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The Dollmaster's Key



a part of The Dollmaster's Key, by Cienpher.

Sagen - a port town where wayfarers may set for open sea

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Sagen - a port town where wayfarers may set for open sea


Sagen is a part of The World.

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Jacen Lark [1] "They are nothing but hollow ghosts..."

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Sagen. The town of worthless people who do nothing but the same routine day after day. Sleep, eat, work, shop, sell, buy, repeat. The only good thing about a repetitive life is the trips to the pubs after work. The bars are full of drunken men and delightful women who all come for the same thing: happy hour and of course a few other things. A man sat a the bar counter, his head resting on the cold slab.

"Hey...Lark! Buddy, it's time you go home." the bar tender said to the drunken man.
"Shuddap Stan!" the man yelled. "I'm fine!"

Stan put his hand on Jacen's shoulder pratically covering it. "Seriously Jacen. Go home. I can get someone to help you there."
Jacen laughed bitterly. "No thanks, I'll walk by myself." he said as he picked up his jacket and stumbled out of the bar. A few other men in the bar whistled and laughed at Jacen's misfortune. It was the only time they could when he was wasted. Compaired to the other men in Sagen, Jacen's build is pratically one of a ladys. His small waist and pale skin are feminine compaired to the brawn, tan bodies of the port men.

Jacen would've said something sarcastic back at them, but his mind was too jumbled to even remember what day it was. I guess I went too far today... he thought as he looked up in the night sky. The stars were shining brightly on this warm night and the streets were unusually bare. What time is it? The streets always have at least two people wandering about...

Jacen's vision started to blur as he continued to walk down the street. He tried to read the street signs to find his way back to his appartment, but it was no use. Soon he didn't even know where he was going or if he was even on the sidewalk. Maybe I should've gotten some help... Jacen thought was he kept wondering around the night. Without any clue of direction, Jacen started stumbling down an alley way. I need to sit down for a while. Just a few minutes wouldn't hurt. Jacen slid down the brick wall and closed his eyes. Just a...few...min...