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Kie Geisst

If there were ever a personification for the word "enigma," it would be her.

0 · 351 views · located in Maeror

a character in “The Dreamscape: Somnum Exterreri”, as played by TheKeeper


Full Name: Katja Anna Geisst

Nickname(s): Kie (the name she most often goes by and will use to introduce herself)

Sex: Female

Age: 53

Hair: Kie’s hair is long, white, and always up in a ponytail when she is working. When down, it reaches just past the middle of her back. Despite it often being pulled back she will almost always leave her stubborn bangs alone to hang over the right side of her forehead and off to the side of her face. Her bangs hang just above the edge of her jaw.

Eyes: Her eyes are a blue-ish green.

Physical Build: Kie is tall, standing at 5’8 and weighing 146 lbs. She is an exceptionally beautiful woman, and while her body is not overly curvaceous and voluptuous, she possesses an air of undeniable elegance and grace. This appearance of hers can be rather deceptive, as she is very strong and boasts high endurance.

Appearance: Kie wears the standard Medical Corps uniform with her own personal flair. She dons a black crew-neck tee with ¾ sleeves paired with form fitting black pants. Her footwear consists of a pair of ankle boots with a slight heel. Over this she wears a long, white lab coat with the sleeves perpetually rolled up just beneath her elbows. Rather than wearing another piece of cloth on her sleeve, the entire right arm of her coat is a maroon color, and her badge of authority is kept strung to her shoulder by a small chain. On the inside of her right wrist she wears a platinum protector, held in place by a thin chain of the same metal. In combat, her long lab coat is replaced with a shorter variation that is cut off just at her hips aside from a pair of coattails that hang just below her calves. This is lined with insulation and carbon fibers, and bears long sleeves(which she does not roll up, in contrast to her lab coat), and overlaps in the front. It is fastened shut with a series of four black buttons. The right arm is still a deep red and the symbol of her unit still hangs upon it. In combat she will also replace her ankle boots with sturdy leather boots. White steel gauntlets and greaves are worn over her arms and legs respectively.

Personality: Kie is an enigmatic soul, considered to be the most mysterious of the pillars. She is honest, kind, and patient, but her sharp gaze is chilling and intimidating. She is renowned for her humility and intelligence, and does not shy away from using the latter to her distinct advantage. In stark contrast to her aloof appearance, Kie can often be heard humming softly to herself.

Affiliation: Currently: Dreamers Republic
Formerly: Urteil and Omorfia

Past: Not much is known about Kie. She is as enigmatic as she was when she first arrived in the Dreamscape, although she seems far more relaxed than she had at first. Her aloof behavior has kept many people from learning of her past, with Kira being the only person who knows anything substantial about her at all. She has been a Pillar for 20 years, the longest of any of the current Pillars, and is the longest-standing pillar in the history of the Dreamers Republic.

Powers: Unlike the rest of her colleagues, Kie's powers are a mystery. She has used her power in battle before, but those who have witnessed it have no words to accurately describe how powerful it is. She has only ever divulged the details of her power to Kira, and thus no-one else knows exactly what her power is or how it works. The only thing they know for certain is that she is unnervingly powerful - so much so that many believe that the intimidating aura she exudes is a result of her ability.

Combat Skills: Kie is well-versed in many sorts of weaponry, but is masterful with melee weapons - and pole-arms in particular. Kie will always enter battle with a spear that is only slightly taller than herself. The spearhead is dulled, but carries a distinctive shine to it that makes it distinguishable from most others. It is unknown exactly how she is able to fight with a dulled spear, but the devastation she causes on the battlefield is often not questioned when it comes down to it.

Dreamer Mastery: Lucid

Rank and Title: She is the Fourth Pillar, and is nicknamed "The Heir" by the other Pillars and denizens of the Dreamscape. The nickname largely stems from their lack of knowledge about her, other than the fact that she herself came from a well-known family, and is currently the longest serving pillar of any in memory.

So begins...

Kie Geisst's Story