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Mourning is simply put, not a good human being. Her moral compass is not skewed, but entirely broken. That is not to say she does not understand what society considers right and wrong, although this only came to her after researching it in depth. Yet in despite of that, if she goes against what is considered correct by society, she feels absolutely no remorse and fails to accept the responsibility or repercussions for her actions. She is emotionally shallow, feeling no love, guilt, empathy, or many other feelings that are not self serving to her. Mourning primarily feels boredom, excitement, anger, and intrigue.

While she does not feel the same way as a most humans, she has largely been able to coexist with them past youth. Due to her great intellect she has learned the inner workings of normal people and their lives, and gained a pittance of self restraint. While still impulsive, Mourning is much less so then from her youth, however controlling her impulses often leaves her sitting around doing nothing but observing. Nothing is still better then what her impulses tell her to do, theft, sexual assault, torture, murder, this is the kind of activity Mourning longs for and gives her intense satisfaction. She still needs it to, if she goes long enough without stimulation her will tends to break, and the person she happens across then is rather unlucky.

Mourning has no goals in life, she simply craves stimulation, and has a grandiose sense of self-worth. Such a beast would be extremely dangerous and better put down, and would have been put down in her youth if not for being chosen by the angels. Just like a beast however, she can be controlled. Mourning understands and follows the concept of being in debt, and as she considers the ultimate debt as her life, her service to those that saved her life is unwavering. With debt alone a creature of impulse cannot alone be controlled, if she does not work with them once again her head will be on the chopping block, and all creatures desire to live. Her Emanations name is Stellar, a flail on a long chain connected to a steel case on her left forearm. The ball is extremely heavy, at around 71kg (156lbs), with sharp spikes protruding from it, increasing the deadliness and weight even further. If it were not for her telekinesis, Mourning would not be able to even swing the monstrous weapon.

So begins...

Mourning's Story


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The wind both roared and whispered as a figure traversed across the barren wasteland, which had once played host to both vegetation and animal life. It bore a scarf, which trailed off behind it like two tails, whipping and swirling with the dust in the air. Its stride was a determined one, as the figure braced itself against the oncoming winds and pressed on defiantly. Five hundred miles southeast of its position lay Eden, where the last flame of humanity struggled to keep aflame. This figure has originated there, after all, and knew the worst of it all firsthand. It had been shepherded away from the rest of the sheep by the Angels, as it often was, and sent out to find the Infinite Light.

It was, in the end, a she and she was known only by the name of Crash. At her side rest her Emanation, Wake, a sword with holy properties and intimidation factor that was only doubled by its wielder. Despite her prowess with the weapon, it mainly stayed unused, as her telekinetic powers proved to be enough in their own right when it came to dealing with the Fallen. This desert she roamed was one of many, and it so happened to have a sister desert nine hundred miles to the east. It was in this sister desert that a separate team was on the hunt for a figure leaving sandstorms in its wake. Crash felt, for once, almost fortunate that it wasn't her that had to be dealing with it. No, she had a much more important task at hand.

Her journey felt timeless, and the only indication against this was the gradual darkening of what little sky she saw through the sands. Night was growing near, and soon her surroundings indicated so, as features were becoming harder and harder to make out through both the sand and the darkness. Soon all light was gone and Crash halted, standing there in the dark and feeling the rapid cooling of the air. Her hand went to her hip and with a clink of metal, she was enveloped in light. It illuminated her immediate surroundings and the blowing sand stopped dead upon touching it, falling straight to the ground. Soon, it had warmed her and she raised the same hand to adjust the ballcap that sat on her head before pressing on.

This went on for some time, and to an outside observer, her movements may have seemed aimless, but something was guiding her, although what exactly was beyond her explanation. She continued to follow what she felt and eventually found herself entering a quarry, stone walls steeply rising up on either side of her and curving towards the back. As she ventured inward, she came across a large, gnarled tree. It seemed to emulate the Tree of Life in stature, and Crash was certain she saw the roots twist off indefinitely before determining it was just a trick of the light. Whatever life this tree had contained, however, seemed to have been long dead. Crash mused if it died when the planet did, but the light she had been emanating suddenly cutting off interrupted her thoughts. The sudden darkness had surprised her, though she showed no outward indication of this. Before she could gather her thoughts, a large concentrated pillar of light erupted from the tree, lighting the sky as if it were day. Crash reasoned that this could be seen by those back home and her companions in the east.

Soon, the light overtook everything and when it finally cleared Crash immediately picked up on her displacement. The temperature was different, and there was still sun in the sky. As she regained her sight, she took note that there was a tree of similar stature in front of her, but her surroundings had entirely changed. Desert no longer, Crash gathered that she was in what resembled a swamp. The air was hot and sticky, and Crash could hear bogs of liquid bubbling through the thick mist that hung in the air. If the heat physically bothered her in her thick clothing, she showed no sign of it. Her hand went to rest on Wake, and she instinctively set out again, guided by some innate compass. She felt close.

