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Kira Matou

Humor can be a cure for many things - but maybe not actual wounds.

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a character in “The Dreamscape: Somnum Exterreri”, as played by TheKeeper


Full Name: Kira Hana Matou

Nickname(s): Hana, Kiki

Sex: Female

Age: 47

Hair: Kira’s long hair is a deep red(it is unknown if this is somehow her natural hair color or if she dyes it), and she often has to put it up for work due to its length. When she is not on duty, she will either leave it down or have it loosely braided down her back.

Eyes: Her eyes are dark brown.

Physical Build: Kira is a slightly above average 5’7, and weighs 109 lbs. She has a womanly frame, with an hourglass figure, but she is thin. Her honeyed skin and natural beauty are offset by her almost innate scowl. She is built for speed, and is able to move exceptionally fast even when not on the battlefield.

Appearance: Kira dons the regular Medical Corps uniform with a few alterations. The outfit consists of a black tee with sleeves cut off just above the elbow, and on her legs are worn tight black slacks and ankle boots with a relatively short heel. Over this is worn a long white lab coat, with the badge of the Second in Command of the Medical Corps pinned to her left collar flap. This coat also has her I.D. badge pinned to it to identify her to patients.

Personality: Kira is patient and curt, fitting of her role as a doctor. She is a surprisingly calm person, considering her stressful job, but does not fail to deliver in the area of humor. She is ever honest and quite forward, and has gained a reputation for her bluntness among the other units, a trait she seems to have picked up from years of knowing Kie.

Affiliation: Currently: Dreamers Republic
Formerly: Omorfia

Past: Kira was born in Omorfia to parents that had recently fled from Xiwang. Growing up, she was praised for her good looks and her good grades, standing out amongst her peers like a sore thumb when it came down to it. Strangely enough, it seems that Kira never left Omorfia of her own accord. She knows that there seemed to be a period of many years missing from her life, though she cannot seem to recall exactly why that was. When she met her superior, the current Fourth Pillar, she was persuaded to escape the suffocating existence she had led within the borders of Omorfia. When they arrived at the Dreamscape, they were both immediately recruited for their skills as doctors. Kira has no recollection of her training whatsoever, but she does cherish the chance to be able to use her skills to help others. She has been the right hand to the Fourth Pillar for 20 years.

Powers: Her power, called “Enabler”, allows her to heal by touch, as well as from a distance through the use of a specially developed sniper given to her by the 6th unit. This sniper, rather than firing standard rounds, is fitted to fire bullet-sized injectors that heal the target on contact. The sniper is also fitted to fire .50 rounds that have the opposite effect, essentially eating away at the site of the initial wound for an indefinite amount of time. The effect, if focused enough, is able to entirely heal rent flesh and shattered bone within moments, or destroy a human limb in minutes. She is also able to heal herself for as long as she is conscious.

Combat Skills: Kira is an exceptional marksman, having been taught directly by Kie herself. Besides this, Kira has received standard training in the use of firearms and basic martial arts to defend herself should the need arise. Alongside her sniper, she carries a personalized handgun to use in combat situations.

Dreamer Mastery: Lucid

Rank and Title: Second in Command of the Fourth Unit, called “The Enabler” by her superior and the squad she heads.

So begins...

Kira Matou's Story