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The Dreamscape: Somnum Exterreri

Exercitus Ludicii


a part of The Dreamscape: Somnum Exterreri, by TheKeeper.

Then again, perhaps allowing millions of soldiers to defect was not the best idea. Maybe they're friendly?

TheKeeper holds sovereignty over Exercitus Ludicii, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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An entire country that is populated by soldiers of varying rank and skill, as well as their families. This land was commandeered by the combined military strength of Condellium, Urteil, and Omorfia; this combined military then proceeded to break away from its superiors and form their own government.

It works surprisingly well, and they are currently the most powerful nation, even if the other heads of state would hardly refer to them as such. They have made it their personal mission to hunt down the last of the free Dreamers.

Due to the exceedingly large military presence(and thus, military trash) of this country, there is hardly any vegetation or plant life. Instead, the land runs nearly barren aside from the plains of tallgrass to the east and southeast - towards the coast.

It rains through the entirety of the spring and summer. On the rare days that it does not, Exercitus is lenient and allows their personnel a moment to relax. Autumn is generally clear and chilly, with winter being harsh.
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Exercitus Ludicii

Then again, perhaps allowing millions of soldiers to defect was not the best idea. Maybe they're friendly?


Exercitus Ludicii is a part of Atrium.

8 Characters Here

Yuzu Sato [2] Head of the Special Forces and deadly as hell.
Kara Nicrosa aka Night [2] She serves only death. No other
Ricardo Vila [2] Tactical Genius. That is all.
Kyana Mordred [2] Swords, swords everywhere. Let's all get some, let's all share!
Jericho Hilias [2] The Commander in Chief of Exercitus Ludicci
Mikasuki Kurotsuki [2] Why is everything burning?!
Iyashi Hilias [2] An incredibly talented field surgeon and wife of the Commander.
Shin Iwate [0] A shadow is still a shadow, no matter who lies behind it.

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7 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Kara Nicrosa aka Night Character Portrait: Iyashi Hilias Character Portrait: Jericho Hilias Character Portrait: Ricardo Vila Character Portrait: Yuzu Sato Character Portrait: Mikasuki Kurotsuki Character Portrait: Kyana Mordred
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#, as written by K0VIP3R
It rained as it normally did in Exercitus Ludicci. The bullet-like droplets carried on peppering the grey stone and metal walls that haphazardly lined the mostly barren landscape. In the dry season the mud and dirty pools of water typically turn to dusty earth and weathered gullies, making travel just as irritating as the pouring rain. However the mere weeks of the dry season were still a ways off and Mother Nature seemed intent on pummelling the buildings, vehicles and people of Exercitus Ludicci.

In what could loosely be described as a training ground, in amongst the mismatch of buildings that made up the Army’s city, a small platoon of soldiers were standing to attention clad only in t-shirts, boots and trousers, bearing the weather as best as their bodies could muster. They stood rigid, almost ignoring the fatigue and hypothermia that was starting to set into their bones as another soldier, clad in officers’ colours and medals paced in front of the soldiers; intently focused on their expressions and posture. This officer was a young woman, definitely good looking and fairly more masculinely built than your average lady however Exercitus women were definitely more physically imposing than most. Her long raven coloured hair was plastered to her back, neck and face, as sodden as most of the soldiers she was inspecting. Her battle hardened face was stoic and cold, not feeling any empathy for the individuals that stood in front of her.

“It’s been 12 minutes since you started standing in this downpour.” She stated flatly, not meeting the gaze of any one soldier, instead, her gaze swept the entire row in front of her, flicking water from her hair as she did so. “In another 3 minutes, the weaker of you will be suffering from hypothermia.” At that point she smiled; a smile that would cause most hearts to falter slightly at the sight of it. “So to get you all nicely warmed up before you come in for your breakfast, I think 10 laps around the training ground should suffice. At full march speed!”

She was met with a chorus of “Yes Ma’am!” before the soldiers took off in perfect formation at a reasonably fast pace. The officer returned to a sheltered zone attached to the building behind her where she was met by another officer of equal stature. Her long blonde hair dropped to her waist and her crimson eyes locked with her colleague’s own. Her figure was more lithe than her colleagues but both were arguably as attractive as each other. She caught noticed of the ornate longsword strapped to her waist.

“What an unexpected pleasure, General Windsor. How rare it is to see you outside of your office. Did you finally grow a backbone?” The raven haired General said mockingly. Her words however seemed to do little than elicit a slight smile from her counterpart.

