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Rey Sargs

Old Man Leo would've wanted me to continue.

0 · 342 views · located in Terota

a character in “The Dollmaster's Key”, as played by ZenMon


Rey Sargs

Apparent Age:

Physical Description
Rey is an imposing doll if only because of his size. He stands at 6'
8”, towering over most people. His body is also heavier than other dolls, as is typical of a jointless. His frame is heavier than most jointless though, to be used for some purpose that his creator only knows. His left hand appears to be covered by a fingerless glove with large, flat studs on the knuckles with a cross at the end of each stud. A large red gem is set in a gold-colored socket on the rear portion of the “glove”. In actuality, the “glove” is really his hand. As much as he would want to, he cannot remove it. His right hand appears to be normal in every regard until you look at the palm. There is a tattoo in the middle of his palm, painted in a golden yellow and a dark blood red, of a sunburst (the gold) on a circle (the red). The only other aspects of his body that are out-of-the-ordinary are his eyes. While they seem normal at first glance, they are actually pupil-less.

His keyhole is located behind his right shoulder, close to the neck. The keyhole a simple slit in his back; the area around the keyhole forms a pure white circle with a diameter of two inches.

Key Description
The key is split in two parts that stem from the end where it is held. At first glance, it too is simple. Upon closer inspection one would discover that the key is covered in intricate silver threading. The ends of the key that are inserted into Rey's body have gold threading instead of silver. There are ridges on the inserted portion that look like eyes.

The strong, silent type describes Rey almost perfectly. He says little, but tries to say what needs to be said as concisely as possible. Yet he is devoted to those who have befriended him and those he idolizes. However, he does tend to ramble on and on if he gets excited or the subject is particularly interesting for him.

Durable – Since his skeletal frame is heavier than most jointless, he has above average strength and is resistant to most internal damage. Although it certainly helps his durability, he is not as agile as other dolls.
Hidden Weaponry – If Rey rotates his left hand (to the left) the studs on the ends of his hand open up and spikes emerge. The spikes are two inches long. If he were to rotate his right hand in a similar manner, a blade (about two feet long) slides out from a difficult to spot slit between his middle finger and ring finger. While the blade is out, his hand is “locked” into a fist. The blade will be retracted and his hand will be “unlocked” if he sticks his thumb out. These installations were added after he decided to remain with Leonardo the Priest, in order to better protect him.
Observant – Because he had guarded the priest whom he saved, Rey has always been trying to see the true intent in peoples actions, looking for suspicious activity or objects, and trying to spot danger before it comes. This kind of scrutiny has proved useful in other situations such as spotting imperfections in his wooden carvings and spotting changes in the activities of fish.
Literate – Rey is able to read and write after being instructed in literacy by the priest. Since becoming literate, Rey has delighted in reading books of all kinds.

- Physical work
-Meditating (he's not great at it)
-Gathering knowledge about other dolls
-Whittling (He makes flutes, figures, and symbols of various sorts)

-Idleness/Doing Nothing (It irritates him to no end)
-Bars/Pubs/Taverns (Mostly due to his dislike of confrontations)

He fears he'll never know where he came from, he fears losing his memory (not likely, but he's still afraid of the possibility), and he fears he could not protect those who are important to him.

The beginnings of Rey's life were abnormal to say the least. He awoke not among other dolls, but in the wilderness. Alone. His key was hanging around his neck with a leather strip. Simple loose-fitting linen clothes were all that he possessed. He wasn't even wearing shoes. In his mind there were no memories. Nothing to tell him who he was or what he needed to do. He blundered through forests and over hills, searching for meaning for his existence. The loneliness he felt magnified whenever animals fled from his alien presence. Yet he continued his seemingly endless march towards his uncertain future.

It was several weeks before he reached any sign of civilization. In the early hours of the evening, Rey had crested a hill only to see a small village down below him. A spark of hope flared up inside him. Perhaps here, he thought, someone might know what I am. By the time Rey reached the village, darkness had settled over the world. The inhabitants had long since retired to their homes by the time he actually reached the small group of houses. He walked between the huts looking for someone who could help him. Commotion in a nearby alley caught his attention. A small group of men, muggers by the looks of them, had cornered an older man. They shouted demands at their victim, but the old man shook his head in refusal every time. Rey was at a loss of what to do until one of the group struck at the old man, knocking him to the ground.

