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The Drive

Road Trip


a part of The Drive, by desire99600.


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Road Trip



Road Trip is a part of The Drive.

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Kylie Klaire [150] "I'm sick of this town and everyone in it."
Gracie Atwood [149] "Love is an Illusion."
Tyler Dacardie [148] "Love is a fucked up emotion."
Matthew Gilbert [148] "Life is fucked up."

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Gracie glanced through her closet, boredly. She had a few nice things. Most of which Gerard had brought her, after she’d calmed down and wasn’t threatening to kill him or herself. She tied her long hair up into a messy bun , before slipping out of her shorts and t-shit, before slipping on a pair of short pajama shorts and a black cut off t-shirt. She clicked her tongue ring against her teeth wanting some kind of sound because for some reason it was more silent than normal. Usually she could hear the soft laughter of other from outside her door, but tonight it was agonizingly silent.

She grabbed the neon pink nail polish Gerard had brought her from her night stand before heading back to the window, letting one leg dangle out the window, while she rested her back against to side of the window and started painting over the chipped polish on her nails. She glanced up when soft music started playing in the distance like clockwork. She’d been able to keep track of how long she was there by the weekly festival that happened on the pier. It was always beautifully lit up and long after the sun set music started to play and even though it was mostly instrumentals they were always popular slow songs that she recognized and she honestly wondered what went on down there.

She’d give anything to be walking the pier with Matt and be able to dance with him and for once just be a normal couple. She was so lonely, she’d settle for Frankie or Louie and pretend to be normal with them. She envied the couples that she saw in the distance walking together and looking out over the water together. She moved to grab her pack of cigarettes only she knocked her nail polish down to the back yard below her, where Gerard was smoking and the nail polish shattered splattering neon pink polish all over his black clothes. Gracie bit her lip, laughing.

“Gigi, you’re going to be the death of me.” He smirked up at her. “What do you think though, pink’s my color right?” he teased.

“Oh definitely.” She laughed and for a moment, she was actually genuinely smiling and it felt kind of good. Over the past year and a half she’d almost forgotten what it was like to actually. Gracie sighed before her eyes flicked back to the pier and her thoughts drifted back to Matt.

“You should smile more kid.” Gerard interrupted her thoughts. “Your beautiful Grace, don’t forget that.” He said putting out his cigarette.

“Yeah.” She breathed glancing back down to him. “Matty thought so to.” She breathed only she hadn’t realized she’d said it out loud, she’d only thought she was thinking it, she wished she could take it back the second she’d said it, because it was easier lying to herself, telling herself he didn’t love her and that was why he hadn’t come for her yet. Only now she’d said it out loud and she could litteraly feel her heartbreak, it was painful to think that the only person who she’d ever been in love with, she fucked everything up with.


Tyler was irritably anxious to see Kylie. He’d stayed sober for the past week, aside from weed, to make sure that he was completely clean when he saw her. He needed her to know what he really felt about her. He had thought of a million and one things that he wanted to say to her, only he knew that moment he saw her all of the things he’d rehearsed would go right out the window. She was the only girl who could make him breathless every single time he kissed her and make him loose his train of thought or make him feel nervous. She could drive him crazy, break him down, build him up, and make him fall in love with her over and over again and that was what he loved most about her. There was no question that if true love was real, he’d found it with Kylie.

That much was proof when he’d walked away from her when she’d asked or the fact that he was risking his life, his reputation, and his brother to get her away from a drug lords who could easily hunt him down and kill him. It was incredible the way he felt about her, but it scared the shit out of him to.

Despite the short ride to his father’s old mini mansion, it seemed ridiculously long. Bonnie’s voice filled most of the ride, filling both him and Matt in on how Kylie and Gracie had been over the past few months, but he hadn’t listened to her because he really couldn’t give a shit. Once they were at the house, he got out of the car, thanking his brother before slipping inside not bothering to wait for the others, because he really couldn’t wait any longer.

Inside he found Rick with a beer in his hand flipping through a Playboy magazine. “Nice Ricky.” Tyler smirked. “You take care of my girl?” he raised a brow. The guy was huge and if you didn’t know him he looked terribly intimidating, despite the fact that both him and his cousin Gerard were huge teddy bears until you pissed them off, then they turned into the Hulk.

Ricky scoffed. “Your girl don’t need anyone to take care of her, I’m glad you back, because she’d a handful. That pretty face is a fucking illusion.” He smirked.

“Yeah, that’s why I love her.” Tyler smirked before slipping down the hall and into the room Marshall said that Kylie was in. He slipped in quietly. “Hey babe…miss me?” he smirked wickedly knowing she’d probably be pissed at how casual he was so he might as well be an ass.


"Thanks, you look good too Marshall, it's been a long time." she said handing him her bag and he sighed hating that he’d made an idiot out of himself. "We should probably get going though, before our brothers explode." She smirked and he nodded as he watched her slip into the car before stuffing the bags in the back of the car.

The ride was slow, despite the short distance. He blamed that mostly on the fact that Bonnie wouldn’t shut up. The girl was like a sister to him but at the moment he just wanted her to shut up. Ever since he’d been in charge of Gracie and Kylie he’d felt himself become a little colder. He wasn’t exactly sure why. He’d been drinking more and he hated himself for it, because when he drank he was mean and he wasn’t himself at all. He knew it had to do with the fact that now that Tyler was back, no one would need him. He’d go back to being Tyler’s kid brother and everyone would be fawning of Tyler for pulling off the kidnapping plan.

He was always in his brother’s shadow, half the time people didn’t even know Marshall existed. It had always been that way between the Decardie brothers. Tyler had always ben his father’s pride and joy, he’d always been the one everyone loved and then there was Marshall. It had never really bothered Marsh till now Rick, Gerard, and Bonnie had started raving that Tyler and Matt were finally coming over the past week or so. They’d stopped taking orders from him and he’d be lying if he said he hadn’t kind of liked the power.

They finally pulled into the drive way and Tyler quickly thanked him before leaving him out there and Bonnie followed behind snapping her fingers at Marshall and he rolled his eyes. Marshall got out of the car and made his way around to the trunk popping it open glancing up to see Matt head inside as well, which only irritated him more.

“Yeah fuck you guys too.” He called after them slightly frustrated, which was particularly unusual for Marshall. He’d assumed Chels had gone in with Matt, so he just continued to mumble under his breath as he unloaded everyone’s shit.