“General Sato, it would be wise for you to stop lowering yourself to the level of a child when speaking to an officer. I’m sure I do not have to remind you that you are on notice for such behavior.” Tia Windsor responded softly, the venom behind her words was very easy to pick up however.

“I’m fairly certain an Omorfian traitor like yourself should stop acting so aloof.” Yuzu Sato responded bitterly, though she could not bring herself to retort her companion. She, sadly, was correct about Yuzu’s current predicament. “What brings you out here anyway?” Yuzu asked as she sat down in a metal chair that was less than a foot to her left, sighing in relief as she did so. “It’s not common for you to observe troop training, especially with all the work you get burdened with.”

Tia smiled as she pulled up a chair alongside Yuzu. She sat as elegantly as she looked, crossing her legs daintily and clasping her hands together in a relaxed manner. “It is only 7:30am Yuzu. Not even I will start working this early.” Tia’s eyes hardened as she spoke, the smile slowly disappearing from her face. “Why you felt it necessary to train my troops however is a much larger concern to me. More so than some paperwork and marriage proposals.” The last statement was followed by a hollow laugh.

Yuzu merely waved her hand dismissively at Tia, before responding rather brazenly. “Bah, I’m doing you a favour.” Tia looked slightly confused at her statement. “Last time I was in your office, I saw a report on your desk. In fact…” Yuzu began reaching inside her black jacket before grabbing a bound bunch of papers and tossing them lightly at Tia. They were slightly wet due to the rain. “That report to be specific. This squad has been noted by Brigadier Mordred to be rather disobedient and underperforming in the field. I decided to give them a bit of a rough workout and short them on meals for today. Next time, I’ll follow the Law to the letter.” She ran a finger across her throat to make a very clear point.

Tia sighed as she passed the documents back to Yuzu. “Well I ought to thank you for that, Yuzu. Maybe at the next Officer’s Night. Though I feel that maybe you should be more like this with your own squads. I hear Raven are getting disobedient again.”

Yuzu groaned. “Ugh, don’t remind me of that bunch of misfits. One squad turns the whole bunch bad. Problem is they get results, what do you do?” She asked rhetorically with a shrug. “That Andre really leads them astray but like his cousin, I can’t fault him tactically.”

“I have seen the files Yuzu, I’m very well aware of their accomplishments as a team however that is beside the point sadly.” Tia’s voice became stern. “You know how the other Generals are about disobedience. It will look bad on you and I if they step out of line and it fails. Hold them up to the same standard as Eagle or Hawk.”

“It won’t work with that lot. You know that as well as I do.” Yuzu turned her attention to the field, noticing three of the soldiers on the field had stopped to chat while the others still doggedly marched on with worried glances thrown at the three. “I’m assuming you’ve noticed?”

Tia stood up in unison with Yuzu. “Yes sadly. Call a halt and line them up in front of the building. I shall take it from there.”

Yuzu nodded and walked out into the rain. “HALT!!” The order was met immediately, all the soldiers, including the three at fault turned towards Yuzu. “Form up in front of General Windsor on the double and stand to attention!” They all moved as ordered with a definite air of urgency. None of them had realised that Tia was present.

As soon as the troops lined up, Tia’s eyes spotted the perpetrators at the far right of the group. She pointed them out and spoke with practiced authority. “All but you three, return inside for your breakfast. Due to reports from Brigadier Mordred you shall be served basic rations for the next two weeks due to your repeated insubordination. You are lucky myself and General Sato are feeling generous.” The soldiers made to move before Tia raised her voice harshly. “If however I hear of any more obedience issues from this squad, I will follow the letter of the law and you will all face a firing squad, do I make myself clear?!” She was met with a loud chorus of “Yes Ma’am” before she allowed them to pass. They all eagerly passed both Generals, happy to leave their comrades to their fate.

Tia turned to the soldiers who were left behind. All three were shaking from the cold as well as in trepidation for what was to come. She paced in front of them for what seemed like hours until she stopped and spoke. Her voice icily calm. “What were you doing?”

The soldiers all swallowed, but refrained from speaking. Tia repeated her question with more projection on each word. “What. Were. You. Doing?”

One of the soldiers broke the silence they maintained. “We were following General Sato’s ord...argh!” His hand clasped his ear, blood flowing clearly from the side of his head as he looked at Tia; aghast. Her sword was drawn and blood was clearly glistening on the blade.