She continued.


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Boring... dull... whatever other words she could use to describe the situation she was in right now. Leaning to the side her head came to rest against the metal sphere that only had a little size on her skull. Stellar floated in the air, the weight of the ball held up by the mystical force its better half could control. Her legs dangled over the edge, the girl swaying them forward and backward in a childlike manor. Her swaying feet occasional colliding with the chair dangling from bottom of Stellar, a slight clinking piercing the otherwise silent place.

She didn't know what her seat was beyond the obvious, it was rather high up, the height she was at matching that of single storied home. It was a bone of some kind, a rib given the curvature, to what it used to belong to or why it was here, that was irrelevant to her. A strong breeze blew by, Stellar's chain let our aggravated noises, the dirt from the surrounding area blew past the seated lass. The breeze blew into her back, dirt found itself in her short hair and on the cloth the covered her body. As the breeze stopped so to did Stellar's moaning, and the Mourning finally let on a slight smile.

Being told to wait was no fun, killing this thing was at least of slight entertainment. Even if unlike others, it would never scream and plead, it would at least fight back. Having something pathetically think it stands a chance, that it ever stood a chance, but either way it was trying to kill you. Lifting her head from the metal orb, a wicked smirk grew on her visage. When she thought of it as the beast struggling for dear life, trying to kill her, it was stimulating.

Not a single glance had been given to the foe that had arrived, yet upon sighting its enemy the Fallen was prepared to terminate it. The task she had been given was simple enough, the angels seemed to want to waste her time. All to wait and kill one Fallen? The silence of the field caused the simple act of the Fallen soaring through the air toward her to be audible. As its attack would have collided with her skull, Stellar arrived instead, the blow absorbed with a loud clang bursting out. Stellar was unmoved by the hit, a full force uninterrupted hit from this Fallen was pathetic.

As quickly as it dashed in, the think backed off to prepare another attack, Mourning would try to have some fun with this simpleton. Her left arm crossed her chest under the breast, while the other conducted the movements of Stellar. The Fallen was stupid, it would dash in and attack with utter predictability, even its attempts to catch her off guard were slow and predictable. She went through simple motions with the squirming thing, it would attack, be blocked, dash back, and attack again, it kept squirming and squirming, she couldn't help but giggle at the mindless thing.

Even if it wasn't mindless, it didn't matter to her, no strategy the pathetic thing could come up with would penetrate her guard. It's thirtieth attempt to kill her, then her giggling suddenly stopped, her smile vanishing with it. Stellar flew straight at the thing with murderos intent, coming from a resting position it wasn't even close to her fastest attack, but even so it was an intense speed. The Fallen sidestepped the simple attack, dashing toward her once more, perhaps expecting to hit her without her guardian. It's attack of course missed, she easily dodged to the side, and jumped off her ledge past the Fallen. As she leaped into the air she spoke to the brainless squirming insect

"I'm bored."

As she leaped past she conducted Stellar to fly past it again. The chain found itself around the upper half of the Fallen, its arms compressed to its sides. The metal head of Stellar collapsed to the ground, his slender body now being controlled by her telekinesis. The chains held it in place, slowly tightening, the thing still thought it may escape. Her jovial nature returned, even if it felt no pain, it still struggled and writhed around in its bindings. It would realize soon it was dead, so she might as well end her little game here. Raising her right hand to her lips, Mourning blew the struggling insect a kiss, outstretching her arm with the motion. At the end, she clenched her fist, and the chains restraining the Fallen met each other in the center where is torso was moments ago. Split in half by the pressure, it was slain.

As per protocol, she took the Halo the thing dropped, first she would take this to the angels. If they didn't have another assignment for her, perhaps she would have some fun with the Virtues. Whatever was in that sandstorm, she hoped it would entertain her.


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Truth cannot be written, only experienced.

There is no beginning--nor ending.

There is no time, only space.

"You do not exist, but to be nothing is to be all things," Nadir whispered as he closed the moleskin.

The writings of a man known only as "Eli" managed to tell him everything and nothing all at the same time. Some found clarity in his words, but Nadir only found more questions regarding the origins of Enoch. For reasons unknown to him nobody documented the history of whatever reckoning came upon the world nor that of the Angels. God existed as an abstraction while the Angels chose those who could protect Eden from the Fallen. These were all facts known by the most average of men, yet the deeper he dug the less he felt he knew. There were Angels but there were also Watchers. There were the Fallen, but the Fallen were once human too.

He needed to search for more.

