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Raven Sinclair

[Abandoned Character - Created by tenthcompanion] Beauty can be found in anything. All you need to do is look closely.

0 · 244 views · located in Terota

a character in “The Dollmaster's Key”, originally authored by Nivosity, as played by RolePlayGateway


Raven Sinclair

Apparent Age:

Physical Description
Raven is a doll who many people would call stereotypically “beautiful”. He stands at 5’10” and has a slightly muscular figure with skin the colour of cream. Soft locks of pitch-black hair are arranged messily on his head and fall almost to his shoulders. His eyes are a golden-brown colour, but they almost look yellow in direct sunlight. Being one of the newest models of jointless doll, it is almost impossible to tell that Raven is not human. There are only two physical marks on his body that reveal him as the construct he really is. The first and most obvious mark is his keyhole. It is located on the left side of his back around where his heart would be… if he had one, that is. The second mark is a long, thin crack down his right forearm that he received from a past injury. The crack is not easily seen from far away, so many people don’t even notice it. For clothes, Raven usually wears a nice button-up shirt, dark coloured pants, and black or brown shoes. He also loves to wear the long black coat he was found in when he woke up for the first time.

Key Description
The key that was made for Raven appears to be very plain in comparison with other keys. It is much smaller than average and does not have any ornate decoration. However, it is made of pure gold and it shines beautifully when hit by the sunlight. Also, if you look closely, the bow of the key is made up of tiny strands of gold filament all woven together in an intricate pattern. It looks like a plain, solid gold disc from far away, so you have to really look closely to see its beauty.

Raven is one of the nicest, sweetest dolls you will ever meet. Unfortunately, you will probably never meet him. He is incredibly shy and introverted, so he rarely talks to anyone that he doesn’t already know. Seriously, he can count the number of friends he has on one hand. But you really shouldn’t feel sorry for him; he wouldn’t want you to. Raven is acutely aware of his introverted personality and wouldn’t have it any other way. For him, solitude is often the best company. It offers him time to complete his sketches and paintings that he so dearly loves. He has tried accompanying his friends to a couple bars in the evening but he couldn’t quite understand why people enjoyed this activity so much. It was much too noisy and crowded, and the drunk humans acted completely ridiculous. In that moment, Raven felt very glad that he would never be able to drink beer.

The select few people who are close to him know that he is a very kind, calm, and patient person. He would never do anything to hurt someone and he almost never thinks poorly of anyone. In theory, this is a good quality to have, but it makes it very easy to take advantage of him. Raven’s naïveté has already cost him a couple times. He rarely finds an occasion to raise his voice and he tries not to rush anything. Once he starts working on something, a new watercolour for example, he will work on it for as long as it takes without worrying about deadlines or speed. After all, dolls do not age, so he really does have all the time in the world. Assuming that he gets himself rewound every two months, of course.

Raven is an artist right down to his core. The moment he opened his eyes for the first time and saw the sun and the sky and the trees, he knew he had to share this beauty with others. He often leaves the bustling city and walks out into the countryside, for nature is his favourite thing to paint. However, he has recently taken an interest in painting people as well. He finds it challenging to capture a person’s essence on paper, but he will not stop trying until he does.

Raven was “born” with an aptitude for art. He is particularly good at painting in watercolour, though his other paintings and sketches are also very good. He sells most of what he paints in the market in Belerise but he does not attend the market himself. There are way too many people there for him to feel comfortable. Instead, he is acquainted with another artist who sells his work for a small cut of the profits.


-Painting and Sketching
-Jointed and Jointless Dolls
-People Watching (from a distance)
-Seeing people smile


-Being inside for too long
-People being really rowdy or loud
-Seeing beauty be ignored or destroyed
-People who discriminate against dolls/humans just because of what they are


-Being broken in such a way that he is unable to paint anymore (losing his sight, cracking his hands, etc.)
-Running out of time (this is a newly acquired fear)

When Raven first woke up, the first thing he saw was the sun blazing high above the trees just outside the city of Belerise. There was a man of about fifty standing over him, looking concerned. The man’s name was Andrew and he was an innkeeper who lived in the town. Andrew helped him up, asked him his name and offered him a place to stay for the night. However, the one night quickly turned into a few weeks and he and Andrew have been close friends ever since. Raven took up permanent residence in the inn, but wondered how he would pay for it. The innkeeper was a kind and gentle man who continued to offer Raven the room for free, but the doll knew that it was only right to pay him back. Recalling the beautiful landscape that he saw when he first woke up, Raven purchased some paints and brushes and tried to put his memories onto paper. As it turned out, he was quite the excellent artist. He braved the crowded market area, sold his painting for a decent price, and gave the money as payment for his room. Almost every day since then, Raven has wandered outside the city walls of Belerise in search of more landscapes to paint. With the money he earned from his art, the inn began to flourish. Andrew was able to buy new appliances, furniture, decorations. It was still a far cry from an upper-class inn, but it was no longer the run-down place it used to be.

