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The Dreamscape: Somnum Exterreri

Xiwang Koshu-shi, The Republic of Hanguk


a part of The Dreamscape: Somnum Exterreri, by TheKeeper.

There is no time like the present - unless you are tied to one of the oldest families in the world. Then, there is never any time.

TheKeeper holds sovereignty over Xiwang Koshu-shi, The Republic of Hanguk, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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This country, while not as large as the others, is quite outspoken against the Dreamers. It was not one of the three supporters despite the public outcry against those who wielded abilities, because the president in office at the time was sympathetic to their cause. This continued for generations until the Coalition forced them to pass the Act, in hopes of eradicating what was left of the Dreamers. When the ATRA was passed, the current head of state, who was the great grandchild of the original head of state, was removed from office and burned alive, like most of the dreamers in the country were. They are known for their rather simple and brutal caste system, which determines one’s role from birth. Funnily enough, most of the Dreamers were located within the upper ranks, and so the subsequent firebombing of the capitals and surrounding areas resulted in more civilian loss of life than intended. This led to their most notorious massacre, called β€œThe Witch Burning.”

They have a great love for their agri-business, and so most of the farmland is owned by corporations and companies. The few family farms that remain are intentionally well-funded by these corps, allowing them to live better than most. Other countries have berated them in the past for keeping such a system in place, but it is the only way of life they have ever led, and their people are among the happiest in Atrium.

It is located to the mountainous north, with its capital city propped against the sea. The people of Xiwang endure a harsh climate, with winter lasting quite long, and monsoons hammering the coast several times a year.
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Xiwang Koshu-shi, The Republic of Hanguk

There is no time like the present - unless you are tied to one of the oldest families in the world. Then, there is never any time.


Xiwang Koshu-shi, The Republic of Hanguk is a part of Atrium.

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Daniel Ghalyn [0] Arrogance is but a word to most, but a way of life to others.
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