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Evil is the nature of men.

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a character in “The Dreamscape: Somnum Exterreri”, as played by Leleu2


Gender: Female

Age: 32

Height: 1,75m

Weight: 72kg

Hair and eye color: Black and straight, it goes down to the ground. She has no eyes, a pitch black void residing in their place.

Residence: Dreamscape

Birthplace: Maeror

Appearance: She wears a pitch black dress with a very long skirt that rests on the ground. She walks barefoot and wear some kind of silver tiara that is wide enough to cover her eyes. She wears a round and purple glowing pendant around her neck that is broken in half. It has no image or word inscribed into it and whatever use it has is as of now, unknown. Her skin is a pale white that contrasts with her dress and hair really well.

Past: Nyx was born in Maeror but she never knew her parents. She instead was cared for by an old lady that was feared in the region as a witch. This “witch” told Nyx that her parents left her alone while still just a couple days old. She never blatantly explained the reason for so, but it was certainly because Nyx was born without eyes. only a pitch black and endless void filling her oculus. Tormented by an agonizing nightmare, this old lady was all she had to grasp on whenever fear took hold. That is until Nyx reached the age of 14 and the old lady died leaving behind only her broken pendant which Nyx took as heritage. She was feared in the region for being the witch’s grandchild and so she was secluded just like her grandmother which forced her to start living by herself. She lived for countless years without anyone, only observing people. Through her observations she eventually concluded mankind’s nature is evil itself, and since then she spent most of her time training to control her own dreams and managed to reach a Lucid state without any outside help or even knowing about Dreamers, her whole world having been just a small cabin and the woods around it. Eventually a squad of Dreamers sent from the Dreamscape to investigate for potential Dreamers learned of the witch and they went to meet her, eventually dissuading her to come with them. Since then she quickly adapted to her new life and she just never reached the rank of Third Pillar because it was already taken by Shin when she arrived. Shin however was quick to ascertain her abilities, and thus made her his Second-in-Command.

Personality: Nyx has a very cold and bold personality. Due to living her entire life in seclusion and the overall conclusion she achieved through her observations, she views people as nothing more than mere tools that she can exploit to achieve her goals, and she is willing to sacrifice anyone to achieve it. She never bonds with anyone or bothers to speak unless some practical use may come of it.

Power: Nyx’s power is the connection she has with a dimension she calls “The Abyss”. “The Abyss” is a complete void where all evil in the world that ever existed in the past, exists in the present and will exist in the future, resides. This evil take a multitude of forms and even abilities although all of them are leaned towards the dark that lurks within the heart of humans. She can summon these abilities and forms into the real world at will. The abilities are extremely varied and virtually infinite. She can also bring people into The Abyss, but this require a lot more of energy and time to do so it is not viable at all in most situations.

Combat prowess: She posses no knowledge of any type of self defense or martial arts resorting to her power completely which ends up making her more of a “mage” than a “warrior”. The lack of physical prowess is not a problem in the slightest as her powers alone are enough to defeat any opponent she ever faces.

Rank: Second-in-Command of the Third Pillar.

Level of power: Lucid.

Alias: She is known as “The Abysswalker”, since she is the only one that can travel this dimension without any side effect, permanent or otherwise.

So begins...

Nyx's Story