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Drake Nagita aka Hawk

Timid sniper.

0 · 262 views · located in Xiwang Koshu-shi, The Republic of Hanguk

a character in “The Dreamscape: Somnum Exterreri”, as played by K0VIP3R


Military Rank: Corporal

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 150lbs

Hair Colour: Blonde. His hair is in relatively long spikes and the front of his hair is stuck up from his


Eye Colour: Brown

Residence and Birthplace: Exercitus Ludicii.

Appearance: Being the youngest of Raven and one of the meekest he wears a smaller uniform than
the rest of the group with the exception of the girls. However his uniform is made more for easier
movement and has inbuilt technology in it. His Raven jacket is sleeveless and the grey shirt
underneath is thin. He wears black and grey camouflage shorts as well as a pair of black running
trainers. His clothing itself allows him to mimic his surroundings but to a point. If a person gets
within ten meters of him they should be able to spot him but further out than that and they'll
mistake it for heat haze or some other phenomenon. He also wears a pair of goggles across his
forehead. The goggles are red backed with a red leather strap while the lenses inside the frames are
full of micro pixels and nano-electronics. They allow him to zoom in much like binoculars and identify
hostiles and friendlies. It also enables him to receive information on a closed loop from Cyber as it
negates chances of him being tracked.

Personality: Due to his age and size, Hawk is rather quiet and timid around the other soldiers. He
tends to keep himself to himself most of the time. Around the Raven members he still acts slightly
timid but is much more joyful and exuberant. He always seems to tag around with Cyber, looking up
to her like she was his older sister.

Powers: N/A

Fighting Prowess: Hawk has limited close combat skill. He is an incredible sharpshooter though and,
no matter what weapon he has he will hit his target.

Weapons: Apart from the standard M9 pistol and combat knife that every soldier is provided with,
Hawk has his own custom built sniper. Based on an M21 sniper rifle, it fires high caliber FMJ rounds
as fast as Hawk can keep pulling the trigger, which is fairly fast. The scope on it has three settings.
From normal zoom, to thermal vision and the final setting is an X-ray filter that can see through a
wall a meter thick.

So begins...

Drake Nagita aka Hawk's Story