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a character in “The Dresdenverse: Our Story”, as played by VengefulCanary


Name: Peter "Milo" Petrelli

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Species: Sanguisamanc

Personality: He is a huge player....but doesn't always trust the girls.

Abilities: Flight...absorbing other's powers

Limitations: His brother

Skills: Doctor...taking care of those who are ill,

Appearance: Has brown..blackish hair with a clurly spin to it. White male and doesn't always like beards.


History: He watched her brother get murdered and ran away and started to learn how to control his powers. When he sees all the girls they remind him of the woman who killed his brother. Who isn't dead...but they made him think that so he'll run away and stay safe...but the company his brother works wants him killing the girls which is what is happening but the brother has no idea of it.

Themesong: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIExmr5xIsU

Extra: His brother is in the office in New York as a lawyer.

So begins...

Peter Petrelli's Story


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It was nice to see the look in the … pirate? Yes, most defiantly pirate. Or vampire hunter? Either way, the idea of the males appearance didn’t stay on the prince’s mind too long. It was nice to see that look of lust dancing in the eyes of the male. Wither it was from him or not, he could care less.

When the song came to an end, the company on the cat-walk smiled and patted each other on a job well done. Ronix hugged the girls and they exchanged European-style kisses of farewell and the male simply received a hug before he jumped off the stage. Each girl was helped by a waiting male, be them White Court he knew not. Slowly, Ronix slid to sit on his rear, legs dangling over the edge of the cat-walk.

Grinning, he looked beside him to the male whom he had winked to; much to the disappointment of a few eager onlookers.

“Mind helping me down?” He asked, his voice as androgynous as the rest of him, as he held out a delicate hand with each claw-like fingernail painted a coordinating scarlet and sapphire.

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