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The Dream Chasers

The Dream Chasers


In the capitol of KPop, there has bloomed a new, small entertainment company, whom are on the road of debuting their own new 7-member boygroup. How will they grow and will they find success?

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With the new upcoming era, Korean pop has become a big boom, from where many people try to achieve richness, while there are many talented artists that are desperate for exposure and fame. Along with this has come a lot of fake companies, prying on vulnerable dream chasers and not everyone are lucky to find their right place, even if it is in a big company - mistreatment is everywhere, and thus Aeroa will do their best to rise on top with best solutions for their upcoming artists and for themselves, as they all have equally many long years of hard experience in the industry.

Fighting against the perfectly modeled South-Korea, the four females has been in the rock bottom after their own career flops, but they all have risen as the phoenixes and have discovered that their united talent, experiences and iron will is taking them to places, which used to be just a dream. With hard work, they have established themselves as one of the smaller, but strongest companies, and with the hope places on the upcoming group, they hope to show to everyone else what it means to have a proper backbone and the tools to reach one's dreams.


Four owners - four powerful females, whom used to be in the different entertainment fields themselves - from one of the best female rappers to a former member of a successful girlgroup, that disbanded due to a big scandal only a year ago. For having been friends for years, they all decided to become their own bosses and formed a company together, naming it Aeroa, although their fourth member joined only recently. At first, they all released solo music, but as the small company grew, they realized that they have all the power to start finding trainees and hopefully debut a boygroup of their own as they had enough money to give higher production value, good relations with all the necessary people to create the music and anything else that comes along with it. Thus, after moving into a bigger place with Aeora Ent., the four of them have started to recruit the talent.

Image THE OWNERS Image

ImageImageImage - ImageImageImage - ImageImageImage - ImageImageImage

CHEON NARI ----------------------------- NAME HERE ------------------------------ NAME HERE -------------------------- NAME HERE
FC: Jessi ------------------------------- FC: Hwasa ------------------------------- FC: Sunmi ------------------------------ FC: CL
Played by: SofiUnnie -------------------- Played by: USERNAME ------------ Played by: SleepingInTheGardens ------------ Played by: USERNAME

Image THE STAFF Image

ImageImageImage - ImageImageImage - ImageImageImage - ImageImageImage

HWANG EUN-AH -------------------------------- KIM JUNSU ------------------------------ NAME HERE -------------------------- NAME HERE
Producer-------------------------------- Dance Choreographer ----------------------- Vocal Coach -------------------------- Boys Manager
FC: Han EuDdeum ---------------------------------- FC: Lee Taemin ---------------------------------- FC: TBD --------------------------------- FC: Shin YeEun
Played by: StarlightPrincess ----------------------- Played by: SofiUnnie -------------- Played by: USERNAME -------------- Played by: RubyTuesday

GENRE: Hip-Hop | TEAM COLOR: Navy Green FANDAOM NAME: dreamerZ

ImageImageImage - ImageImageImage - ImageImageImage - ImageImageImage

KANG MINWOO ----------------------------- CHOI JAESONG ------------------------------ WEN LUHAN -------------------------- SEO HYEON
POS: Main Dancer ----------------------------- POS: Lead Dancer----------------------------- POS: Lead Dancer----------------------------- POS: Dancer
& Vocalist ----------------------------------& Main Rapper---------------------------& Main Vocalist-----------------------------& HERE
FC: Park Jimin ----------------------------- FC: Xu Minghao ---------------------------------- FC: Lu Han --------------------------------- FC: Yoon Jeonghan
Played by: SofiUnnie -------------------- Played by: Beccaberry ---------- Played by: SleepingInTheGarden ------------ Played by: StarlightPrincess

ImageImageImage - ImageImageImage - ImageImageImage

SEONG LIAN -------------------------------- Eun Jaewoo ------------------------------ NAME HERE
POS: Rapper------------------------------ POS: Lead vocalist--------------------------------- POS: HERE
& Maknae------------------------------------------- & Dancer----------------------------------- POS: HERE
FC: Amber Liu ------------------------------- FC: Jeon Jungkook ---------------------------------- FC: TBD
Played by: Thy_Nymeria -------------------- Played by: Thy_Nymeria -------------- Played by: USERNAME