Raven has lived in Belerise for about a decade now. In this time, he has made a couple new friends. One is a human artist that he met in the market many years back. He now sells Raven’s art for him and takes a small cut of the profits in return for his efforts. This way, the doll is able to avoid those horrible bouts of social anxiety that arise whenever he’s in the marketplace. His other friend is a female doll who works as a maid in Andrew’s inn. Her name is Clarisse and she arrived at the inn about five years ago. They have become like brother and sister over the years, if such relations between dolls could ever exist. Of course, he has had bad relationships as well. Many humans look at him with cold glares and one particularly prejudiced human even attacked him, creating the long crack in the clay of his right forearm. But overall, Raven’s experiences in the city of Belerise have been good. He longs to see more of the world but fears straying too far from his home and those he loves. But now he has no choice; he must leave in search of his missing key, or else his internal machinery will cease to tick.

How many days did they have left when they went for the winding?
One week exactly

So begins...

Raven Sinclair's Story


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0.00 INK

Day 0, Hour 0, Minute 23

Perhaps it was simply the evening approached, but the charming buildings of Terota that day seemed... just a little sad. There was something lingering in the air, something unsettling, and it made all the citizens of the small town ill at ease. Within this town, a crossroads for several major settlements, was the beginning of a strange journey for several stranger individuals.

This is where our story begins.

Of different cities, different lives, the characters of this tale gathered for one reason alone - to continue to live. However, it was obvious at first glance that this would not be fulfilled. It had always been a quaint little thing, as most key-keeper shops are. However, that day, it was different. The dolls gathered could barely recognize the tired, dilapidated building. The windows, once inviting, had been boarded shut, so hastily that the nails hung ajar. The door had been locked at first, but one reckless individual had broken it down.

The inside was worse. Far worse.

There was scarcely a centimeter that remained untouched - the ground was littered with debris and the walls scorched and torn. With every step, glass or ash was crushed into the floorboards underfoot. The scraps of the paper once draped on the walls were scattered, burned, and destroyed, the printed roses almost wilted in a literal sense. The skin peeled back, the building now stood, a mere wooden skeleton of its former, kinder self.

The brittle beams struggled against the pull of the earth, and on the far side of the room, a table lay crippled by the bared walls. Its legs were snapped, its surface smeared with dark powder. However, despite the wreckage strewn about, it was obvious that once upon a time, this was indeed the shop of a keykeeper. Both sides of the room were lined by the small locked drawers that had contained the beautiful keys of dolls... but they were smashed open, displaying their hollow interior for all to see.

The tiny cats that adorned the drawer-tops lay shattered on the floor. The vase of flowers once beside it had met the same end. The water seeped along the cracks of the floorboards, drowning the remnants of fragrant blooms along with a slip of paper, half-dyed red.

Further papers, destroyed to the point of being unreadable, were crammed into the flickering hearth to the left. A wooden chair, legs licked by the flames, lay beside a pair of broken glasses - its silver wire frame was twisted beyond repair. However, rather than the hearth, the remains of a bonfire lined the pit of a gaping hole in the center of the room. Inside it was an inch of cinder along with the remnants of a half-eaten meal.

Other than the crackling of the fire, the house was quiet... unnaturally so. However, even stranger still were two objects mysteriously intact. The first, tacked to the door leading into the keykeeper's private quarters, was a singed fold of paper. Although the ink was blurred, two significant clues remained:

'Have patience - the keys unlock the gates to immortality'

... and...

'Eternal is the Master Key'...

The other object, seeming misplaced amongst the ruins, was a strange silver amulet. Engraved into the disc was what resembled a serpent devouring its own tail. Hanging from a nail upon the wall, it seemed almost deliberately placed.

So normal it seemed from the outside... and humans rarely frequented the shop meant for dolls. The people of Terota might not have known if it weren't for the dolls that fateful day.