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a character in “The Dream Of The Woken”, originally authored by Kilgannon, as played by Dragonair





Quite unlike other women of Eden, with their near paper doll fragility and complacent nature, Yellowjacket is defiantly prominent; displaying an air of confidence often mistaken for one of arrogance, she is very imposing in stature and seems to command respect from most, regardless of their societal standing. Her unique sense of fashion is the origin of her namesake, her prone to wearing a desert colored military jacket with black stripes. Her hair is kept casually short, sans two lengths of it that run down from either side of her forehead and that are complemented by what appear to be two recycled electrical outlets. Additionally, a white, striped muffler wraps around her neck, trailing off into two ends.

It shouldn't take one of average intelligence long to realize that Yellowjacket is clearly disciplined, as it shines through not only in the way she appears, but in how she composes herself and deals with any presented situation. Never one to outwardly show emotion, Yellowjacket's face is often fixed with a reticent expression. When angered or in thought, her lips tighten, eyebrows furrow, and blue eyes flare. Unlike her half-sister, Crash, whom Yellowjacket shares a one-sided rivalry with, she puts a lot of effort into interpersonal relationships and cares deeply for the population of Eden as whole.

Stinger, her Emanation, is a 138cm long sniper rifle that weighs 14kg while fully loaded and utilizes .50 caliber rounds made from concentrated Halo energy. With it, Yellowjacket often spends her time patrolling the top of Eden's surrounding walls, tasked as a Guardian with eliminating any non-friendlies that get close and protecting the last of humanity. On occasion, Guardians will rotate duties and Yellowjacket is given assignments that are more involved with the inside of Eden.

So begins...

Yellowjacket's Story


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"I have seen the rise of thousands of suns in front of me."

Yellowjacket's eyebrows were furrowed as she spoke to Sahaqiel, the Angel that hovered beside her. Its head was split in two vertically, a sphere similar to that of a large pearl suspended between the two halves. Behind its head floated what could only be described as a golden web, and several golden rings adorned its body. It remained silent and let Yellowjacket speak, despite having seen the rise of an endless amount of suns itself.

"Because of me, these people have seen those suns set, yet you deny me here? Even after accepting that-"

She visibly struggled with her words for a moment, eyes flaring.

"That monster!"

She was, of course, referring to Mourning, another Bell. One that went against everything she stood for, both as a person and as a Guardian. Why her behavior had been allowed for so long was beyond her reasoning, and served as a rare source of frustration for her. She crossed her arms in front of her, face returning to a withdrawn expression.

"And on top of that you let her in. What is it, only enough room in your toybox for one?"

She meant her half-sister Crash this time, and felt personally offended that her sister was used as a Dominion while she herself wasn't. Yellowjacket believed herself to be just as good of a Bell if not better than Crash. The only issue was that Yellowjacket had to work for it, and for Crash, it seemed effortless.

Sahaqiel spoke then, though through no mouth that seemed visible, its voice like that of windchimes caressed gently by the summer breeze.

"You know it is not my place, I act only as protector and you do not see me beg credit for it. If only you truly knew what timeless meant."

It paused, the air falling eerily silent.

"Or what it felt like. Perhaps I could show it to you."

Yellowjacket shuddered, unlike her sister, she didn't take as kindly to the invasion of her thoughts. Her life felt unnatural enough and she didn't need that added to it.

"No thank you, Sahaqiel, you know that I do not like when your kind does that. It's weird."

With a sigh she uncrossed her arms, moving a now free hand and grabbing at the dangling one of the Angel, to which it paid no mind. The contact comforted her and together, they looked out upon the expanse of what was known as Eden.

"It is just so easy to feel small here, y'know what I mean?"


"That is because you are small. Infinitesimally so."