You are free to use this code!
Code: Select all

[left]           [color=#FFFFFF]------------------------------[/color] [b][font=Tahoma][size=250][color=#2C5D9E].x ROLE HERE x.[/color][/size][/font][/b]
[color=#FFFFFF]------------------------------[/color][img][/img] [b][font=Tahoma][size=200][color=#6B92C7]NAME HERE[/color][/size][/font][/b] [img][/img]
[color=#FFFFFF]------------------------[/color][i][font=Arial][size=120][color=#6B92C7]QUTE HERE! Whatever you want[/color][/size][/font][/i] [/left] [img][/img]

[b][font=Tahoma][size=250][color=#2C5D9E]PERSONAL INFORMATION[/color][/size][/font][/b]

[left][color=#FFFFFF]---[/color][img][/img][/left] [right][img][/img][color=#FFFFFF]---[/color][/right]
[b][color=#6B92C7]BIRTH NAME:[/color][/b]

[b][color=#6B92C7]PREFERRED NAME:[/color][/b]

[b][color=#6B92C7]ALIAS | NICKNAME(S):[/color][/b]



[b][color=#6B92C7]SEXUAL ORIENTATION | PREFERENCES:[/color][/b]


[b][color=#6B92C7]BIRTH PLACE:[/color][/b]

[b][font=Tahoma][size=250][color=#2C5D9E]DETAILED INFORMATION[/color][/size][/font][/b]

[img][/img][/left] [right][img][/img][color=#FFFFFF]---[/color]
[b][color=#6B92C7]PHYSICAL DESCRITPTION:[/color][/b]

[b][color=#6B92C7]PERSONAL TALENTS | DREAMS:[/color][/b]

[b][color=#6B92C7]PERSONAL SECRETS:[/color][/b] [I]Optional![/I]

[b][color=#6B92C7]PERSONAL TREASURES:[/color][/b] [I]Optional![/I]

[b][color=#6B92C7]KNOWN LANGUAGES:[/color][/b]

[b][color=#6B92C7]HOBBIES:[/color][/b] [i]OPtional![/i]

[left][color=#FFFFFF]---[/color][img][/img][/left] [right][img][/img][color=#FFFFFF]---[/color][/right]
[i]Describe them here in detail! What kind of a person they are?[/i]

[b][color=#6B92C7]LIKES | DISLIKES:[/color][/b] [I]Optional![/I]

[b][font=Tahoma][size=250][color=#2C5D9E]GROUP MEMBER DETAILS[/color][/size][/font][/b]

[color=#FFFFFF]---[/color][img][/img]][/left] [right][img][/img][color=#FFFFFF]---[/color]
[i]Only for the group members![/i]

[b][color=#6B92C7]STAGE NAME:[/color][/b]


[b][color=#6B92C7]ZODIAC SIGN:[/color][/b]

[b][color=#6B92C7]BLOOD TYPE:[/color][/b]

[b][color=#6B92C7]TWITTER USERNAME:[/color][/b] [i]OPtional![/i]

[b][color=#6B92C7]INSTAGRAM USERNAME:[/color][/b] [i]OPtional![/i]

[left][color=#FFFFFF]---[/color][img][/img][/left] [right][img][/img][color=#FFFFFF]---[/color][/right]
[i]Some details about their childhood, what did they do before applying for Aeora, about their history overall.[/i]

[b][color=#6B92C7]HOW DID THEY HAPPEN TO AEORA ENT. AND WHY?:[/color][/b]


[b][color=#6B92C7]FACE CLAIM:[/color][/b]

[b][color=#6B92C7]SPEECH COLOR:[/color][/b]

[b][color=#6B92C7]THOUGHT COLOR:[/color][/b]

[b][color=#6B92C7]FAMILY | FRIENDS | ENEMIES:[/color][/b] [I]Optional![/I]


[1]. You are free to use your own design for character bio sheets, but please add this information in as well:
Birth Name
Sexual Orientation/Preferences
Relationship Status/Significant Other
Birth Place

Physical Description
Personal Talents/Dreams
Personal Secrets
- Optional
Personal Treasures - Oprional
Known Languages
- Optional

Personality - you can add likes/dislikes if you wish to!

