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Shin Iwate

A shadow is still a shadow, no matter who lies behind it.

0 · 300 views · located in Exercitus Ludicii

a character in “The Dreamscape: Somnum Exterreri”, as played by TheKeeper


Full Name: Shin Iwate

Nickname(s): None.

Sex: Male

Age: 34

Hair: His hair is a burnt umber color, falling in unkempt layers along his neck. It is otherwise slicked back to be kept away from his eyes.

Eyes: His eyes are a lighter azure color.

Physical Build: Shin stands at 6’1 and weighs 138 lbs. He is by no means muscular, but bears his stature appropriately. His height may seem disadvantageous given his role, but his abilities allow him to properly compensate for his shortcomings.

Appearance: The man is shrouded in thick robes, which provide him obscurity. His robes are made from luxurious fabrics and composed of rich, warm reds. His face is shielded by a large, white mask that resembles a skull. The mask stretches to his ears, allowing for his hair to flow from the back. On his right upper arm he bears his badge of authority.

Personality: Soft-spoken, reserved, and aloof may accurately describe Shin’s overall demeanor. Despite being a man of few words, he delivers intensity and meaning with action. Cold and calculating, he has a visceral understanding of precision and in combination with his powers capitalizes on these strengths to complete his assigned tasks.

Affiliation: Currently: Dreamers Republic
Formerly: Unknown

Past: Not much is known about him, especially his birthplace. It is widely speculated that he had come from Xiwang, given his name, but he does not look it. His presence within the Dreamscape has never been accepted, and he is viewed with skepticism at best. His quiet attitude does not help matters, instead worsening them by several degrees and has more than once prompted those under him to question his motives. No one remembers when he first arrived, they just remember him being there and rising the ranks to obtain his status as the third pillar.

Powers: Shin’s powers are viewed warily, and do not bear a name. He can manipulate the unseen and all that is dark may be summoned to defend his principles as a pillar. This includes the ability to shroud himself and others in shadows so that they may remain undetected. He may also solidify shadows to dispatch enemies using their own shadows. This can be done through many different means.

Combat Skills: Shin is assumed to be skilled in martial arts and self-defense because of his role, but almost nobody has witnessed this or lived to tell the tale. He has shown considerable knowledge regarding enemy tactics and weaponry, though he rarely shares any of this information.

Dreamer Mastery: Nightmare

Rank and Title: He is the Third Pillar, and is oft referred to as “The Shadow” because of his abilities.

So begins...

Shin Iwate's Story