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Casper Finn

Solitude and loneliness are not the same.

0 · 317 views · located in Omorfia

a character in “The Dreamscape: Somnum Exterreri”, as played by TheKeeper


Full Name: Casper Yan Finn

Nickname: Ghost, Finn, Cappy(by Hope)

Sex: Male

Age: 46

Hair: Casper’s dark brown hair is pulled back into a tight ponytail, and is shoulder length when left down. He also has a beard that he grooms incessantly.

Eyes: His eyes are a dark amber, comparable to dusk.

Physical Build: Casper is a broad-shouldered and muscular man, weighing in at just over 200 lbs, and standing at 6’1. He is built to last, his endurance matched by no other. His fighting capabilities are undeniably masterful and strong, making him one of the most physically capable pillars in recent memory.

Appearance: Casper does not find any purpose in carrying more than one needs, and so he simply does not. His attire consists of flowing robes that fall upon his frame just so, giving him a large and imposing presence. His robes are white, like most of the military uniforms for the Dreamers are, however he wears his badge of authority upon a maroon sash slung over his left shoulder, and allows said sash to hang below his knees. His shoes are simple, resembling monk slippers, and are worn over black socks that are tied off several inches above his ankles. He wears black gloves on both hands that travel the length of his forearms. He wears a white haori jacket over this, and when he is not wearing it he will carry it with him.

Personality: Casper is an accommodating man, although he is very aloof. He is calculating, calm, and intelligent. He is not a forthcoming person, preferring his solitude to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. He is not a lonely man, however, for he does have a family among the Dreamers, and spends time with those few friends he does have. With his family, this demeanor changes, and he becomes a very kind and fatherly man.

Affiliation: Currently: Dreamers Republic
Formerly: Xiwang

Past: Casper, despite being of Xiwang descent, does not love his homeland. He is an embittered man, especially when it comes to the topic of Xiwang, and so changed his name after he departed. He left after spending just a year in the military, feeling the corruption in his very bones. When he was informed of the existence of the Dreamscape and what was hidden there, he set out to find it. He made himself a home there, quickly rising through the ranks of the Dreamscape hierarchy. He met his current wife when he was 26, and they were in a relationship for three years before they were married. Together they raised a family of one biological daughter and one adopted son. Casper has been a Pillar for thirteen years.

Powers: Casper’s ability has been grudgingly nicknamed “Phantom Mimicry”, because despite the rather complicated way that it actually works, the only thing he really does is mimic the predestined movements of his opponents. This ability is not only an adept form of muscular mimicry, but also an application of the brain’s aptitude for prediction and psychokinesis. Casper is essentially able to guess the moves of an enemy and act accordingly by using those very same moves moments before they do. This ability also modifies his own strength, boosting it to inhuman levels.

Combat Skills: Casper is a master of martial arts. If it exists, he has more than likely mastered it or studied under someone who has. He is well-versed in many types of weaponry, but has mastered few. He is also exceedingly knowledgeable on the subjects of modern warfare and tactics despite his dislike of conflict in general.

Dreamer Mastery: Lucid

Rank and Title: Seventh PIllar, known to those under him as “The Mime.”

So begins...

Casper Finn's Story