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Silex Dragunov

Ever since I saw that Catacomb, I have been having... Nightmares, bad bad... Nightmares...

0 · 220 views · located in Northmyr

a character in “The Dreamers of Northmyr”, as played by Horzta_01


Role: The Knight
Name: Silex Dragunov
Nicknames: (N/A)
Age: 32
Gender: Male

Appearance: Silex has white hair, blue eyes and whitish skin. He is usually seen wearing A black armor set to signify that he is an officer and a cape to signify that he has high Authority.

Skills: He is adept at short ranged combat. He can wield any weapons and use them with power. He is most adept and prefers to be at sword fighting. He has higher than average intellect which gives him the advantage when making tactical plans.

Weaknesses: He can be a bit slow in combat because of his armor. He lacks the knowledge of herbs and other craft, means he cannot survive alone in the wilderness if ever in the wrong situation. He also protects his comrades, sometimes leading to his unnecessary injuries.

Personality: He is what a Knight should be. He seems to be quiet and loves to think. He always has something to say but he can keep his mouth shut if needed be.

Brief History: Silex was born as a child of a servant. As a child, he didn't have any education, but the nobles saw something different about him. He was smarter than the others. So, because of this, he was given the chance to be a guard and as payment, he'll be taught like the other nobles. His reputation as a guard stacked up, his radical tactics and ways to slay enemies in battle and capture prisoners that escape from the Catacombs are revolutionary.

He was then appointed as a Knight at the age of 21 and when he finally saw the Catacombs, he was disgusted at the way these people were treated. But despite this, he always reminded himself, these are criminals.

Philosophy: Life is give and take. If you give me compassion, you'll take from me compassion. If you give me suffering, you'll take from me my revenge.

So begins...

Silex Dragunov's Story