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Hope DeClark

Suffering can bear fruit of kindness, if one knows how to channel it.

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a character in “The Dreamscape: Somnum Exterreri”, as played by TheKeeper


Name: Hope Lilianne DeClark

Nickname: Hope, Lily (by Casper Finn only)

Sex: Female

Age: 29

Hair: Long and dark, quite nearly black. She often keeps it up in a tight ponytail rather than leaving it down. If left alone her hair would reach her lower back.

Eyes: Her eyes are a bright amber color, reminiscent of twilight.

Physical Build: Hope is not particularly tall, standing only at 5’5 and weighing around 148 lbs. She has broad shoulders and toned muscles, but remains relatively thin despite this. Her figure, while ladylike, is often described as athletic. She maintains herself as one of the more capable of the Lucid Rank Dreamers, but does not delude herself by thinking she is more powerful than her fellow Pillars.

Appearance: Hope does not adhere to the dress rules of the Dreamers Military, instead opting for a more comfortable ensemble. She is wreathed in a worn looking garb made of faded leathers and bandoleers to secure everything in place. Her ensemble, dyed mostly in whites and browns, contains a splash of color in two places: A maroon armband around her right upper arm as a badge representative of her position, and a high-collared sea-green sweater worn under her leather gear. Around her waist are several leather belts clasped together to hold her spellbook and allow her sword to hang at her lower back. Her legs are adorned in simple black leather pants. On her feet she wears simple black leather combat boots. On her right forearm she wears a protective metal piece the resembles a traditional han kote over her sleeve. On her right hand she wears a ring - a simple twisted silver band with a small amethyst gem - that was a gift from her sister many years ago.

Personality: Hope is a caring person, having learned to be so from suffering several years of hardship. Her most defining trait is her patience, something that she appears to have endless reserves of. She is a kind and welcoming woman, and abides a rather motherly care for those under her command.

Affiliation: Currently: Dreamers Republic
Formerly: Urteil and Xiwang

Past: She does not remember the early years of her life that were supposedly spent in Urteil. She finds it odd, but has never questioned it. Her earliest memories are those she can remember from the time she spent in Xiwang. It was brief, and her parents were kind and loving from what she can remember. Unfortunately, her entire immediate family was killed in the most recent Witch Burning of Xiwang. She fled the land, badly injured and scarred, until she reached the ports and managed to make it to Maeror. From there she was found in the streets nearly starving by the former First Pillar, and the man she later came to know as her uncle. She was nursed back to proper health and trained to properly use her abilities, later rising to take the place of her mentor. She has been a Pillar for five years.

Powers: The sword and book are conduits for her power, which consists of casting spells that reside in her book, as well as several of her own creation. Each of the spells is recited in Gaelic, the old language of the world of Atrium. This ability can best be described as an ethereal energy that is given shape and form by her spells, and can be manipulated to do anything and have a multitude of effects. It manifests initially as thin wisps of sea-green energy, and as more power is used the more of this energy becomes visible. This is the energy that is directly manipulated by her sword and book, allowing her to use it in almost any way she chooses.

Combat Skills: Hope is a masterful practitioner of martial arts. She is skilled in the use of swords - particularly straight swords - and is a very agile fighter. She is quite acrobatic, using her skills and unconventional style to her advantage. She has been trained in the use of firearms, and carries a handgun for emergencies.

Dreamer Mastery: Lucid

Rank and Title: First Pillar, nicknamed β€œThe Witch” by her team.

So begins...

Hope DeClark's Story