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Jack Tinkertoy

Tick tock goes the clock... Ding Dong ends your song.

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a character in “The Dollmaster's Key”, as played by cantdoright



Jack Tinkertoy

Apparent Age:

Physical Description
Jack is a long lived doll and his appearance shows, the paint on his wooden frame has long since been worn down. Atop Jack's bald head is a jester's hat it is made of worn leather with the colors of green and red slowly fading to reveal the duller brown underneath. Upon his white pale colored face held a telescopic eye on his right while his left eye held a panel that could open and shut if his left ear was tugged in the right manner. Within his left eye could hold small objects, such as keys, gloves and many other hand sized items. His jaw can dislocate at will and extend twice its length out, within can be found razor sharp teeth that have dulled with age, but sharp enough to pierce human flesh. His Face shows chipping around the jaw line and shows the extending mechanism has been damage and may only work half as well as it use to. Although his jaw is positioned to show a permanent smile, his lips are made wax color red. His voice is jagged and raspy and is rarely ever heard.

Jack's clothes have been patched many times have faded from years of use and hardship. The jester costume is composed more of patches then the original design, all the patches various in their colors, from blue to green and yellow to red. They all held the same dreary tone to them and his ensemble seemed to show the dullest of rainbows. Unlike most dolls Jack had four arms, two on the side and thinner long arms that protruded from his back and when not on display, hid comfortable along his back. Two patched up holes on the lower sides of his abdominal area show where two arms had been. The arms that were attached normally looked no different than other jointed dolls, but his longer arms on his back had an extra joint added and protruded from a haphazardly carved hole in his shoulder blades. Between the two arms lied his key hole, with scratches and marks showing its many years of use. His hands held once sharpened fingers that were now dull. His thumbs on the other hand were all hooked and were barbed. His thumbs were especially worn down with use.

Finally Jack's legs are the most worked on piece of his body, having been changed from his more child like legs in to strong mechanical legs with an extra joint then the typical doll. The legs have been equipped to have Jack run at incredible speeds at one point in his older days, but have since rusted and made him only able to achieve normal speeds of running and walking. Jack limps on his damaged left leg that has caused his speed to have depleted.

On a side note Jack's entire body shows signs of being altered with, since his original body was that of a child’s, that had been transformed to become more adult.

Key Description
Jack's Key was built for practicality rather than looks for the one who would be turning it. For Jack requires additional turns then a normal doll and requires long cranking seasons to make sure he has enough power to last long treks. While normally he would have nearly twice the life time as a jointed doll the multiple expansions and condition of his body has reduced him to only a few extra days long then the more modern dolls.

Jack is a masochist sociopath who loves to also see the pain of humans. The sight of death is something he adores and lives his life to make sure his life is full of it. He takes great joy when he is being tinkered on, and has had many adjustments made to his body from the craving. He also enjoys the simplest of tinkering works such as the turning of his key.
Jack is a very organized doll and always has three or four plans for any occasion. This is caused due to his profession of finding and killing humans. The only ones he killed were those who coveted dolls and kept them as pets, or tried to kill them. Anyone who mistreated a doll would soon be found by jack and pay the ultimate price. Although Jack never killed quickly, he always toyed with humans as they had toyed with the dolls that they had tortured. The entire time during the games Jack usually complemented them on a good job, or how they could have done it better. Jack kills these men to find out their secrets, for when a man is dieing they tend to give up their secrets easily. Soon after the killings Jack repeats the process on himself so that he knows the feeling of what the other dolls went through.
While being truly insane on the inside Jack does not show it when he speaks to others not on his kill list. He walks around towns and cities in a brown hooded overcoat to hide his flashy appearance. He uses his disguise to gather information on any humans that deserve his treatment. To gather the information more easily Jack has rehearsed many sob stories he has heard from other dolls into one act to tell a tale of the horrible past he has had.
He considers these his missions and after each he returns to his key master to turn his key and then repeats the foul deeds he has found. It took him forever to find one who would do it, so he is the only human he trusts at the time.

Jack has many abilities that he acquired over his many years of living. His proficiency in blades was once unrivaled, but now has deteriorated with his age and rusted limbs to only be useful in surgical operations in which he is torturing his victims. Another of Jack's skills is of lying and deceiving people to gain information out of them. He has used this skill many times to find his next victim and to get close with locals in all towns where his victim's stayed. Although many of his old contacts are dead, Jack still has a few in odd towns here and there. Finally Jack has a keen telescopic eye that can see far away things in clear detail. The length of his clear vision is limited to 100 meters and beyond that it would be hard for him to see perfectly.

Being tinkered and worked on (including getting his key turned)
Killing humans
Winning games

Newer modeled dolls

Dying before his mission is complete

Jack was said to be one of the first dolls ever created but was stolen shortly after his creation by someone who wanted to figure out the secrets of the dolls creation. His appearance was that of a child clown, but soon he was transformed as an adult as the first experiment on his body. It started with his legs, unfortunately for Jack his thief had not the faintest idea how to work a doll. So instead of making longer better legs he had broken his original legs beyond repair. So his thief tried again this time with a design of his own. They were simpler and heavier than his original set and it took the thief five different models before Jack could stand on them without them breaking. Soon after hundreds of different models the thief had finally created the triple jointed legs that Jack possesses to this day. The thief continued to work on different parts of Jack, each enhancement more painful than the last. The experimentation was the most painful thing Jack ever experienced, but soon jack realized in his time caged away that there was not another feeling he could have. Pain was the only feeling he had as a doll and he began to cherish it. Now experimentations were all he ever looked forward to and the times in the cage, away from them were torture. Even the games of testing out the new functions of the enhancements became a chore whenever Jack needed to test old attachments. His life was happiest during the experimentation, but eventually the thief went on to new experiments without anything to do with Jack. Eventually the experiments stopped and Jack was left to rot in his cage. Then, so many years after his solitude, the thief came back to him and took him outside of his cage. Jack felt a sense of joy knowing the pain would be back and he would gain even more accessories to test with, but when Jack was placed on the experimenting table, something felt off. The thief, instead of adding more to jack started taking away his 5th and 6th arm. Jack realized he was trying to take away all the work that had been built up to that point. Jack began to scrabble and squirm, but it was too late the arms had been removed and the thief was getting ready to take off the next pair. Once the thief had loosened the straps to turn him around, Jack lunged at his thief and slowly choked the life out of his once beloved thief. Jack escaped that day and decided to dedicate his life to find more ways to receive the pain he longed for.

How many days did they have left when they went for the winding?
25 days

So begins...

Jack Tinkertoy's Story