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Yoishirou Takana

A man who seeks to surpass his dark past.

0 · 160 views · located in The Dreamscape

a character in “The Dreamscape: Somnum Exterreri”, as played by Leleu2


Nicknames: Nuke and Yoishi.

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Height: 185cm

Weight: 74kg

Hair colour and appearance: White and straight (kept at almost shoulder length.)

Eye colour: Dark red

Birthplace: The Republic of Hanguk

Residence: Dreamscape

Appearance: His casual clothes can be practically anything as long as it makes him comfortable, but he is generally seem with a white T-shirt with a brown jacquet on top with white feathers on its hood, normal blue jeans pants and a pair of white sneakers. But for special occasions and when on duty he wears a tactical black vest similar to a black sneaking suit made of high strength optical fibers that are crafted with a electronic weaving system. It clings tightly to his body accentuating his musculature very well while also boosting resilience and strength acting as armor and extra muscle tissue for close quarters combat. But that is not its main use. This suit was created specifically for Yoishi, based on the design of the true sneaking suit that is used by Nil during his solo infiltration missions, and its main purpose is to regulate his anger output, limiting the destructiveness of his power granting him better control overall. This means that with this suit it is very unlikely for him to enter Berserk mode and more likely to maintain his faculties even during the worse case scenarios. The suit does this by regulating his temper through the use of monitoring sensors that cover its whole interior. The suit also helps him to control his schizophrenia to acertain limit without the need of any medication. He wears a big red trench-coat on top of it which he mostly leaves buttonned to conceal his special suit. A big white number two is drawn on the back.

His body itself is covered in multiple scars that he got from the damages he suffered in his childhood. His face in particular has a scar that goes from his right eyebrow to the left of his mouth.

Personality: Yoishi is a kind young man who cares deeply for all around him. He seeks to protect the innocent Dreamers and is willing to sacrifice himself for his ideals. However, he suffers from schizophrenia, and unless the takes his medication regularly he starts to hear voices in his head and becomes extremely unstable, entering a psychotic frenzy. He seeks atonement for all the sins he committed and all destruction and pain he forced upon the people of his native country and believes the Dreamscape is the right place to reach this goal.

Past: He used to live in a small village of dreamers in the interior of the Hanguck territory until it was raided by soldiers. His father was burned alive while his mother was raped and subsequently killed right in front of him. He did his best to awaken his power, but it did not happen until his mother had her head slowly cut off. He snapped and killed everyone, soldiers and fellow villagers. He wandered for years in the wilds, destroying anything and anyone in sight, completely lost in his berserk rage until he was found and defeated by the former 2nd Pillar who brought him back. Seeing great potential in him, he trained Yoishi for 5 years right until before he dissapeared, leaving no traces behind. He still did not retain complete control over his power, but the other Pillars decided to make him the new 2nd Pillar nevertheless, due to the disappearance of the former and the lack of a better candidate.

Powers: Yoishi’s power is the manifestation of his hatred and anger in the form of a blood-like red ectoplasm that orbits his own body. Whenever he becomes angered he is capable of creating the substance and manipulate it as he sees fit. The red substance explodes upon touching anything and it is extremely powerful, capable of being thrown or launched at near sonic speed, which Yoishi does by manipulating a part of the substance into becoming a small orb. The ectoplasm also shields him from any incoming attacks by touching the projectile, weapon or enemy itself and exploding at the direction of the attack, leaving Yoishi unscathed. The angrier he is the more rapidly the ectoplasm is produced and the more powerful the explosions are. When he is completely taken by his anger he is capable of generating a single explosion of the same magnitude as a atomic bomb minus the radiation, granting him his second nickname, Nuke.

Level of power: Nightmare. This is very unusual for a Pillar, and in fact he is the only Nightmare level dreamer to have ever achieved such rank in the Dreamscape military.

Fighting style and chosen weapon: He prefers to always fight up close and personal, relying purely on his instincts and martial arts expertise. He fights bare-handed having no need of any weapons at all.

So begins...

Yoishirou Takana's Story