Stage Name
Zodiac Sign/Birthday
Blood Type
Twitter Usernam
instagram Username

Stage Name
- if any
Twitter Username
Instagram Username

History - before Aeora, and how they got to Aeora are main points!

Face Claim
Speech Color/Thought Color

Toggle Rules

The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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Character Portrait: Cheon Nari
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by Aeora_Nari and 458 people

Doing my best in practice. I promise I eat well and rest well. I feel
like I am blessed for being here and yet I feel like I don't deserve
it all...

...other than that, what do you think of my new haircolor?

JewelJeon Don't worry too much! I know you can do it, Oppa!
Aeora_Nari Silly! Give more credit for yourself! ❤
yuqibooboo We are waiting for you! Forever!!!!
mochilover You look so handsome with this haircolor! It
suits you soooo well!

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Character Portrait: Kang Minwoo
Character Portrait: Cheon Nari
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Character Portrait: Cheon Nari
Cheon Nari

Learn the game. Go and slay.

Character Portrait: Kang Minwoo
Kang Minwoo

Please, let me be your present.


Character Portrait: Cheon Nari
Cheon Nari

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Character Portrait: Kang Minwoo
Kang Minwoo

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Character Portrait: Cheon Nari
Cheon Nari

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Character Portrait: Kang Minwoo
Kang Minwoo

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Most recent OOC posts in The Dream Chasers

Re: The Reservations

I want to join but idk who to be.

Re: The Reservations

Sad to see you go. People's lives just got busy offline...

Re: The Reservations

This clearly isn't going anywhere so... imma go...

Re: The Reservations

Producer is in charge of producing music, networking, the business side of the music industry, etc.
Many kpop idols themselves are well known producers by now, for example: Junkook of BTS, J.Y. Park, G-Dragon, Zico, Suga of BTS, Psy, Jay Park, etc.

This might help you as well: How can I become a kpop producer

Re: The Reservations

Just a question, but as far as marketing/advertising goes, would the Producer be in charge of that, or would the manager?

Re: The Reservations

Hello everyone!
So sorry for the late reply, I suddenly became super busy!

I will update the main page asap!

@Thy_Nymeria, don't worry I can find an image as well!

Re: The Reservations

Sup Sofi! Thank you for this beauty hahaha.

Image I'm gonna reserve two characters, Amber Liu being my first, disguised as one of the boys and member of TDCz being the lead rapper and Maknae. Her name is going to be Seong Lián.

My second is going to be Lead vocalist and dancer with Jeon Jung-kook as his face claim. I'll update a pic in a bit I was in a hurry. His name is going to be Eun Jae-woo!

Re: The Reservations

Hello, I would like to officially reserve the roles of the Producer, using the FC Han Eu Ddeum, and the Dancer of the boys' group, using the FC Yoon Jeonghan.

The producer's name is Eun-Ah Hwang, and the Dancer's name is Hyeon Seo.

Re: The Reservations

Hello! <3
It is reserved and I shall update main page soon!
Welcome and thank you for joining!

Re: The Reservations

Hello, may I please reserve the manager, with the face claim Shin YeEun?

Re: The Reservations

@Beccaberry You have been added to the main page! <3

Re: The Reservations

Choi Jaeseong
Main Rapper and Lead Dancer
FC: Xu Minghao

The Reservations



Welcome, my beautiful friends! I hope all of you are ready for this roleplay!

As we are going to probably try to start in the second half of or end of this month, thus we have time to set up all of our characters and plan the roleplay!

Please use only kpop boygroup membes as face claims for our group!
Rest is open as you please! (Ofc minus the owners. Hehe.)

Please be sure to reserve your chosen FC(s) and characters here, and if they are part of TDCz, add the member position too!

Taken positions are in italics


Lead Vocalist
Lead Rapper [x1]
Lead Dancer [x2]

Main Dancer
Main Rapper [x1]
Main Vocalist [x1]

Vocalist [x1]