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"Don't whine."

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a character in “The Dragon Academy”, as played by ShrimpMayo


|| B A N S H E E ||

"You think you have what it takes to train under me?"


|| Name ||
Banshee von Ugienburg

|| Age ||

|| Gender ||

|| Origin ||

|| Sexuality ||

|| Role ||
Dragon Academy Leader

|| Face Claim ||
Tear Grants

ImageImage|| Hair Color ||
|| Eye Color ||
|| Skin Tone ||
|| Height ||
|| Weight ||
125 lb.
|| Identifying Marks ||
She has a scar running from her nape to her right shoulder from a Monstrous Nightmare attack when she was a kid.

ImageImage|| Primary Weapon ||
|| Second Weapon ||
|| Strengths ||
Smart; Agile; Authoritative
|| Weaknesses ||
Physically weak; Short-tempered; Lone wolf

|| Name ||

|| Gender ||

|| Type ||
Screaming Death

|| Identifying Features ||
A long scar from the middle of its eye running up to just below it's mouth

|| Personality ||
Sonar is quiet and usually hides in its tunnels underground. It doesn't come out unless called upon and won't fight unless something threatens her master. She in undeniably loyal, and willing to put her life on the line for Banshee. She is cold and calculating, and her attitude easily gets swayed along with her master's. Sonar isn't one to show any affection to other people and other dragons, and is okay with having only Banshee as her company.

|| History with owner ||
Banshee met Sonar when they were both just young. A Monstrous Nightmare had attacked Banshee in the middle of the forest, and young Sonar had rushed to the rescue, drawn in by the young girl for some reason. They've been friends ever since.

|| Personality ||
Banshee prides herself in being strict and disciplined. She doesn't speak much, and when she does, her words come out in harsh and calculated tones. People often call her snobbish and, sometimes, a bitch, but it doesn't bother her. She knows she's better than all of them combined. This kind of attitude has set her apart from people and she rarely makes friends. Much like her dragon, she prefers being alone. Despite it all, she's undeniably loyal to people and dragons who have earned her trust and respect.

|| Biography ||
Banshee was born to a simple family who lived in the outskirts of Finis. She lived a pretty normal life up until she was six, where she wandered off from home and got lost in a forest. Young and afraid, she cowered and cried until she gathered the attention of a nearby Monstrous Nightmare. It attacked her, but thankfully, another dragon, although relatively small, had arrived. It was a Screaming Death, something she'd only read about in books. They managed to survive, and formed a bond ever since.
But the Screaming Death wasn't a dragon most people want to associate themselves with and Banshee soon found that it ostracized her from them. She wasn't about to exchange petty people's affections for the loyalty of the dragon that saved her life, so she distanced herself from them. She trained with Sonar on her lonesome and together, they grew to be known as one of the bests. Banshee received an invitation to teach at the Dragon Academy and before they knew it, she had inherited the Academy from the previous leader.
Now, she's determined to make it home to the best of the best, and find someone to make the future Academy leader.

"How long do you think you can survive in the Dragon Academy."

So begins...

Banshee's Story


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The soft breeze that made its way through Berk brought forth a scent that could only be described as spring in full bloom. This was the time when, very rarely, Berk was free of its cold. It did not last for long, so the Vikings of Berk took the opportunity to welcome their visitors from faraway lands and begin the first day of The Dragon Academy.


Banshee stood tall on one of the many dangerous cliffs of Berg, looking over the ships that made their way towards the island. Her students. The future great warriors that would continue the long lived legacy of dragon taming. The soft breeze blew and swept her silver hair in the wind, causing a few stray strands to tickle the nose of her companion, who flew right beside her. Sonar, the Screaming Death, shook her head slightly, but the minute movement was still enough to knock Banshee off balance as the height of Sonar's head was more than three times taller than Banshee. Thankfully, the white dragon managed to quickly catch her master with a swift swish of her tail and helped Banshee stand still again. The silver haired woman gave Sonar an appreciatative smile before petting the dragon's tail affectionately. "You must be careful of your strength, Sonar. Power is not only brute force, but also the understanding that it must be used in moderation." Her voice was soft, melodious, and Sonar's tail wagged ever so slightly in what Banshee took as a sign of agreement.

As the last boat docked on Berk's piers, Banshee turned her eyes away from Sonar. She pulled up a blank mask as she composed herself. The beginning of this year's Dragon Academy would be in thirty minutes. In thirty minutes, she would be face to face with some of the world's potential master dragon tamers. It wasn't her first time teaching - she had three years under her belt - but it would be the first one where she felt that someone out there might just be the one who could inherit her title. She turned back to her dragon, a fond smile slipping through her facade. "Sonar, you may go. Stay in the tunnels alreayd built," she said with a warning eye. She didn't want the whole island to cave, just like it almost did years ago when a rampaging Screaming Death dug tunnel after tunnel beneath the soil. "I probably won't need you for today, but be ready just in case." With a nod and a small pat on her dragon's tail, she sent her off, watching as the huge dragon rose to the air before jumping inside a pre-dug hole.

She shot one last look at the ships as her blank mask slipped on once again. It was time to face the music.