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Jeremiah Hawthorne

"My legacy shall be - nay, must be - greater than my father's."

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a character in “The Duchess and The Countess's Strife”, as played by FollowerOfDarkPaths


"Men don't respect titles or ideas. They respect material things and I have many, many things they want."

Name: Jeremiah Hawthorne
Age: 22
Race: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Role: The Duke
Orientation: Heterosexual
Status: Married to the Duchess
Best Feature: He can get a person, group or entire crowd to go along with him ease as he's a very well spoken, cunning man. The point is not to play with their minds but their hearts.



Jeremiah is a good sized man, standing at 5"7' though he wears some dress shoes from time to time that give him an extra inch in the heels. He weights in at roughly 135 lbs. with a weak amount of color in pale skin and a rather unimpressive build to him with the only exception being his right leg which is unusually stiff and has a several bruises scattered around and behind the knee and shin. He makes up for this with handsome features and steely blue eyes that just demand the attention of all who seem them. His chestnut brown hair is medium length and kept neat though he does like to keep a flowing curl to the side with his bangs. His wardrobe is usually thick and dark with plenty of black and brown jackets he wears over his basic finery along with thick pairs of leather gloves, a silk top hat and heavy boots with thick soles and weight behind them. An odd feature of his is the solid oak walking cane topped in a decorative silver grip that he uses quite heavily as something appears to be wrong with his right leg.


As with any man who holds a position of authority, there's two sides to Jeremiah: the public view and the private view. To his various associates, fellow member of the hierarchy, and the many, many people who he invites to his various social events, he's an charismatic and charming man who can make even the most poisonous of words sound sweet as honey. He's all smiles and laughs as he plays along with the crowd, almost the modest host or the kindly guest depending on what the situation calls for. Saying 'no' to him is difficult and leaves you guilt ridden as he weaves his way through people's heart strings. He loves to wave around material things as he offers top shelf drinks and high class dishes to all of his guests without a second though. But then there's his real face.

Underneath all the false smiles and fake interest is a broken and bitter man who's grasping at the straws of his own sanity. He's very stern and blunt with his staff while his own family and close personal friends have it hardly any better as he's become distant and unsure of himself as the years go by. He demands perfection from every aspect of his life: his home must be spotless, his dinner cooked and served perfectly, his wife gorgeous and well mannered. When given this treatment, he's happy if not just content. The problem is that the world isn't always perfect. One slip up or problem and he becomes a monster even if only for a short while. He lashes out at servants, having them put to death if they fail him multiple times. He tries to keep his patience with Stella though it's to no avail as he harms her physically and mentally as he tries to beat her into the perfect, idealistic wife. After his rage dies down, it's followed by embarrassment or heavy guilt depending on the situation as he tries to salvage what's let of the mess. A part of him also has a deep set desire for affection as he practically fishes for compliments from his colleagues and guests and it gives him no small comfort to hear some kind words from his wife no matter how forced they may be.


+ Possessions - The most luxurious furniture for his parlor, the most rare of delicacies and the finest clothing for his lovely wife. If objects prove a man's status then there are few higher than him.
+ Whiskey - Strong drinks and him are old friends as he finds it to be the easiest way to numb the pain in his bad leg.
+ Control - He absolutely demands everything go according to his plans and when they do, his little world is made perfect. He forces his especially hard on his wife.
+ Foreign Culture - There's man interesting places to the east and all of them have such bizarre customs and traditions. Japan is his current place of interest.
+ His Wife - Despite everything he says and does, he does cherish his wife and tries to convince her ( and himself ) that he does all of it for her sake.


- Rain - It causes the to be far far too humid, makes going outside a chore and especially bad storms make his leg ache.
- Dancing - As much as he goes on about it being foolish nonsense, the truth is that he is bitter that others can do so a simple thing where he no longer can.
- Surprises - His plans are what is most important above all else. He can easily fly off the handle when event he did not foresee occur.
- The Countess - Octavius's boisterous harlot of a wife is a bad influence on his darling Stella. He tries to keep up appearances around his old friend despite this.
- Bitter Food - He's fired many a new cook for not understanding this one simple rule when it comes to his dinning. He absolutely refuses to touch coffee.


* Reading - A perfect pastime for such a busy man, he enjoys many modern works of fiction and nonfiction though he finds pure fantasy distasteful.
* Bauble Collecting - He has an entire room of his home dedicated to storing his various trinkets and has even paid large sums for older, more exotic pieces.
* Hosting Parties - While he doesn't find over indulgence to be all that appealing personally, he enjoys inviting others to grand balls and parties just so he can fling around his wealth and status to others.


Jeremiah's life was not an easy one growing. His father, Cornelius Hawthorne, was a bitter and unlikable man who desired neither friends nor family as he was fixated with one thing: power. His family name and the image it held were all that important to him. His wife was nothing more than the bearer of his only child and Jeremiah was his legacy, as much a piece of property to him as the furniture and luxuries they owned. He nailed his beliefs and lessons into the young boy's mind and was quick to punish him when he defied or questioned him. Physical abuse was the usual affair though he wasn't below psychological torture as he had the family's dog Maxwell put down in front of the poor boy's very eyes. The worst of it came when he was thirteen. Tired of the abuse and attempts to change him, Jeremiah finally snapped and spoke back to his father with reckless abandon. Cornelius was so furious that he beat the boy into nothing more than a quivering heap. Though the bruises and scars faded with time, this fateful encounter left his right leg permanently crippled as he couldn't walk without uncomfortable stiffness and occasional spurts of pain.

