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Andre Vila

The cocky, outspoken member of the special forces unit.

0 · 331 views · located in Atrium

a character in “The Dreamscape: Somnum Exterreri”, as played by K0VIP3R


Military Rank: Lieutenant-General of Exercitus Ludicii Special Forces Regiment

Age: 34

Gender: Male

Height: 185cm

Weight: 156lbs

Hair Colour: White (Messy and spiky; it falls to the bottom of his neck and would fall to his eyebrows if it fell flat)

Eye Colour: Blue

Residence And Birthplace: He was born in Condellium and now resides in Exercitus Ludicii.

Appearance: Andre is a mysterious individual. He wears a black trilby hat and a white shirt underneath a black suit. Around his collar he wears a navy blue tie. He also wears a smart pair of black trousers as well as a pair of black shoes. Which is against many of the uniform codes for the Exercitus Military, however he manages to get away with it anyway.

The most striking thing about him though is that his head is covered in bandages. The bandages completely cover his mouth and nose as well as his right eye leaving only his left eye visible; he can still breathe normally through the bandages.

Personality: Andre is a demented individual. He has a split personality that only flips when his right eye is revealed. When he works he is a loyal, hardworking individual who is plagued with impulsive decision making and a rebellious attitude. However once his right eye is uncovered his personality takes an enormous flip and he becomes immensely sadistic, aggressive and savage. While he maintains his intellect and tactical prowess, it gets coupled with a personality of a psychopath.

Powers: Andre’s power rests in his right eye. When he makes eye-contact with a person he can induce vivid nightmares that get worse the more unrestrained his power becomes. Usually it will either a cause an opponent to flee or freeze in fear. However there is a point where the nightmare becomes so vivid and realistic that anything that happens to the victim in the nightmare will be reflected in reality, whether it is minor injuries, severe injuries or even death; however they will not suffer external injuries but the brain will induce internal injuries similar to the damage inflicted.

Level of power: Nightmare

Fighting style and Chosen Weapon: He prefers to hang back in an advantageous position to give orders to his subordinates. However when he has to fight he will use anything he can get his hands on. Having been trained for an extensive period he can use any gun he gets his hands on and has his own customised set of two M9 pistols that have higher than normal caliber bullets as well as large magazines. Fighting hand to hand, he uses a very simple style of fighting that just involves what is necessary at the time.

So begins...

Andre Vila's Story