“DO NOT LIE TO MY FACE SOLDIER!” She shouted angrily, her beautiful face contorted in anger. “DO YOU TAKE ME FOR AN IDIOT?!”

“No not at all…” The soldier cried.

“DO YOU TAKE GENERAL SATO TO BE AN IDIOT?!” She asked just as angrily as before, closing the distance between herself and the soldier who backed away fearfully.

“No not at all General…” He was yet again interrupted but this time by Tia’s sword working its way along his front. “ARGH!!” Blood flowed from the long slash across his body.

“SO NOT ONLY ARE YOU INSUBORDINATE, YOU ARE DISHONEST AS WELL?!” Tia screamed, she slashed the soldier’s knees in quick succession, bringing him to his knees, the bloody mixing with the mud that splashed around him. Her face calmed as she looked down at him in contempt. “I have no need of soldiers who I cannot trust.” His face was frozen in horror as she took his head there and then, faster than he or his associates could process. Tia flicked the blood from her sword before nodding to Yuzu as she walked back to the building.

Yuzu turned to the men quickly, firing four rounds from a pistol she drew from her hip holster. Two to the soldiers’ heads and two to their chests. The gunshots echoed around the complex, however, the commonplace sound drew no more attention. Yuzu replaced the gun in its home before following Tia back inside. She drew a phone from her jacket and after punching a short number spoke into the mouthpiece. “Three bodies need extracting from Training Ground Delta. Dishonorable conduct. Execution performed by General Yuzu Sato and General Tia Windsor. Thank you.” She ended the call there and then, a slightly smug grin on her face. “Nothing like a good bit of bloodshed before breakfast.”

In a completely different part of Exercitus, things were much calmer (Which in the larger scheme of things in Exercitus was actually quite abnormal). The location of said abnormalness was the Central Headquarters, the home of many of the officers throughout Exercitus.

Within this building, many of the “Live in” Generals were sat around a lengthy table that was creaking under the weight of charts, reports and plans. Mealtimes were a very bland affair in Exercitus, even the Officers ate the same food as their subordinates. Each meal usually consisted of rice, some form of meat, beans and vegetables as well as soup and a drink of choice, typically either tea or water. Meals were to many Exercitus soldiers only fuel to keep them going. In this case the Generals and few Brigadiers that were respected enough to join in the discussions were present.

At the head of the table Jericho Hilias ate with one hand whilst simultaneously looking over a report in the other, stopping only to flick pages. A noticeable twitch he had developed from years of military service shook both fork and page in a rustle barely above the noise of forks and spoons hitting plates.

Jericho looked over the rims of a pair of black rimmed spectacles, dented with age, at another man further down the table. The man in question was middle aged but had an air of youthful exuberance about him. “Is this report accurate, Ricardo?” Jericho asked the man, placing the report in question on the table, next to a couple of maps, haphazardly sprawled out on the table.

Ricardo Vila smiled as he seemed to do almost permanently. He quickly swallowed a mouthful of rice before he answered. “It’s the most recent one I have to hand at this time Sir. The information was corroborated between the Air Force scout aircraft, the Assassination Division infiltrators and the Raven Special Division’s scout regiment and cyber intelligence. I took all the information that was presented and compared it, removing any inconsistencies and interpreted the information onto the maps in front of you.” He paused to take another mouthful of food and quickly wolfed it down before continuing. “So in essence Sir; this is the best we can have at this time.”

Jericho chuckled softly as he glanced at the report again. “Good work Ricardo. I hope you have also thought about possible next steps?” He asked, knowing the answer he would receive.

“Yes Sir. I have about four proposals that could work…” He took a breath before wiping the smile off his face. “Sadly the best option has a survival rate for our scouting regiment of about 48.4%.” Most of clatter around them stopped at this moment.

A woman who was directly opposite Ricardo snorted coldly. Her medium length blue hair, billowed with the noise almost emphasising its effect. “I’m sorry, 48%? Surely you must be joking Ricardo?” She laughed almost mockingly if it were possible. “If that’s the best you can come up with, why bother doing anything?” She folded her arms loosely.

Another woman slightly further down the table sighed. “Oh here we go again.” The comment did not go unnoticed by the other woman.

