am what people call a moralist, I have a high moral code and am not willing to break it for anybody. I have strong opinions, but I don't push them down other people's throats, just like I expect people not to push them down my own throat.

When I want to be, I can be a totally sociable person, I know how to please a crowd, what to say, when to say it, and how to respond. I am self-confident, smooth, and know how to get what I want without eveb really asking for it. I’m not one for a big crowd, though, so I’ll tend to kind of withdraw from the commotion and stay within the outskirts to watch. That’s the thing about me, I observe anything, even when you think I’m not watching. I don’t fall for bullshit, and can’t stand a liar more than anything. Another thing, I can tell when someone's lying. If you're looking down at the ground and blinking after almost every other word, you are lyin' through your damn teeth. Humans weren't made to lie.

Though I may seem tough and insensitive on the outside, I can be a sweetheart to anyone I fall for, and know how to treat someone with the respect that they deserve. I tend to put my lover before myself, given that I fall hard for them, and this is when I can also become protective and dangerous. I look out for those I care for, and once you earn my trust, I’ll sure as hell have your back. But be warned, once you break my trust, you will have a better chance of finding Atlantis than getting it back.

Tall, dark and handsome is how I am described most of the time.

I stand at six feet exactly from the ground, and last time I checked, I weigh about 185 pounds. Due to my love affair with exercise, I am definitely in the best shape someone can be, and take pride in my abs. I am naturally tan, but as you can imagine, I lose some of that in the winter, although I don’t become a total ghost. (And thank God for that, too.)

My hair and eyes are both of the same color, a dark brown, and I tend to wear my hair in that messy, ’I don’t give a shit’ type way. It seems like half the time, I have a permanent smirk on my lips, so that’s an important part of my appearance, no doubt. I have no tattoos, not do I want any, but I do have a stud in my right ear. I keep debating on whether or not to take it out.

I am Italian, as well as British.

-Monster Energy Drinks-
This stuff is like heroin to me, I know it‘s pretty fucking bad for you, but I can‘t seem to stop drinking it. Green one, blue one, zero-calorie one, I like em all.

-Guys with tattoos-
Inked guys are a major turn on for me. I guess it‘s because I‘m too much of a wuss to get inked, truthfully, so seeing a guy who isn‘t afraid to take some pain is sexy as hell.

Although I prefer any alcohol, Champagne is my favorite, especially imported from Italy. The warm feeling it leaves down my throat is unlike anything else.

This may surprise a lot of people, but I‘m not an uneducated twat. I love to read, and my favorite books include the Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, stuff along those lines. I just have a thing for series.

-Ginger girls-
Any real red-head girl manages to capture my attention. They are adorable; the freckles, the green eyes, fine hair, all of it. I just can‘t get enough of it.

-Cardio workouts-
Although I enjoy all sorts of ways of working out, getting a good cardio is my favorite part of it all. It feels good to get your heart racing and to get in shape. It makes me feel untouchable.

-Chocolate cake-
This is ironic considering it follows the Cardio workout, but I absolutely adore any sort of chocolate cake you have to offer me. I can't pass it up, no matter how much I care about staying healthy.

-The color yellow-
It‘s a piss poor color, no pun intended. I hate everything about it, not much I can say about it.

I HATE women who don‘t respect themselves or their bodies. If you are making out with every guy in the room and posting statuses on Facebook about how much you love sex, don‘t come talking to me.

-Loud people-
People who feel the need to yell across the room. Shut the fuck up and sit your ass down, no one wants to hear what you have to say at any volume, let alone that screeching one.

The texture, the smell, everything about it just grosses me out.

-Pickle juice-
I like pickles, but the pickle juice disgusts me. It‘s weird, but it‘s the truth.

-Apps on phones-
What the HELL is the point. A phone was created for calling, not to entertain your short attention spam for a total of five minutes. Not to mention the capitalists see you all as ATMS when you purchase your little apps on iTunes or whatever website you get your money sucked from.

-Rich, spoiled shits-
People born with silver spoons shoved up their asses have none of my respect. So you happen be the lucky sperm that fertilizes the lucky egg and you think the whole planet belongs to you. You didn't do anything to deserve what you have, so why should you deserve my respect. Grow the hell up.

Theme Song
Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake

Los Angeles, California. This is where my story starts.

Unlike most kids these days, I still have both of my parents in the picture. My dad isn't some sort of dead-beat asshole. My mom isn't an alcoholic. In fact, my parents are both hard-working people who haven't had the best luck in life. It's funny I should say that, because for my dad, Gambling is his life. And luck sure as hell almost never hits him. He works for the Coast Guard, and as some of you may know, the pay is piss-poor. And when you gamble away the majority of your money, you're left with almost nothing to offer. My mom? Well, my mom used to make plenty of money, before the economy turned to shit when the president got elected in 2008.

Economy failed, and my mom stopped selling houses, which devestated her beyond belief. This left us with barely enough money to keep our own house, let alone buy things that we need. I pretty much grew up knowing that we were poor, but I didn't ask for any sympathy. My parents taught me better than that. I mostly spent my time away from home, I was always at a friends house, who had all the brand-new shit kids seem to obsess over for a week before throwing it in a corner and forgetting about it. I remember every belonging I recieved from my parents, and cherished it until it fell apart. A bicycle at five years old, a truck at the age of seven, stuff like that. I was glad to even recieve a new pair of shoes when my current pair started falling apart. It was at the age of nine that I got into dancing, since two of my other good friends at the time were into it. We were inspired by boy bands like 'Nsync, and pretty much looked up to them for the longest time. Hell, we wanted to start our own boy band. For the record, I still listen to 'Nsync when no one's around, it's kind of my guilty pleasure.

Last year at the age of seventeen, I finally decided to get off my lazy ass and get a job, which landed me working at Hollister. Honestly, I hate the job, you can barely see shit in the store and we're all forced to wear the same plaid shirt, but somehow I can act like every other clueless employee there. I've even had girls come up to me asking why I'm not a model for them and not a cashier. Either way, I'm glad to finally be making my own money, and am in the process of saving up to buy a car so I don't have to rely on other people for a ride.

I am a break-dancer, and a hell of a good one, too. I suppose I could be a good male model, but then again, that's not much of a talent, since some people are born with good looks, not to sound like too much of a D.

So begins...

Alexandrew Giovanni De Captain's Story