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The Druid Hour Glass

The Druid Hour Glass


Since the days that Rome Conquered the ancient Celtic Lands there has been a tale of something with strange power. Most excuse this as myths and old folk tales, but if archeology proved Kind David existed what other things may we find?

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The Following Below is an Account that I made up for the purpose of the Story, but for imagination lets pretend its a story passed down orally. Which in reality leading Archeologists and Historians now agree that oral accounts of history can be reliable, contrary to popular belief that it's unreliable.

Long ago before the british isles were civilized by the Romans there was a group of mysterious people that lived in the celtic land known as the druids. No one knows for sure what these Druids did or who exactly they were, and the only good accounts of these ancient priests were those from the renowned and famous Julius Caesar. While his book doesn’t tell us all the stories of the Druids or the Land of Gaul and Britannia before he conquered it, a story has been orally passed down from the soldiers to todays generation. The Story goes like this. Rome soon made their way into todays British isles on their conquest to take over and civilize the people. Battles were won and lost on both sides as the natives fought to repel the Roman forces, but ultimately the Romans would always see victory. In there conquest The Roman’s came across powerful people known as the druids. But for all the powers that the druids possessed they too were no match for the Roman Empire as it pushed it’s way into the lands. As a last act of desperation to keep their people and their ways alive the druids began to make Human sacrifices to the darkest of their gods. Finally when the end was near for the druids their dark gods answered their prayers and gave them the means to make a special weapon. The Druids were given a device of immense power that could control time. This became known as the Druid Hour Glass. The Druids would never get a chance to use this weapon against the Romans though because while the Hour Glass was given and the dark gods disappeared from reality the Roman Soldiers, lead by another dark figure, attacked and took this device. When the Roman’s figured out it’s power they became afraid due to the chances of it being able to even wipe out Rome. The Roman’s took the Druid hour glass away and it has been said that they gave the device to Chronos himself. The personification of time. To this day the Druid Hour glass has not been found, and excused as just a myth but if one was to find this device then there might not be any limit to what this person could do.

Forewarning: This is an Indiana Jones inspired story so get ready for adventure! The Setting is Modern and there are only normal humans. The Story will involve traveling to different parts of the world like England, Italy, Germany, Russia, maybe all depends where my muse and all yours takes this story. The Story is about A young man, named Ryder, who while attending community college and being an international missionary meets someone that later helps get him into the world of Archeology, History, and Treasure Hunting. This similar young man is named Skylar. The two after a short term of working together find some artifacts and at least one that held some power. The two are now know for being expert treasure hunters. Though what some might see as great achievements at an early age can be credited to some dumb luck and good blessings.


Skylar-All-Day Dreamer
Genius-All-Day Dreamer

Marisha Volkov-ZombiiGirlz

Alice Evette Chadwick-Alise120

Girl with Bad Ass personality-(character being looked over by someone else at the moment)

Others that may join-

This Story was mostly based on ideas that I had since I first watched Indiana Jones as a young kid. After seeing The Ark of the Covenant, Temple of Doom, And The Last Crusade those movies had a major influence on what kind of stories I wanted to read and even the kind of life I made for myself. Silly I know, but watching these films made me the kind of adventurist that I grew up being as a kid and sparking my creativity.

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