“Brigadier Kurotsuki, I’d recommend you keep your thoughts to yourself,” She said, licking the knife she had been eating with all the while keeping her eyes locked with the Brigadier. “Otherwise you may find that you won’t be having thoughts anymore.”

“With all due respect General Nicrosa, if you tried I would burn you to ashes!” As if to enhance her point, a rather bright flame appeared in Brigadier Mikasuki Kurotsuki’s left hand.

“THAT’S ENOUGH!” Another woman who was sat directly next to Jericho shouted above the two women. Her purple hair punctuated with grey streaks being one of the few features actually managing to denote her age. Any noise stopped immediately at the sound of her voice, such was the respect she commanded, while Mikasuki quickly snuffed out the flame in her hand. The woman quickly slipped back into a softer voice as she continued. “Not only are we trying to enjoy a quiet and relaxed meal but we are also trying to go over important information concerning Dreamer movements. Now is not the time for two higher ranking officers to be acting like children and disturbing my peace.” She looked at the two with a look of sheer animalistic superiority. “Unless you two feel up to fighting me, since you seem so energetic.” She giggled as the two both bowed their heads and began shoveling food in their mouths.

Jericho leaned over to his wife and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. “At you age, Iyashi, I wouldn’t strain yourself.” He turned back to Ricardo who was just finishing up the plate of food in front of him. “What is this plan of yours Ricardo?”

Ricardo again hastily swallowed before he stood up and moved towards a chart on the far wall. The chart itself was detailed at the edges but then appears near empty in the middle. Ricardo began what seemed to be a rather short explanation for what would be a rather dangerous plan. “The Dreamer’s movements on that damned floating isle seem to be centralised around this area.” Ricardo pulled a pen from his right pocket and marked a large area on the empty middle of the map, but the location of the area outlined was definitely too specific to be a guess. “The location I marked is the most likely area where the Dreamers are located. I say most likely because, I cannot be 100% sure without seeing it for myself. However from the troop movements that our scouts managed to acquire, the all seem to be heading from this particular zone.” He paused a minute to allow the other officers to process the information.

“The issue is, for us to launch any form of actual offensive against the Dreamers, we will need to be sure about the location. Which is where my plan comes in.” Ricardo sighed. “Yuzu is gonna hate me for suggesting this.”

“You’re not planning what I think you are, are you?” Said the last officer present at this time. Her scarlet hair was her most striking feature, along with a large scar across her left eye.

“Yes Mordred, I am.” Ricardo then marked three locations on the map. “At these three locations, I recommend we airdrop three small units worth of troops at varying locations on the outskirts of that island. We can’t get any closer than this from the air since our planes get blasted the moment they enter any space beyond the marked locations.”

Jericho clasped his hands together. “So for all intents and purposes, you plan on leaving my men on that island to locate the Dreamer stronghold?” Jericho leant back in his chair with his eyes closed. “I do not like this at all, Ricardo. We will lose too many troops to this plan.”

“Which is precisely why I want to keep the unit sizes small. Five soldiers per squad should solve it. The less men we send, the less chance they have of being discovered. On top of that, I will be implementing a time delay on the drops. This way they can’t get caught out all at once. I will admit however that no matter what we try Sir. Troops will die.” Ricardo said this hard eyed. His tone was completely serious.

Jericho opened his eyes and nodded. “I trust you explicitly, as I do the rest of my officers.” All the officers saluted from their respective positions, pulling their left hand in a clasped fist over their hearts and bowing their heads. “We will proceed with this operation, codename ‘Notitia’. You are all dismissed.”

Each officer stood and made to leave. Ricardo however grabbed the arm of Kara before she had the chance to get through the doorway.

She looked at him darkly. “What are you-”

“Sir, I have one more strategy that I can put into play...however it will require General Nicrosa and General Hilias to make it work.” Ricardo proclaimed.

Jericho leaned forward on the table, a large grin on his face. “Well this is exciting Ricardo. I wonder why you need my daughter for this one?” He laughed uproariously. “Hahaha, oh it has been a while since we’ve had so much go on. Come now, regale me with this plan of yours.”

Ricardo returned the grin. “Well let’s just say the previous just a smoke screen.”

7 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Kara Nicrosa aka Night Character Portrait: Iyashi Hilias Character Portrait: Jericho Hilias Character Portrait: Ricardo Vila Character Portrait: Yuzu Sato Character Portrait: Mikasuki Kurotsuki Character Portrait: Kyana Mordred
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#, as written by K0VIP3R