The texts in the Bells' Library could teach him no more and even Eli's journal ended on a cliffhanger. He needed to find more, learn more, and help in the only way he knew how. While the Bells provided his housing and reparations for his accident, they hardly expected much from his position save for a few insights on the selection process of the Angels. Much more was focused on practicality, on survival because that was all they could do in this time of peril. Nonetheless, Nadir took it seriously and had filed the proper paperwork to get his mission approved. He merely needed to find willing bodyguards as he could not travel on his own. The weather was far too harsh and the Fallen far too dangerous.

His first was his usual assistant, a greenhorn in the world of history but enthused to learn while the other...was less preferable. He heard the name "Mourning" passed around by both Heralds and Virtues, both of whom reviled her sadistic nature. Fallen or human, she would use anything to mitigate her boredom which made her the perfect Virtue had she been able to work on a team. He didn't know enough about her to make a true judgment but he knew he needed to be wary around the woman.

Shoving a box of dried meat into his backpack, Nadir now had all that he needed for his (hopefully) two week excursion. He could power his devices with the halo he'd saved up and he had little in the way of clothing. His only worry would be water, but that should not prove too much trouble as he had his flask over his shoulder.

Show me Raziel.

Perhaps by coincidence or by his Emanation choosing to speak once more, he felt himself pushed toward the gate and more assured of himself than he had been in a long time.


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Animal, accompany the limp one, Nadir.

The voice of cloaked crystal ball reverberated in her head, an unwelcome and foreign intrusion into her mind. Yet at the same time she was used to it.

You must protect him Animal, should he or his aide fall, you shall join them.
Excuse yourself from my sight Animal.

"Oh, but of course dear Eistibus."

Excusing herself from the chamber the Angel of Divination had been in, she grabbed a sack of provisions that had been prepared for her ahead of time. Another Bell had probably been told to get them, it order to prevent her from going to town and taking them herself. Always out to prevent her from having fun these folk were.

Avoiding any densely populated areas, the women made haste to the gates. There was little point in delaying, the sooner she had left the sooner she would be free of their gazes. Even if they didn't want to make themselves known she was entirely aware they tried to keep a close watch on her. Whatever that pathetic division of Bells was called, if an opportunity ever came up she would enjoy slaughtering them. They had been the ones to catch her prior to being a Bell, they tried to execute her, and Mourning wished to return the favor.

The destination was in sight, and so were the two she would be enjoying this excursion with. Nadir, he had an Emanation, so he had to be at least vaguely competent. However in his current state he was a sitting duck, no fun to clash with, and annoying to protect. Word had it he was a clever man, perhaps his wits could entertain her.

Whoever his aide was however, they were lucky she wouldn't crush them a couple minutes after leaving town. Like most of the Bell, she barely considered them more interesting then a regular civilian.

Emerging forth, the women waved to the two, the rattling of the attached chain singing in tandem. Stellar floated in the air nearby her, perhaps the worst part of her Emanation was that she constantly needed to use her telekinetic power to move. Like a constant training exercise the metal weight always hung by her.

Mourning did not introduce herself, and beyond waving at them expressed no interest for her travel group. Walking straight past them as if to lead the way. Only once ahead did she look back and make eye contact with the group. Her visage was clear of emotion, her words a stern warning.

"Don't get in my way."

Her eyes moved away and she began forward once more. Weeks wandering with just these two, hopefully there were plenty of Fallen. Surely she would be bored out of her mind without them, and no one would like that.


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Knowledge is a recursive pursuit.

Do you always speak in riddles? Nadir asked.

I have many faces dear one. Raziel's voice boomed, following as an echo behind the historian.

The limping man walked slowly toward the marketplace where he would first be meeting his aide. Many came and went in the past, usually interns; however, this one already had their notebook ready to write down whatever he'd planned on discovering.

"Where are we heading first Mr. Nadir?" the woman asked.

"Mourning," he replied as they walked toward the gate.

His staff rested in the loops of his backpack straps, not yet needed as a walking stick whilst he clutched his water flask as he was unsure when the heat would get to him. By comparison his aide maintained her composure through the heat, the sun, and up until she saw the black-haired Virtue known only as "Mourning." She drew the feeling of apprehension if not full on fear. For being such a young woman she had more kills under her belt than most seasoned Virtues yet suffered none of the symptoms that came with having to watch your comrades die around you.

She knew she would have to tread careful if she didn't want her head bludgeoned off.

The two soon arrived at the outpost where the black-haired woman stood with her Emanation, a flail with the head of a morning star, floated idly.

"Ah yes, you must be Mourning. I am Nadir and this is-"

He trailed off when she moved ahead of them, lacking any interest in the pair until she shot her head back.

"Don't get in my way."

Nadir sighed inwardly as he hobbled behind the slightly faster Mourning and his aide who kept her Emanation hidden from plain sight.

"We will be heading east for fifteen miles so hopefully the Virtues will take care of the oncoming storm."