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Devon Anderson - Von

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a character in “The Dollmaster's Key”, as played by Lolkatlove



Devon Anderson - Von


Apparent Age:
23 years old in appearance

Physical Description
Von is a doll of suitable size standing at exactly 6foot tall. His time of creation however was one of advancement. His arms are jointed as well as his legs; however the joints are smaller than the early jointed dolls. He is also made from a softer clay a prototype for the more recent joint-less dolls, both of these features make his movement slightly more fluid than the older jointed dolls but not as flexible as newer versions. His speech isn’t slow but it isn’t as fluent as newer versions either. His key hole can be located to the left of his shoulder blade, slightly rusted from time but still in good condition. Not much can be said for the glass of his eyes however, one is still its original favoured light blue; however Von lost his right eye during an accident and had to have it replaced with that of a golden eye. It hasn’t affected his vision luckily.

Key Description
Made from a solid gold Von’s key is simple natured as it is small. However its handle is in contrast a delicately carved pattern the orange gems encrusted into it giving it a handsome appearance. Like Von himself, he is small and easy to miss yet he is full of potential and has hidden talents.



Von is an introverted being; he likes to keep to himself and away from judgement. He was never sure on his meaning to the doll master, as a doll that is halfway between the jointed and non-jointed he has never been confident in his creation. He wishes to learn of his purpose, but knows that can never be.
Because of this Von doesn’t feel comfortable around either the jointed or non-jointed and often prefers the company of humans as they can be compassionate. He finds humans interesting, their quirks and believes even the ‘emotions’ they posses confuse and astound him. He often therefore watches them in passing studying their lives and comparing them to his own, questioning what it would be like to have ‘emotions.’ Having lost an eye he understand the emotion of ‘pain’, it was that incident that made him become fascinated with other human emotions and what they could be like. Jotting down in a diary as many descriptions he can fathom. Thus, the idea of being surrounded by dolls such as himself like in the town ‘Eidings’ is something he dislikes as he finds other dolls most of the time boring to study.
Von questions many things throughout his long life, he questions himself, and the reason people take their actions. He loves to study from old textbooks learning of humanities and Dolls history alike. He also loves machinery, the working of how such things move and fit together remind him of himself as how his existence works is still unknown.
Yet, even though Von does not choose to talk to many people expecting them to dislike his figure and his replacement eye, he can be kind if he is allowed the chance. He enjoys helping where he can and learning from others. However, he far kinder to humans than dolls their thoughts on his being normally one of dislike as he fits in with neither the jointed or joint-less, an outcast among dolls. Therefore, when first meeting a doll Von can be stubborn and harsh as he expects to be immediately disliked not willing to allow another the chance to insult him. He rarely smiles around them locking his true self in their presence.

He remembers information from the books he reads eternally having an extraordinary memory. Because of this his has a vast amount of knowledge about the world and the people that live in it. Von is also good with his hands, being able to do repairs when necessary though they may not always be perfect.


Observing animals and humans
Intricate objects such as a Clocks dynamics.
Old Textbooks
Thorn bushes = beautiful but threatening


Other Dolls
Water – doesn’t like the idea of rusting (keyhole)
Spiders – the only living thing he hates more than dolls


Discovering his true purpose and disliking it.
Dying without knowing his purpose or having made a mark in his life as valuable

