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Marianne Slingeneyer

Are there enough rifles for everyone? No? Then go get more.

0 · 305 views · located in Condellium

a character in “The Dreamscape: Somnum Exterreri”, as played by TheKeeper


Full Name: Marianne Slingeneyer

Nickname: None.

Sex: Female

Age: 12

Hair: Her hair is short and blonde, cropped just passed her shoulders. She rarely does anything with it, allowing it to fall where it may.

Eyes: Her eyes are a deep cerulean blue, reminiscent of the ocean on a clear summer’s day.

Physical Build: Marianne has a petite, almost fragile figure, standing at a mere 4’11 and weighing only 100 lbs. While she is small, she demands attention from those around her due to her surprisingly authoritative nature. She is deceptively strong for someone of her size.

Appearance: She wears an English white dress with sleeves that become wide at her wrist. Her dress extends to just above her knees and she wears high black leggings and white buckled shoes. Marianne’s face in general looks pretty in a somewhat childish way, but her expressions instill a deep sense of fear in whoever sees her. She either has a sadistic smirk of glee splitting across her face or a dead look of dull boredom that shakes one’s core, as if both her expressions express a sort of emotions too natural in essence to be comprehended.

Personality: Marianne enjoys joking and teasing and has absolutely no shame. She can be extremely condescending despite being significantly younger than just about anyone she comes in contact with. One of her favorite means of gleaning information is acting as the devil’s advocate; arguing from a side she doesn’t necessarily agree with in order to see their response.

Affiliation: Currently: The Dreamers Republic
Formerly: None.

Background: Marianne was raised to be extremely educated, becoming self-aware at a very early age and learning at a frightening pace. She is unsure if this is a natural occurrence or if she had had her mind messed with at some point. Her parents were renegades from foreign continents, though she never learned from which ones. Her mother was an excellent politician and her father was a genius scientist. They had apparently met after fleeing from their respective homes and met in The Dreamscape, where they raised their only daughter and imparted all of their knowledge. But rather than inheriting her mother’s love for politics or her father’s love for science, Marianne developed an obsession with philosophy and military affairs. By time she was seven, she was already completely absorbed in analyzing her recurring dreams. The only child-like thing Marianne’s parents had ever given their daughter was a bedtime story each and every night. They read to her every fairy tale and nursery rhyme in existence without explaining them. After thinking them over, Marianne slowly began to piece together the morbid meanings of these stories told to children across the world. Elated by this, she soon began dreaming about these stories, particularly “Through the Looking Glass”. When she was eight, Marianne’s parents were assassinated, probably by assassins from the continents they had betrayed and fled, but Marianne felt little compassion for them or any interest in revenge. Instead, Marianne forcibly joined the dreamers without ever asking about what they knew about her parents, stating that she didn’t care so she didn’t need to know.

Powers: Marianne’s strange powers only manifest when a number of conditions are met and the strength of it lowers depending on how authentic the conditions met are. The most efficient way is for her to wield a standard deck of cards with the correct amount of each card within it. Her ability only manifests with one deck at a time and with each card used, the card immediately spontaneously combusts so it can no longer be used.

Marianne can manifest a playing card’s powers to her use. A two of clubs would turn into two geometrical clubs of solid light. A five of spades may turn into four arrows and one bow to fire them. Each card burns away once its ammo is used and the geometrical planes of light vanish once they’ve been used as well. Once she runs low on cards, Marianne may switch two a new deck by shuffling the remain cards of the old deck into the new one and the old cards will burn away on their own so that they are unusable, leaving her with a standard deck to be used.

Military prowess: Marianne could be seen as a master of military affairs. Being able to lead the hard-headed and harsh sixth unit at her age alone is a testament to her talent. Her knowledge of economics and geography along with her knowledge of weaponry, strategy, and tactics makes her the ideal leader, even without her superior abilities is a dreamer. The main reservation people have with her is how honest she is with her policy; "Violence solves all problems. If it doesn't, clearly we're not using enough of it." Predictably, her methods tend to lean toward brutality and force, rather than diplomacy and negotiation.

Combat ability: As an expert in modern warfare, she can use a vast plethora of weaponry, from guns to bazookas, almost as if it is second nature. Even so, she prefers to exercise her dream ability as much as possible. In a situation where using her abilities is disadvantageous and she is unarmed, however, she is forced to use her mastery in Systema, as she is too small to use most other martial arts efficiently.

Level of Power: Lucid

Rank: 6th Pillar, nicknamed the “Child Queen.”

So begins...

Marianne Slingeneyer's Story