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Diana Saar

"Despite what you may think, I'm as far from a damsel in distress as one can get."

0 · 947 views · located in Berk

a character in “The Dragon Academy”, as played by Starlight77


|| Diana Saar ||

“Despite what you might think, I’m as far from a damsel in distress as one can get.”


|| Name ||
Diana Saar

|| Age ||

|| Gender ||

|| Origin ||

|| Sexuality ||

|| Role ||

|| Face Claim ||
Silvia Lautreamont || Seikoku no Dragonar


|| Hair Color ||
Golden Blonde

|| Eye Color ||
Iridescent Blue

|| Skin Tone ||

|| Height ||

|| Weight ||
122 Pounds

|| Identifying Marks ||
Diana can be easily seen as the perfect woman. Well, on the outside.
Her long, blonde hair, deep blue eyes and curvaceous figure only add to her stellar looks.


|| Primary Weapon ||
Bow and Arrow

|| Second Weapon ||

|| Strengths ||
| Commanding | Brave | Physically Fit | Intelligent | Strong Willed |

|| Weaknesses ||
| Stubborn | Pretentious | Stuck-Up | Can’t Swim |



|| Name ||

|| Gender ||

|| Type ||

|| Identifying Features ||
Unlike most Nightfuries, which are well known for their pure black scales, Shadewing has more of a blueish tint to his.
His eyes are crimson opposed to green.

|| Personality ||
Shadewing has a personality very similar to Diana’s. He’s a very prideful, powerful being who believes he’s better and stronger than everyone else. He’s extremely stubborn and it took years for Diana to gain his friendship. He listens to no one but Diana and almost never leaves her side, even though he prefers to be alone. Although he seems to be very calm and melancholic, his temper is as short as his trainer’s if someone threatens or puts her in danger.

Despite his cold and distant attitude, Shadewing is just a big sweetheart when only in the company of Diana. He loves playing with her and even cuddling.

|| History With Owner ||
Shadewing’s story is that of a common one: he was born small and weak, and was abandoned by his parents and siblings. He was the runt of the litter: and they thought he would just be hinderance to their migrating. So they left him in the forest, a helpless baby. Diana had always been a natural explorer, and one day, trekking the forest, she came upon a pitiful looking dragon. She had a certain connection with this helpless, baby dragon and took it home with her.

She helped him gain his strength back. He lived in her barn for a few years before he was about the size of Diana at the time. Then, one day, he just vanished. Diana had been devastated and only 8 at the time. He was her only friend, and he had left her.

The years slowly crawled onwards and Diana began to forget about the encounter with that baby dragon. She had gotten bored one day and went exploring the forest once more. She had been there hundreds of times, passing the spot where she found her baby dragon. She had just turned sixteen, but no one in her family seemed to care, or even remember for that matter. She walked through the forest, dragging her feet, quietly singing to herself. She came upon a large cliff that dropped off into the ocean. Not regarding the danger, she sat at the edge of said cliff, letting her feet dangle off the side.

She wasn’t sure what had startled her. When thinking about it today, Diana believes it had been a dragon suddenly bursting from the shrubbery behind her. But she had moved too fast in an attempt to turn around and lost her footing. And like a rock she fell of the cliff into the frigid waters below.

For some reason, Diana never learned how to swim. She thrashed frantically in the freezing-cold water, but it was to no avail. Just as she felt as if the last of her strength was fading, she heard a loud splashing sound. As her eyes fluttered shut, she felt something big and bulky grasp her body.

With a cough and sputter, she woke up, water pouring from her mouth. Rubbing her eyes hard to clear her vision, the first thing she saw was two deep, red eyes. At first she had been startled and jumped back, hitting her head on a tree. The dragon jumped as well, but moved closer to her, nudging her with his nose as if to see if she was alright.
Diana scanned the body of the dragon and quickly realized who it was. It was her dragon. The one she had saved. It seemed he had finally returned the favor. She finally named him after he had wrapped her in his wings to keep her from freezing to death.

This time, Shadewing planned on staying, and has been with Diana ever since.

Image|| Personality ||
There is a reason why Diana is nicknamed “The Cold Princess”.
Diana does her best to remain emotionless at all times. Her facial expression is generally blank. She’s always been very closed off towards other people. She’s almost as stubborn as Shadewing when it comes to making friends. Her pride and pretentiousness can sometimes get the better of her, which may lead to her losing her temper. And she has an extremely short fuse.
Diana seems to be the definition of cold and cruel. Her stance is always commanding and intimidating, and her glare is enough to make grown men weep. Whenever speaking to someone, her voice is always emotionless and flat, making her sound more frightening and annoyed. She always has this front, blocking out anyone who tries to get close to her. Even though she may seem like the person who would have a little clique trailing behind her, Diana prefers to be alone more than anything else. She frightens off anyone who would try to follow her around. Because Diana is so cruel seeming, she can be painfully blunt and bold in her actions and sayings.

|| Biography ||
She was born the youngest of five brothers, so Diana is used to being alone and ignored. Her brothers took all of the attention from her, especially after her father passed away.
After all of the years living with five older boys, Diana can hold her own in a fight. She’s been toughened by the constant teasing and taunting from her older brothers.
She had always loved dragons, and once she met Shadewing, she immediately fell even more in love with the species. He was so sweet and kind, yet so powerful.
Living on Berk already gave her a leg up in attending the Dragon Academy. A few of her brothers had attended and excelled in previous years, so they put in a good word for her, which earned her her place in the class.

“Life is the only game where cheaters can win.”


So begins...

Diana Saar's Story