Upon first opening his eyes Von was standing outside of Belrise, people were scattered everywhere the town a buzz with life from humans and dolls alike. Only knowing his name and of the Doll master he wondered the streets, watching the market move along with its daily schedule learning of the environment around him. It was at that very market a kind old human woman handed him a text book dust springing from the pages when she saw him aimlessly wondering around. She then offered to home him for a time whilst he got used to being ‘alive’.
Von enjoyed his stay with the woman; she used to be a scholar for a school and had many books on shelves. He read them at first out of curiosity to the things she taught, but he soon found himself compelled by the information inside of them. He discovered he loved learning of the past and began people watching, exploring the city for its secrets. However, the longer he lived and the more dolls he met he noticed their looks of distain at his form, they were all jointed dolls when he came into being. Their skin porcelain, clay and various other things, he noticed how he moved smoother compared to them his speech faster and easier to understand. He wondered why the doll maker had made him so different, why had he decided to change his creations.
It was on one of his adventures around the city that he met a number of jointed dolls, they had met once or twice before, Von had always been friendly. For he had not managed to befriend another doll yet since they always shied away from or her felt an uncomfortable aura from them, these dolls were no different. Insulting him and claiming he was a mistake, an abomination they pushed and attack him believing the doll maker had created a failure. He ended up losing his right eye that day the glass smashed to a million pieces upon impact against a brick wall. The old woman had managed to save him.
She told him them that he was different, that dolls will probably be frightened or disgusted by him. He understood then, not having emotions to feel either angry or sad he accepted his fate, as well as questioning it. The old woman passed away soon after, leaving her small house and all of her books to Von. He thanked her greatly and missed her company experiencing death for the first time. Many years later dolls such as himself appeared, upgraded slightly more every time until the joint-less came into being. He was soon able to fade into a crowd and not draw attention to himself, his creation more accepted but still rare as a mixture or the now populated jointed and joint-less.

How many days did they have left when they went for the winding?
One week, three days and 15 minutes.

Anything else?

So begins...

Devon Anderson - Von's Story


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Day 0, Hour 0, Minute 23

Perhaps it was simply the evening approached, but the charming buildings of Terota that day seemed... just a little sad. There was something lingering in the air, something unsettling, and it made all the citizens of the small town ill at ease. Within this town, a crossroads for several major settlements, was the beginning of a strange journey for several stranger individuals.

This is where our story begins.

Of different cities, different lives, the characters of this tale gathered for one reason alone - to continue to live. However, it was obvious at first glance that this would not be fulfilled. It had always been a quaint little thing, as most key-keeper shops are. However, that day, it was different. The dolls gathered could barely recognize the tired, dilapidated building. The windows, once inviting, had been boarded shut, so hastily that the nails hung ajar. The door had been locked at first, but one reckless individual had broken it down.

The inside was worse. Far worse.

There was scarcely a centimeter that remained untouched - the ground was littered with debris and the walls scorched and torn. With every step, glass or ash was crushed into the floorboards underfoot. The scraps of the paper once draped on the walls were scattered, burned, and destroyed, the printed roses almost wilted in a literal sense. The skin peeled back, the building now stood, a mere wooden skeleton of its former, kinder self.

The brittle beams struggled against the pull of the earth, and on the far side of the room, a table lay crippled by the bared walls. Its legs were snapped, its surface smeared with dark powder. However, despite the wreckage strewn about, it was obvious that once upon a time, this was indeed the shop of a keykeeper. Both sides of the room were lined by the small locked drawers that had contained the beautiful keys of dolls... but they were smashed open, displaying their hollow interior for all to see.

The tiny cats that adorned the drawer-tops lay shattered on the floor. The vase of flowers once beside it had met the same end. The water seeped along the cracks of the floorboards, drowning the remnants of fragrant blooms along with a slip of paper, half-dyed red.

Further papers, destroyed to the point of being unreadable, were crammed into the flickering hearth to the left. A wooden chair, legs licked by the flames, lay beside a pair of broken glasses - its silver wire frame was twisted beyond repair. However, rather than the hearth, the remains of a bonfire lined the pit of a gaping hole in the center of the room. Inside it was an inch of cinder along with the remnants of a half-eaten meal.

Other than the crackling of the fire, the house was quiet... unnaturally so. However, even stranger still were two objects mysteriously intact. The first, tacked to the door leading into the keykeeper's private quarters, was a singed fold of paper. Although the ink was blurred, two significant clues remained:

'Have patience - the keys unlock the gates to immortality'

... and...

'Eternal is the Master Key'...

The other object, seeming misplaced amongst the ruins, was a strange silver amulet. Engraved into the disc was what resembled a serpent devouring its own tail. Hanging from a nail upon the wall, it seemed almost deliberately placed.

So normal it seemed from the outside... and humans rarely frequented the shop meant for dolls. The people of Terota might not have known if it weren't for the dolls that fateful day.