Jeremiah changed after that. He listened to ever little order his father gave him as he became the man his father wanted to see take over when he was gone. He became charming, manipulative and quite a looker as he turned into a young man and as with his usual controlling ways, his father was quick with trying to control his wife as he found him a suitable bride. As much as he hated his father and everything he did, he was thankful to him for the first time when he met Stella. She was young, beautiful, kind, intelligent and from a very noble home. She was everything he could ever ask for and a good pawn to help Cornelius keep gaining status. They were wed and spent little over a year together as they bonded closer and closer. The Cornelius died and everything changed.

Jeremiah was the man of the house now and he wanted it to be known. He ordered any likeness of his father be removed from their home as he became quite the social man as he got in well with many wealthy families. Before half a year after the death of the old duke had passed, the Hawthorne name was far better known than any time during his father's reign. Recognition came as he grabbed for it greedily and with that he began to demand a finer way of living. The finest luxuries and and most fashionable attire were just a quick exchange away and he pampered him and his darling Stella with everything they could find. As time went on, he began to demand higher and higher quality in his life. It began to change him slowly until he was a practical tyrant as he began to order Stella around in every aspect of their lives. When she stepped out of line, he beat her back in her place. Of course he regretted it quickly and apologized with material objects and sweet words but it wasn't long before it happened again. There was no controlling it. The shadow of his father followed close behind him as it breathed down his neck, watching his every move. He didn't want this life but he had to have it. He didn't want to be what his father had expected of him. He wanted more. His life would be better in every way than what old Cornelius had ever planned for him. This single idea has began driving him to insanity.


Jeremiah has a deep set hatred for his father that has caused him to go so far as to make him deny the fact he ever existed. Cornelius Hawthorne's name is a taboo in his home and he's been known to go off the wall if he even hears it whispered on the breeze. All paintings and objects that depict him in any way have been removed from his home save for one large full body portrait that he keeps over the mantle in his study, the only place in the world he seems to be able to speak of his hatred.

So begins...

Jeremiah Hawthorne's Story

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Jᴇʀᴇᴍɪᴀʜ Hᴀᴡᴛʜᴏʀɴᴇ: Tʜᴇ Dᴜᴋᴇ

Jeremiah marched through the halls of his home with a grim expression on his face, fuming silently as the only noised the accompanied him was the heavy clunk of the old dark wooden walking cane as it stopped him from having to hobble about. His mood was foul as sleep had all but evaded him the night before. An unpleasant mixture of guilt, anger and the usual pain his leg plagued him as he was denied even a moment's rest. The soft silk goose feather pillows and warm sheets imported from the east did nothing as the hours ticked on. Of course it all had to do with Stella again. She had forced his hand yet again despite all the warning he gave her. He'd left bruises this last time that he ordered her to keep covered up. As with every incident before now, it left him fighting off the urge to go and apologize, try and make everything better and swear he'd never do it again. His his ability to justify his actions won over yet again he concluded that it was her fault in the end. A good wife wouldn't give him reason to do such horrible things. He needn't raise a hand if she never stepped out of line to begin with. All he was doing was trying to make her what she needed to be.

The sound of wood hitting against wood was joined by the sound of hurried footsteps as someone approached Jeremiah from behind. He did not break stride of look over his shoulder as the figure approach; he knew who it was already. No other member of the household was so willing to approach him in this way besides.... "Walter, I take it all of my plans for the day are ready," he said in a low, bored sounding drone as the old figure kept up pace at his flank.

Walter was a very old and devoted member of the Hawthorne family's employees as he had been in service as far back as when his father took over as the head of the family. He was an elderly gentleman who wore his greying hair slicked back with a thick and well groomed mustache on his lip and a pair of thick glasses he kept propped up on his nose. Of all the men and women who served the family, he was by far the most efficient and unquestioning member of the lot. He understand his young master's demand for absolute perfection and followed it to a t without hesitation.

The old butler nodded as he adjusted his spectacles on his face as he began to give Jeremiah exactly what he wanted to hear in his light Irish accent. "Of course, sir. Lady Hawthorne is dressed and readied, waiting for you in the parlor as per your instructions. I believe the young master is being taken care of as we speak though it shouldn't be much longer. Your carriage is ready to take you to see Count and Countess Alderance. By the time you return, the house should be spotless and dinner will be served as soon as you request it."

Jeremiah lifted his free hand to adjust his collar as he listened to the butler's report. The old Irishman was absolutely flawless in his execution as usual. "Excellent," he said with a ghost on a smile on his lips. "Inform the chefs to avoid using too many exotic spices with Nicholas's food. He barely ate dinner last time before he swore his tongue was on fire."

The old man nodded. "Of course, sir," he said before giving a quick bow and walking off to complete the tasks at hand.

After another minute of walking, Jeremiah finally reached the parlor and found that Walter's information was good as always as he found Stella sitting there on a couch looking as radiant as ever. She was the purest form of loveliness, the patient and obedient wife she was despite the streak of unpleasantries since their marriage. He approached her with a smile on his face as he sat down next to her, using his cane for support as he lowered himself down. Being so close to her made it very easy to forget the misunderstandings from the night before. "Nicholas hasn't been too much of a handful this morning, has he, dear?" he asked brightly as his weak smile slowly began to widen. There was nothing wrong in the world right now and nothing could spoil his perfect little life.