The Dragon Still Flies

The Dragon Still Flies


Takes place in the Firefly television series universe, as created by Joss Whedon.

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A small transport craft, Komodo class, limps into atmo, almost incinerating in the descent to the surface. As it touches down, the engines angle forward and back, settling it with a gut-wrenching screech of metal. Long minutes pass before the cargo bay doors release a loud series of hisses, slowly creaking open. They stop several feet from the ground, and loud cursing can be heard from inside the ship. The doors then drop suddenly, slamming into the dirt, sending up clouds of dust.

The next sounds to be heard are several gunshots that ricochet around inside the ship.

"GET YOUR GORRAM HIDES OFF O' MY SHIP!!" A thunderous voice calls, and through the haze of dust, six people rush out of the cargo bay, some dragging bags of personal belongings, some ducking their heads and holding duffel bags up as if to shield them.

As the smokes finally begins to settle, a tall, lanky man exits the vessel, a rather large caliber revolver in his right hand. A wide-brimmed hat rests on his head, and an eyepatch hides his right eye from view.

"Idiots, all of ya! Don't come back! You're ALL fired!" Turning around, he reaches just inside the door, still muttering about people wrecking his beloved vessel. When his left hand comes into view again, it's holding a folding sign, which he unfolds and sets down at the foot of the open cargo bay doors. The sign reads "Help Wanted". The next thing he does is holster his firearm and retrieve a folding chair from inside the ship. Unfolding said chair, he flops down on it, then peels the hat from his head and slaps the dust from his clothes and waits. Maybe the NEXT crew will manage to not be complete imbeciles....

Welcome to The Dragon Still Flies.

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4. Try to keep the course language to a minimum. Some language is okay, just keep it PG-13.
5. Do your best to keep in character with the Firefly universe. If you're not sure what would be suitable for the Firefly universe, then just watch the complete series (14 episodes) and the follow-up movie "Serenity".

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