Rey leaped forward towards the knot of men before he even knew what he was doing. He punched one of them in the head before the man knew what happened. As their comrade fell, Rey became the subject of their hatred. They attacked him savagely, but they couldn't hurt him. With a few more punches, the men were splayed about the alley, unconscious. As the last man limply fell to the ground, Rey blacked out. When he had come to, he was still in the alleyway with his shirt and key removed. In a panic, Rey looked around for them only to see them in the hands of the old man. The man identified himself as Leonardo, the priest at the local church. He wore a simple black robe and plain leather shoes. His hair was long and grey with white at the temples. He had a greying beard as well that hung to his chest and bright blue eyes that shone with wisdom gained over many years. Leonardo thanked Rey and offered to take him to the chapel so he could recover properly. Rey, who until now had no other reason for his life, happily (and quickly) accepted.

Over the course of the next five years, Rey stayed with Leonardo at the church. He helped the old priest with the various work that needed to be done as well as help alleviate the loneliness both of them felt but didn't want to admit. Leonardo helped Rey by trying to find all the information he could about where Reys' origins might be. It was during this time that Rey had chosen to augment his body to better protect Leonardo. Yet all things must come to an end. Leonardo eventually grew ill and passed on, leaving Rey with the skills that he had accumulated and information about where Rey should look for clues to his past. Rey buried Leo atop the hill overlooking the village; the very same hill Rey had found the village. He set out that very evening, wanting to find out his past so that Leo's help would not have been for naught.

Doesn't know what/who he is, defend priest from vagabonds, follows priest and helps at church, priest dies, he continues to care for church before leaving to discover his origins.

How many days did they have left when they went for the winding?
Rey's next winding was coming up in two weeks time.

Anything else?

So begins...

Rey Sargs's Story


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Day 0, Hour 0, Minute 23

Perhaps it was simply the evening approached, but the charming buildings of Terota that day seemed... just a little sad. There was something lingering in the air, something unsettling, and it made all the citizens of the small town ill at ease. Within this town, a crossroads for several major settlements, was the beginning of a strange journey for several stranger individuals.

This is where our story begins.

Of different cities, different lives, the characters of this tale gathered for one reason alone - to continue to live. However, it was obvious at first glance that this would not be fulfilled. It had always been a quaint little thing, as most key-keeper shops are. However, that day, it was different. The dolls gathered could barely recognize the tired, dilapidated building. The windows, once inviting, had been boarded shut, so hastily that the nails hung ajar. The door had been locked at first, but one reckless individual had broken it down.

The inside was worse. Far worse.

There was scarcely a centimeter that remained untouched - the ground was littered with debris and the walls scorched and torn. With every step, glass or ash was crushed into the floorboards underfoot. The scraps of the paper once draped on the walls were scattered, burned, and destroyed, the printed roses almost wilted in a literal sense. The skin peeled back, the building now stood, a mere wooden skeleton of its former, kinder self.

The brittle beams struggled against the pull of the earth, and on the far side of the room, a table lay crippled by the bared walls. Its legs were snapped, its surface smeared with dark powder. However, despite the wreckage strewn about, it was obvious that once upon a time, this was indeed the shop of a keykeeper. Both sides of the room were lined by the small locked drawers that had contained the beautiful keys of dolls... but they were smashed open, displaying their hollow interior for all to see.

The tiny cats that adorned the drawer-tops lay shattered on the floor. The vase of flowers once beside it had met the same end. The water seeped along the cracks of the floorboards, drowning the remnants of fragrant blooms along with a slip of paper, half-dyed red.

Further papers, destroyed to the point of being unreadable, were crammed into the flickering hearth to the left. A wooden chair, legs licked by the flames, lay beside a pair of broken glasses - its silver wire frame was twisted beyond repair. However, rather than the hearth, the remains of a bonfire lined the pit of a gaping hole in the center of the room. Inside it was an inch of cinder along with the remnants of a half-eaten meal.

Other than the crackling of the fire, the house was quiet... unnaturally so. However, even stranger still were two objects mysteriously intact. The first, tacked to the door leading into the keykeeper's private quarters, was a singed fold of paper. Although the ink was blurred, two significant clues remained:

'Have patience - the keys unlock the gates to immortality'

... and...

'Eternal is the Master Key'...

The other object, seeming misplaced amongst the ruins, was a strange silver amulet. Engraved into the disc was what resembled a serpent devouring its own tail. Hanging from a nail upon the wall, it seemed almost deliberately placed.

So normal it seemed from the outside... and humans rarely frequented the shop meant for dolls. The people of Terota might not have known if it weren't for the dolls that fateful day.